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    NAME: Laurence Creed

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 26


    NATIONALITY: American


    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Laurence Creed was born in a small missionary town somewhere down South. Though he later rejected the religion he was born into, he kept the qualities that he was later known for: Somber introspectiveness, a quiet penetrating analysis, and a desire to discover truth and deal truthfully with all his dealings.

    These skills would serve him well when he entered into the Central Intelligence Agency at the age of 20, for a time. Six years later, Creed is increasingly growing estranged from his colleagues due to his relentless, brutal honesty and refusal to buy into convenient political half-truths. He remains determined to carry on his way of living.

    CHARACTER SONG (Optional): Soothsayer by Buckethead.

    PERSONAL SKILLS: On his off hours, Laurence has gained an incredible aptitude for playing guitar. He is also an excellent shot with numerous types of firearms.

    GOD POWERS(S): The aspects of prophecy and truth combine here to give Laurence a general ability to discern deception or lies. Whether it be someone making up a false story, to an enemy laying camouflaged in ambush by the gas station, he can always tell when something is not as it seems to be, basically having a sixth sense for all matters of truth which he feels innately.

    This power becomes more finely tuned the closer he is to the place/object of deception and if he is directly looking at the place/object.

    Splendiferous Hyperexpanding Luminescence: Laurence can charge objects with the power of the sun, causing them to explode with a power equivalent to his power stat. Skill determines how many objects he can charge. He can charge objects about as large as a human torso, increases with his power stat. He can decide when the objects explode also.

    Golden Gun: Laurence can summon an artifact made out of gold-covered material. Said gun is extremely hard, and can transform into various types of ranged weaponry. All projectiles fired by the gun are automatically empowered by Laurence's Splendiferous Hyperexpanding Luminescence ability without him having to think or expend energy on it, and they automatically track their opponent and hit them no matter what. They also automatically avoid hitting targets Laurence is not interested in hitting, and can go through non-living material by phasing to hit the target, rendering armor or cover useless.

    Seven Plagues: Laurence gains the ability to spread plague with a shot or ranged attack. This can be given on top of other attacks. 6 of his 7 plagues will reduce the stat of his choice by his power stat divided by 2. The seventh plague unilaterally attempts to reduce all stats by his Power/5.


    Brawn: 1
    Speed: 4
    Agility: 10
    Perception: 12
    Power: 15
    Skill: 5
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    NAME: Hermione Rodgers

    GENDER: Female

    AGE: 16


    NATIONALITY: British


    The old photo died on me.

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Normalish childhood. Parents divorced when she was six. Lives in Wembley with her mother.

    Injoys camping, archery, and the company of her dogs Logan and Tiberius.

    CHARACTER SONG (Optional): N/A


    Animal Husbandry

    GOD POWERS(S): Call Of the Huntress: Calls a hunting animal for (Power/2 round down so 2) hours. Can be used (Skill/2 round up also 2) times a day. Animal has Stats of Brawn 1, Speed 3, Agility 3, Perception 2, Power 3, and Skill 2

    True Shot: One thrown or shot projectile hits its target even if it's target is behind a wall or someone how is not the target. The only thing that counter it is stronger magic. It can only be used (skill/2) 2 times a day.


    Brawn: 2
    Speed: 6
    Agility: 6
    Perception: 4
    Power: 5
    Skill: 4
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    Now it's the eighth version, with slight upgrades.

    NAME: Ciel Starr

    GENDER: Female

    AGE: 26

    FORMER PERSONA: Amatsu-Mikaboshi

    NATIONALITY: America


    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Born on a sunny August day, Ciel was the only child in a rather ordinary family. From the very beginning of her life, she felt an affinity for dark places. This odd habit was overlooked by her parents, who showered her with affection. Their acceptance was always something that Ciel cherished, even now that she's out there on her own. Currently, she is unemployed after the nightclub she worked at went out of business. Having managed to pay off her student loans before that happened, she is merely struggling with finances rather than outright broke.

    She is a cheerful lady, with many a kind word for people she likes. She is used to adversity, and keeps a cool head easily in stressful conditions. She dislikes harming people, so she tends to focus on escaping rather than tackling problems with other people head-on. Ciel has no real ambition or wants, although she oddly feels incomplete. Over the past few years, she's had several jobs, such as ice cream truck driver or vacuum salesperson.

