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    Quote Originally Posted by sethysquare View Post
    I like the run where superman goes to the future and found out there isnt a yellow sun anymore and people are educated into hating aliens
    Another one of my favorites as well. Here's the cover to the collection which is still in print...

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    I say get Superman and the Legion of Superheroes. Just for Gary Frank's pretty drawings.
    I second this.

    Really great story, with lovely art. Worth every pretty penny, in my mind.

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    "The Curse" has LoSHv2 307 to 313. It's right after the uber-famous Great Darkness Saga. It's a good place to start because there are numerous story arcs that feature the entir Legion membership, plus you'll get to visit the Legion Academy, know more about Durla, have a cosmic threat in Omen. It is, together with Great Darkness, vintage Levitz-Giffen. Just a great read.
    Check out my take on the Legion here . . .


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