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    Default CBR: Pipeline - Jul 12, 2011

    Augie takes a look at DC Comics' October Bat-titles, wonders how much pro tweeting he's missing, ponders missing "Absolute" editions and looks at Comic-Con International's 2011 programming.

    Full article here.

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    "Batman: The Dark Knight" #2: Yes, David Finch already has a script and art assist as of the second issue of a reborn series he hasn't produce a single issue of in months. As a bonus, DC promises a shocking final page. Judging by the cover, Two-Face is about to go Ultimate Hulk on Batman's Ultimate Wolverine.
    Wrong. He wasn't even the writer in the 1st place. Miscommunication happened.
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    Looking at the Nightwing cover it occurs to me that while Batman (Bruce or Dick) has mucho action poses Nightwing has been getting graceful acrobatic ones.
    Now that does fit his history, but it also reminds me (and with this #2 cover especially) of another acrobatic mover and leaper - Daredevil.
    And it seems Nightwing now wields short little clubs, in a similar style to the classic look of - Daredevil.
    And his little domino mask has red eyes... infravision to enable him to see in the dark? similar ability to - dare I say it??

    So if Nightwing goes down the Daredevilish road, and Frankenstein (with his new amphibious buddy) is shaping up as Hellboys shadow, are there any other comparisons/imitations that the DCnU has with their competitors?
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    Default I shouldn't have let you read those previews....

    I knew I shouldn't have let you read those previews in the back. Cost me a sale (aarrrggghh). And you know, I'm all about the cash....
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    Well, in Augie's defense that piece of info just came out, Augie may have written this before hand, and Jenkins' name was left off the credits to #1. Plus, Paul is working WITH Finch's input not just instead of him.
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