    CHARACTER SONG (Optional): Shadowlord

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Hiding, Astronomy


    All-Consuming Heavenly Star

    After being shattered in its fall, Amatsu-Mikaboshi sought to regain its power and become whole once more. Even after its reincarnation into a human form, the desire lingered on in this world and manifested as the first of Ciel's powers. When she activates her power, living beings touched by her shadow (other than her) have their lifeforce drained out into the primordial darkness that stretches from her body. This also tears at the targets, first stripping away their skin and sucking away bodily fluids before eating the muscles, breaking down internal organs, and finally splintering the skeleton into fragments that quickly disappear. Those who are killed by this power are consumed completely, their bodies utterly destroyed by the shadow. The weakened darkness cannot sustain its feasting for long, however. The longest it can continually feast on lives is ten seconds, before it has to stop.

    Eclipse of the Pole Star

    Utilizing the darkness in her surroundings, Ciel can cloak her presence from others. To use this power, she must be covered by a shadow large enough to obscure her figure. If that condition is met, she seems to melt into the darkness and becomes undetectable to anything with less Power than she has. She can move and attack freely without being detected, as long as she doesn't move any part of her body outside of the darkness. Such an action immediately dispels her cloak, until she can move back into the unlighted area and disappear once again.


    Speed: 10
    Agility: 10
    Perception: 5
    Power: 10
    Skill: 5
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    NAME: Raphael 'Raph' White

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 26

    FORMER PERSONA: Asmodeus


    NATIONALITY: Canadian



    Raphael's parents did not have the happiest marriage and he quickly learned to stay as far as possible from their arguments whenever they happened. The older he grew the less time he spent home. In his last years of high school, it was only a place where to sleep some days of the week, if that. While the company Raphael found outside his home pleased him, it also earned him displeased looks from the local parents who warned their children to not "have anything to do with the White's child!". Their concern was not entirely unfounded, by the time he entered high school Raph had become an accomplished pickpocket.

    Upon being accepted into college, Raph didn't hesitate in moving out of the house. During his time in college he started a part-time job at a bar, a job which he enjoyed more than his studies. He was not an exceptional student, but neither was he a bad one. He graduated without much trouble with a major in Sociology.

    Instead of doing anything related to his major, he currently works at a bar. That job by night and pickpocketing by day provide him with a comfortable life, which is all that matters to him.

    Raphael for some reason hates fish and the sound of waves, an unfortunate thing as he lives in Vancouver. His own name also annoys him and prefers to be called by his nickname. Despite his annoyance with his name, he has not bothered to change it.



    -Dealing with the occasional angry drunk (who are far more occasional that he'd like) has given him decent fighting skill.


    One Adorned with Fire*

    -Burst: He releases a burst of brilliant flames all around him. Range and intensity of the flame would probably be controlled by power stat. Control of that range would probably be determined by skill stat.

    -Burst Second Stage: Raph releases a sharp, controlled burst of flames from any part of his body in order to propel either his whole body or a limb. The effect would make his Speed equal to his Agility while this power is active.

    -Shield: The bright flames form a protective sphere around him. While the shield is made from fire, it is perfectly capable of stopping physical force and ,within its limits (which would be the power stat I guess), all types of attack.

    The shield's standard form is a sphere but it can assume other forms, from a normal handheld round shield (only, you know, made of fire) to a more form-fitting form around Raphael's body.

    While the shield lets nothing get inside, it is quite easy for things to exit it.

    Also, Raphael has no problem seeing through his own shield.

    *Raphael is not hurt by the flames of 'One Adorned with Fire'

    Ruler of Golachab*

    -Orb: With a thought Raphael can shoot an orb of black flames at his enemy from any part of his body. The black flames of Golachab neither burn nor consume. Instead, the black flames will cause intense psychic pain to anyone they touch. At this point the pain they cause is enough to knock out a normal man and then some.

    Due to their psychic nature, the flames can go through inanimate objects like walls. The flames will only work on beings capable of thought or emotion(so not on stuff like golems, but yes on your random animal).

    -Spear: Within a radius of five meters around him, Raphael can materialize a weapon or weapons forged out of the black flame. The number of weapons he can create at once would be dependent on his power and/or skill scores.

    The weapon formed will generally be a spear, although it is possible to form other kinds bladed weapons.

    While it is possible for Raphael to use these weapons as regular ones, their true power lies in being 'shot' at the enemy at high speeds.

