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    Default CBR: Pipeline - Jul 5, 2011

    Augie focuses in on DC Comics' relaunch once more, reviews Image's "Shinku" and "Rodd Racer" and looks at iTunes' comics sales charts.

    Full article here.

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    I don't think the DC reboot is, by itself, a bad idea. Sure, we'll lose many stories, but we might gain a lot of good ones too. And many awful ones may go away.

    Of course, DC could help their case by stating *exactly* what is an isn't canon anymore. Not necessarily with a whole chronology, mind you- after all, the whole point of serial fiction *of any kind* is to find out things by yourself as time goes on. But there are simply many details that need to be cleared right out of the gate: for exaple, if The Killing Joke is to remain canon, why is Barbara Gordon Batgirl, and where does that leave all the other Batgirls? Perhaps they should do special comic precisely for explaining this, ala History of the DC Universe. Or have part of their website for it (given appropriate hype too.) Fans both new and old would appreciate it.

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    DC can't clarify what is canon and what isn't because THEY DON'T KNOW. Its either the best kept or worst kept secret in the industry:They are making it up as they go, and are falling behind in that endeavor.
    Augie is right. This whole thing is forked.

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    Marvel, the top grossing app in the store, is all $1.99 comics, save one "Ultimate" title at $3.99.
    This just isn't correct. Not everything is $1.99, and that isn't even counting
    the .99 cent sales or the rotating list of free issues.

    Can we just call this what it really is? The DCU is forking itself.
    If you place your cursor just so over the word forking you get a clue about what DC is doing to itself. I love that comic book companies continually deny the fact that the hardcore fans are the only reason they survive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slaader View Post
    I love that comic book companies continually deny the fact that the hardcore fans are the only reason they survive.
    I don't think they deny it so much as recognise that relying on the hardcore fans is a terrible business plan and they need to bring in the casual readers to grow the market.

    It may fail, but kudos to DC for at least trying.


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