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Believe what you want. It's straight from the creators' mouths.
It's not believing, it's just about how it could work.

Yes, but you can't have USM take place between both Avengers seasons if Nick Fury has also gone rogue in between them.
Sure you can! He went into hiding twice! Easy peasy. :D

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Again, you completely ignore what the actual makers of both seasons have said and refuse to accept reality. You can lie to yourself all you want, just keep that bullshit to yourself.
LOL! You're hilarious! What are these "lies" you keep going on about, I'm saying how this could work if they decide to go that route. Until they start referencing the comic in the show, which I'm guessing they won't, they can say whatever they want. The comic referencing the show, however, that I can see.

Sure, the Odin Sleep + the Comatose lasted years, Maria Hill wanting the Avengers to register took years, the Heroes starting as heroes didn't take a few months with their Asgard adventures but entire years, yes everyone was a slow poke, clearly. Watch the actual show.
One year? Yup, works fine. :D

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Young Justice is doing that, actually. The comic is few months behind, but it does directly refer to, and even recreates, several scenes from the show.
And that's just what I'm saying. The comic referencing the show, yup I can see them doing that. What I doubt we'll see is the show referencing events from the comic.