    Unlike Orb this power does physical damage as well as psychic damage. Due to that, the weapons do not share the intangible properties that the Orbs have.

    -Restraint Breaker: The black flame excels at breaking all types of restraint, be it the loyalty towards a friend that stops a man from making a move on his girlfriend or the mythical chains that bind a spirit. Essentially the black flame is super effective when it comes to breaking all types of 'restraints' be they physical, psychical, or spiritual (of course it doesn't mean he automatically wins when trying to break a restraint) . A side effect of this power, is that he can feel all kinds of restraints around him.

    When Raphael uses any Ruler of Golachab power the white in his eyes turns black. The iris remains the same color.

    *The flames of Ruler of Golachab have no effect on Raphael unless he wants them to.

    One Among the Fallen

    -Wings of the Fallen: Raphael can make wings of fire appear on his back which grant him the ability to fly. The wings can be made from either his black flames or normal flames. While the wings grant him flight, it has little in common with that of birds. If he so wishes to, Raphael could just stand still in the air and not fall.

    For the purpose of using his powers the wings count as parts of his body.

    Builder of the Temple

    -The Temple is Raised with Skill: Deprived of power. Trapped. Bound. The demon was forced to rely on skill alone, and that skill became a frightening thing. For a limited time, Raph can add his Skill score to any other stat. This power can only be used four times per day.


    -Aestheticism: A result from the union of two very different powers. Powers that come from those Raphael does not acknowledge as beautiful do not do full damage on Raphael. This power does not lessen the powers of others, but rather it lessens the effect a power may have on Raphael.

    In other words, the only way for a power to work at 100% on Raphael is for him to acknowledge the user as beautiful (of course it doesn't matter how much this power may protect Raphael, a powerful enough attack will still kill him).

    -Beauty: Raphael has the ability to make things beautiful. This includes healing wounds and sickness, making an old car look like the day it did the day it rolled out of the factory, and filling a barren field with grass and flowers. Note, that Raph cannot change one thing into another under the pretext of making it more beautiful. A car is always going to be a car (right down to the model). Raph does not need to touch the target of this power. He can use it one anyone within a 100 feet radius around him.


    Devil's Grasp

    Raphael can interact with anything or anythings as though they were solid. Anything includes liquids, gasses, fluids, and even energy (whether they come from magical, natural or even psychic sources). In other words, he can walk on water, make a sculpture with fire, etc. Additionally, he can see all the things he can punch, even things he would not normally be able to see.


    Brawn: 2
    Speed: 2
    Agility: 26
    Perception: 15
    Power: 45
    Skill: 25

    Sidenote: It is surprisingly difficult to find a non-bishie adult attractive male (in anime style art I mean).

    Sidenote 2: Was not planning on him being a bartender at the beginning, but then I looked at the picture I was using (guy who funnily enough is not a bartender) and went "why not?".
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    NAME: Rafi S'mali

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 25


    NATIONALITY: Morocco


    A couple notches darker than the picture, though. His most noticeable trait is his "spider-like" hair.

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: A sly (supposedly) trickster, who hocks off inventions that look like marvels for prices much higher than they're worth. In fact most of them have a habit of performing the opposite action intended or not working at all. Why? Because it amuses Rafi. He never sells these phony items to poor, downtrodden people or people he feels have a good heart.

    Instead he hocks them off to the haughty and the oppressive. Of course if they found out (as they often did), he'd be in a heap of trouble. He's been in many a street scuffle over his phony products. One day, a thought struck him that he should keep moving to avoid any unnecessary ramifications of his action. And so, he sold his phony items. Enough to make a ton of money. Money which he used to by a one way ticket out of town and into America (Florida to be precise). There he used the rest of his money to by a house, a casino, and negotiate with the creator's of Florida's various theme parks to build his own attractions, which he retains part ownership of.

    He still wanders around the park, trying to spread his false products. These plans turn on him each and every time.

    CHARACTER SONG (Optional): Orange Colored Sky

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Knows a minimal amount of street boxing.

    Inventor of several devices that generally perform the opposite function of what they're supposed to do, if they work at all.



    Storytellin' Spider- Whenever Rafi starts a conversation with someone while this power is activated, they are distracted from what they're currently doing and Rafi gains their attention for a few minutes to whatever he's talking about attempting to confound or distract them while someone else is able to attack. At it's early stage, the ability lasts for about five minutes.

