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    Default CBR: Evens is Definitely Not in "The Wrong Place"

    We spoke with Brecht Evens, the cartoonist who's taken North America by storm with the newly-released Top Shelf edition of "Night Animals" as well as last year's "The Wrong Place" from Drawn and Quarterly.

    Full article here.

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    Default Night Animals

    I got Night Animals, on a whim sight unseen and it was an oddone. Initially I thought it was a grotty rip off of Where the Wild Things Are and not particularly artistically accomplished, and I regretted buying it.

    Having read this interview, I will dig it out and check it out again and hopefully have a fresh point of view on it. I suspect I'm going to like it a lot more this time.

    I wasn't hugely impressed with it originally, but I'm glad to see prolific young artists making names for themselves by hook or crook, it's inspiring and good for him.

    Worth checking out.

    BTW Thanks CBR, interviews with creators pushing new releases are my favourite articles, seems there aren't nearly as many of these as there are movie updates however.

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    I bought The Wrong Place on a whim - and a discount - and I was initially a bit disappointed. But I fell in love with it on the second read. Mostly because I finally got what the characters weren't saying. And I could really recognise the situation. Kind of curious about the translation now.


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