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    Default CBR: Where The Hell Am I - Jul 20, 2011

    While Jason won't be in San Diego this week, he still has much love for Comic-Con and explains exactly why it's one of the few public events where he feels comfortable and at home.

    Full article here.

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    Default Missing San Diego '11

    After attending the San Diego Comic-Con eight out of the last eleven years, I too am missing it this year. It really pains me to say that. I love the Comic-Con just like you.

    Now I know people say that the attendance has gotten too big (check), the building is too small (check), there are not enough (affordable/close) hotels (check and check), the streets and restaurants are over-crowded (check and check again) this is all true. I agree. I mean any con or trade show that is so full that you can't buy a ticket at the door? CRAZY. All good reasons to turn people off for sure.

    But I think that the con does a lot right too. I mean how about the panels (that you can get into), the best of any show. What about the costume contest? Non-better. The Eisner Awards? What creator wouldn't want to win one of them? And the dealer room? Nerd Nirvana.

    Yes, I really wish I got off the plane in San Diego this morning. From seeing those palm trees at the airport, to feeling that cool ocean breeze while eating fish tacos at the Rockin Baja Lobster in Gas Lamp, there is more than just the con to miss. To dwell on it too long makes me sad.

    Reading your column brought a smile to my face. You remind me that there is always comic-con next year. Thanks for that.

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    The company that charged $4.99 for Jason's latest (very good) book is too cheap to pay their creators way to go to cons and promote said overpriced books? I do believe we have just captured Marvel in a nutshell.

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    It's super intimidating for someone who wants to go the first time. I want to go to try and promote comics I'm writing, but I have to plan almost a year in advance to have a chance at getting a ticket. That's just ridiculous.

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    I've been keeping an eye on Jason's ever increasing work load and I totally get why he's too busy this year to attend SD. By my count, Jason is currently writing Scalped (still my fave! Hands off, DC reboot!!), PunisherMax, Wolverine, X-Men Schism (soon to be followed by Wolverine & the X-Men) and, if rumors are true, will soon be doing Incredible Hulk to boot! That's a pretty big hunk of the Marvel Universe right there on top of what I think is the single best title that Vertigo has ever put out. And this doesn't count whatever side projects he may have going on that nobody knows about.

    And you know what? Even though I know it's humanly impossible, I wish he would write more of Marvel's titles. I liked enough of what I saw with Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine to want to see him take the helm of ASM some day. And imagine what he could do with the Avengers? Daredevil? Captain America?

    OK, I'll just say it - I wish Jason Aaron wrote every single comic title coming out today! That would just be F*(9o'ing Awesome!!!!

    Sorry, got a little out of control there . . . I'm better now. My inner "unabashed fan boy" got the better of me there for a second . . .

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    I LOVE comic-cons.

    I've never been to San Diego...I leave in Ky and that is just too costly...but if we win the lottery...That's the first ticket we'd might be the first thing we purchase ...that's true geekdom.

    Last couple of years have been hard to go to cons because of children.
    Yes I was one of those bringing a stroller and blocking the isles, but after the third got too much. The Crowd would scare me... and no I couldn't go without my kids...for one thing my family is too far away to look after them... and part of the fun is dressing them up in costume.

    This year we have tickets for the whole family to Dragoncon. The kids are older and easier to corral and harder for someone to pick up. We are absolutely excited to go.


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