    Friends of Anansi (level 1)-Insect Scouts-With this ability, Rafi is able to summon two different sets of robotic insects. These insects are the same size and contain the same strengths and weaknesses of their normal counterparts.

    They are gifted with the ability to speak and transmit information to Rafi's PID. Or transmit information to others from Rafi to others while he's using his PID to communicate. Unless they are kept track of every so often these scouts are easily distracted and altogether useless.

    The insects on the first set include:

    Ants- Generally the most loyal, but easily distracted by food and the need to gather it. Ants come in many numbers.

    Honey Bee- Slightly faster than an average African honey bee and quick to anger or disobey Rafi. Tend to arrive in a groups of five.

    Beetle-Slow, but thoughtful. The most reliable of his insects.

    Friends of Anansi: (Level 2)- Insect Black Ops- Rafi summons slightly more competent reliable insects to assist him. These include:

    Tarantula- Slightly faster than the average tarantula. Listens to Rafi completely unlike the others.

    Scorpion- Volatile insect, that is kept in check by the other two.

    Mantis- The leader of the three. Faster and stealthier than an average mantis.

    Friends of Anansi: (Level 3)- Animal Allies- Rafi has the ability to summon two animals who offer him varying degrees of assistance depending on his level.As he grows in power he will be able to summon more.

    Chameleon-Stores Rafi's salesman gear whenever he can't bring it along with him.

    Osebo the Leopard- Summon's Anasi's old enemy Osebo the Leopard who proceeds to attempt to maul Rafi into pulp.

    Moss Covered Rock - Rafi gains the ability to put weaker enemies to sleep and make more powerful enemies feel disoriented with by wielding a moss covered rock...provided he tricks them into saying the phrase, "Moss Covered Rock." Rafi is not immune to the effects himself.

    Spider Sniper - Rafi gains a sniper rifle with venom coated bullets of varying degrees of toxicity.

    The Spider's Gambit - With but a thought, Rafi is able to toss a deep pitfall in the on any surface near his enemies. Inside each pitfall lies an electrified web that can temporarily stun the opponent as well as a mystical pissed off giant Leopard Osebo waiting below to tear a chunk out of whoever falls in. The pitfall is (usually) visible to his allies and concealed to his enemies, though they will feel an alert sense of danger anytime he creates the pitfall. He can only create one of these pitfalls at a time.

    Super Sly Spider-Tank - In times past, Anansi's appearance could range from a normal looking human to a spider of varying sizes, to a human with spider-like qualities. Nowadays, a semi truck sized Mechanical spider is materialized, piloted by Rafi. It is capable of climbing and clinging to surfaces, digging below ground, shooting rounds of pressurized poison bullets from two guns located where it's fangs would be.

    Frightening Brightening Lightening-Fast Shooting Star Coaster -In the past, Anansi was said to assist in creating the stars. With this new ability, Rafi summons a giant catapult underneath an opponent, which launches them into a giant roller coaster that then launches itself on a giant track that spirals upward, going faster and faster as it ascends the track and once it reaches the top it ignites, becomes a shooting star which then explodes in a volley of colorful fireworks and then drops the opponent back on the ground.

    Max-Perception Ability: Web of Life - Anansi was the master of the web of life. A web that extended to all, symbolizing the life-giving sun and representing the link that held strong clans or groups together. With this ability, Rafi summons a giant spectral web, which he sits in the middle of. It allows him and any ally that touches the web to see true reality, meaning illusions and mental attacks are ineffective, and as long as the allies effected by web of life feel kinship with the other Alaphim, power is slowly allocated into another of Rafi's abilities...

    This ability automatically activates once an illusion or mental attack is set upon him.

    Max-Skill Ability: AAA (aka Triple A, aka, Anansi' Alaphim Automaton) - With his skills at their maximum capacity, Rafi is able to access the full potential of some of his existing abilities. This ability combines Anansi' Spider-Tank with his Tiger-Walker, forming a humanoid apartment building sized giant automaton, piloted by Rafi and powered by the web of life. The Spider-Tank froms the top half while the Tiger-Walker forms the lower half. The robot is stout, black, with gold stripes. In shape, at least it somewhat is similar to this:

    Once in AAA, Rafi is able to use the Spider-Tank's poison missiles, Web of Life, and the Tiger-Walker's explosive pearls, though his other abilities are unusable and replaced by AAA's attacks, most of which are mostly counter attacks and trickery as per Rafi's usual antics. Which are:

    AAA Spider-Web Counter!: AAA's upper and lower halves are easily separated on physical contact and once it's attacked, AAA will separate and shoot out a poisonous paralyzing web at the opponent.

