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    Default CBR: CCI: Art of Design, AKA Comics & Design

    Comic book art directors and graphic designers Mark Chiarello, Seymor Chwast, Craig Yoe and Michael Gross joined award winning designer Chip Kidd to discuss key examples of their work.

    Full article here.

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    Default How Comic Books Influence Graphic Design

    Terrific summary. Thank you.

    I did a follow-up report on this panel for Print magazine's imPrint. I interviewed all five participants, and asked them to cite comic books that inspired specific designs they've created (I also included a link to your report in my intro). Here are their answers...

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    Really illustrative panel. I wish I had been there.

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    I know this article has been up for ages but I just now came across it. Very the interest of accuracy, that's NOT magician Doug Henning in that photo as Jesus. That's National Lampoon writer Doug Kenney who died quite some time ago. I'm sure the article's author simply mis-heard it as the two sound similar.


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