    AAA Mental Migraine Counter!: If an opponent attempts to magically alter AAA, instead, a giant boxing glove will emerge out the top of it's head and punch the opponent in the face.

    AAA Amazing Kopasetic Dynamic Stupendous Punch/Kick!: AAA splits it's upper and lower halves, and either the upper half tosses the lower half to initiate a flying kick or the lower half kicks the upper half for a flying punch. This attack is nothing special and only powerful when combined with...

    AAA Invincible Unstoppable Super Special!: When Web of Anansi is fully utilized, this is the ability it allocates power too. With AAA Combination activated, all of Rafi and AAA's other attacks are unable to be used and instead allowing Rafi to access one random 'finishing move'.



    Insta-Money Machinegun- Gaining the abilities of the god of wealth, Rafi can now produce money out of thin air. Oh yes. Ranging from dollar bills, to coins, to bricks of gold. And not only that, he can rapid fire them at enemies, hence the machine gun in the title.

    Terrifying Tiger-Walker- Rafi is now able to summon a semi-truck sized robotic version of Cai-Shen's black tiger. The mechanical beast is able to leap great heights and gifts Rafi with the ability to toss one of Cai-Shen's pearl bombs: small pearls that explode on contact.

    Staff of Cai-Shen- Legendary Staff able to transmute inanimate objects into gold. Only available as a melee weapon while Rafi's using AK-AAA.

    STATS: Stats that determine the physical and mental abilities of your character unrelated to his or her Alaphim Powers. You have 10 points to start out with. Please note that a standard/average human being has stats of 1 in all categories (aside from power/skill).

    Brawn: 2
    Speed: 2
    Agility: 5
    Perception: 25
    Power: 53
    Skill: 25

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    NAME: Jason Kelly
    GENDER: Male
    AGE: 33
    NATIONALITY: Junction City, Kansas (Fort Riley), USA

    Jason was a tall, muscular man with brown hair and eyes. Since his injury, his physical strength has atrophied substantially, as he now engages in minimal regular upper-body exercise.

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Jason Kelly is third generation Army. He grew up on several bases before his father was permanently transferred to Fort Riley, in Junction City, Kansas. Jason grew up with mid-West morals and a strong work ethic. From his earliest years, it was a given that Jason would join the Army, just like his father and grandfather. This was despite his strong aptitude in a variety of other areas. Given the opportunity and his seemingly unlimited potential, Jason could have excelled at nearly any career path.

    Instead, he enlisted at 18 and worked his way up in rank in hardly any time at all. At 30, he was a Captain in the Special Forces and doing his second tour in the Saudi Insurrection of the '40's. That's when he was struck by the mine.

    Modern medicine is simply amazing. They repaired him as best they could; seemingly sewing him back together with such skill that hardly a scar remained. Still, there's only so much that the human body can take, and Jason's had reached its limit. The damage done to his spinal column left him paralyzed from the thighs down. As a result, Jason is wheelchair bound.

    In the three years since, Jason has gone through the all of the painful steps of recovery of such an injury, and many of the clichés as well. His wife left him, he fell into a deep depression, and he isolated himself from his friends and family. Three weeks ago, he hit rock bottom as a prostitute left him stranded in a motel outside of Las Vegas in a drunken stupor, stealing his wallet, his car and even his wheelchair.

    From then, he’s slowly remembered the potential he once had. He’s realized that his past life is behind him, and that there’s still more to live for. He plans to go to college next semester, and find out what destiny has in store for the next chapter in his life.

    Yep. That’s right, he’s a crippled god. Betcha Fate didn’t see that one coming.


    PERSONAL SKILLS: Every year since he was eight, Jason’s father and he used to go on a month-long hunting trip to various locations. As a result, his wilderness survival skills are well-honed. He was also an Eagle Scout.

    Brawn: 2
    Speed: 2
    Agility: 2
    Perception: 9 (11)
    Power: 90 (108)
    Skill: 10 (12)


    Five useless facts about Jason:
    - He had a dog, Harvey, until his ex-wife got him in the divorce.
    - Is surprisingly well read, having read all of the books in the BBC Big Read Top 100.
    - He has four tattos: two tribal tattoos going down his left arm, his Special Forces insignia on his right shoulder, and The Star Brand on his right palm.
    - Scored a perfect 2400 on his SATs. He completed the test so quickly that there was an investigation for possible cheating.
    - As a result of the 2029 Protect Our Borders Act, as an honorably-discharged Army Captain, he is authorized to carry a concealed firearm in the U.S.
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    Hmm, I might try and rewrite my SHR3 character for this, if Cleric Doesn't mind.

    NAME: Jack Vukasinovic

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 23

    FORMER PERSONA: Simargl, the Doom Hound, the Nameless Slavic Canine of Mass Destruction that was kept bound by the Zorya.

    NATIONALITY: American.


    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Hotheaded and brash with a deep distaste for authority. Has a nasty temper. Jack was born in a small town in the Northwest, but always felt constrained within it. After turning eighteen, he left his family and home behind, and began to roam the US on his bike. Living as something of a nomad, he survived off of oddjobs and by playing in bars for free drinks and peanuts.

    Eventually he joined up with a biker gang, the Hellhounds. For a year and a half he road with them, until something happened that caused cut his association with them. Something that left twelve members of the Hellhounds in intensive care, and two of those in the morgue, by the time it was over. The gang still has it out for Jack, and orders to kill him on sight. For his part, Jack has much the same opinion on them.

    Jack is notorious for getting into trouble and has stayed more than a few nights in the cooler for various reasons, from public drunkedness, to brawling, poaching etc. etc. Jack hates being contained, and has managed to outrun the cops more than once. Despite this he did have to stay a year in a state penitentiary, which he remembers as the worst year of his life. His favorite place to be is in biker bars and dives, where he associates with his favored activities of brawling, drinking and womanizing. Sometimes he even strikes up a tune.

    Jack and his family don't get on very well, save for with his three younger sisters who he adores. He calls and talks to them each once a week, though he likes to keep this secret from others.

    CHARACTER SONG (Optional): The Black Hound of Vengeance/Monster

    Motorcycle Rider
    Harmonica Player. Always has one with him.

    GOD POWERS(S): Chaos and Destruction. Simargl was bound by the Slavic Pantheon in order to keep it from destroying the world.

    Devourer: Jack can drain the energy out of other things with a touch, the longer he holds on the more he drains, potentially sucking the life from an opponent, though their is a limit to how much energy Jack can contain. Energy that Jack drains transfers to him, giving him renewed vigor.

    Undying: If there is one thing everyone agrees about when it comes to slavic mythology and legends, its that everything is incredibly hard to kill, and with this power Jack reflects this. First in foremost this is a healing ability that greatly enhances his natural healing, causing wounds to heal and close up before ones very eyes. Additionally he's just all around harder to kill, Jack is now able to shrug off wounds that would otherwise be instantly fatal, at least for long enough to heal them. Finally because this ability was granted through divine means, Jack is now highly resistant to other physical effects such as disease, poison, and magical trasmutation of all kinds, being able to outright ignore, or if not ignore, than fight back against, and heal from all these effects.

    Edit: Jack's attire regenerates with him, thankfully.

    Hound Hide Leathers: In order to deal with the increasing effects of Simargl's influence on Jack's personality, Jack manifested much of Simargl's uncontainable power within his Biker Leathers. This has a couple of effects. One, Jack can sprout simple constructs of both metal and leather from the leathers (the actual leather and spikes respectively) whose total mass is equal to his power/2 in tons rounded down. He can telekinetically control these constructs to a certain degree (cause chains to move one way or another, cause spikes to rotate along his arm like a buzzsaw, etc, the total possible force of such is equal to his power stat. The actual durability of the leathers and constructs is equal to twice Jack's brawn. However, all constructs must maintain contact with Jack, if they separate for any reason the material fades into smoke. In addition Jack can use this power to create one advanced construct, that of a bike. Contact with constructs counts as contact with Jack for the purposes of the Devourer ability.

    Iron Dog: Jack manages to merge back with some of Simargl's power doubling his brawn, and speed, by literally merging with his Hound Hide Leathers. Spikes grow out of his shoulders, forearms, calves, and back, reminiscent of tufts of fur. Blades grow from his fists and boots, reminiscent of claws. Finally a metallic helm grows over his head, and merges with it, essentially it becomes his new jaw and fangs. His arms also lengthen, allowing him to run on all fours at great speed. Once taken, for the remainder of his time in this form Jack can no longer manipulate the Hound Hide Leathers, as his body merging with them locks them in this form. In this form, Jack is in constant contact with Simargl's personality which can be distracting, also he uses up his energy reserves at a greater rate. Maximum time in this form is limited by skill.

    -All the same rules apply for the bike save that its speed in this case is equal to Jack's power+speed+agility. Also while the bike is manifest Jack can only use this power to utilize on additional chain of variable length/appearnace. Note: Jack bike is literally attached to the seat of his pants in this case, while it is manifest he can't get off of it, being forced to reabsorb it if he wants to do so.

    Maw of Oblivion: In this state Jack becomes akin to a living black hole, both in appearance, and ability. Everything around him is quickly drained of all energy, any radiant energy is drawn into him and quickly devoured. Water freezes, fires are snuffed, mundane creatures die instantly and so forth. As a side effect to the raw might of this power however, Jack is intangible in this state, instead seeming to be a rip in space, and cannot attack. Beings with brawn lower than Jack's power stat find themselves massively debilitated The drained energy is then usable to supercharge one of Jack's abilities (creating more raw construct mass, increasing his healing rate) or to extend the length of a transformation. Cannot be used in Iron Dog though previously stolen energy can be used to extend this transformation. He can only maintain this form for minute at a time.

    The Hound of Doom:

    With this Ability, Jack and Simargl truly become one. While the share the same immortal soul, with this power their minds become one mind, their forms become one form, a being of unimaginable power and ferocity. The Doomsday Hound was the most powerful being in Slavic mythology, the destroyer of all there is, the antithesis of existence, in short, Doom itself, the Doom of the entire universe. Due to Jack's youth, lack of the raw power of his previous life, not to mention his remaining restraint, he does not gain the power to shatter existence. Instead of becoming the destroyer of all, he instead becomes the destroyer of one, representing their own inevitable end, their own personal nemesis, their doom.

    Once transformed Jack cannot communicate, nor be communicated with or reasoned with, and will attack the one targeted opponent with mindless ferocity as long as both of them stand, he will ignore everything else, save those which get in his way, which he will deal with in the most efficient manner he can in order to get them out of his way. In this form mental manipulation, soul manipulation, stat draining, and so forth become useless against him, and he will break out of any previous conditions set upon him, much like Simargl would shatter any bonds set on him place, even those by fate given enough time. While in this form Jack loses access to all his other abilities save his healing which is accelerated, his Devouring touch, which is always active in this form, and the Maw Oblivion in an altered form. In this case Jack's own maw, becomes the Maw of Oblivion, draining any energy around it while his mouth is open, (note its area of effect is more limited in this form, while the Maw of Oblivion in its normal form projects all around Jack, this only projects when his mouth is open, and only in front of said maw, in a cone like shape for only half its normal range.)

    While the creature cannot travel through dimensions as a general thing it can return from wherever it might be sent to the dimension it was activated it. (I first wrote this as being able to follow its opponent wherever it may go including other dimensions, but I decided that might be too much, particularly if you wanted that NPC to escape.) Because it represents the doom of its target, the creature is always able to sense its target through illusions, hiding abilities etc, BUT not those of others around it.

    Also it can fly, because it has wings.


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    NAME: Donald Ericson.

    GENDER: Male.

    AGE: 23.


    NATIONALITY: Faroe Isles.

    APPEARANCE: 5' 11", thin build, near-black hair, dark eyes. Apperance reasonably attractive, but largely unmemorable if you don't have a specific reason to remember him.

    Wears loose clothing with many pockets, particularly a distinctive vintage 2035 trenchcoat. Carries a walking staff as a relatively unobtrusive self-defence weapon.

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Born on a remote Island chain, Donald Ericson found from a young age that he was unable to find any direction in life. Stowing away on a shipping vessel at the age of 14, he has traveled widely across europe and asia drifting from city to town, from job to hobby... Never settling in one place for more than a handful of weeks.

    Rarely if ever malevolent, Ericson nonetheless has fairly flexible morals and sees little difference between legitimate work and petty theft.

    Having awakened as Loki reborn in a London alleyway, Ericson is now reasonably sure he has gone insane, but has decided to roll with it.

    Ericson will answer to his surname or Loki interchangably, but is mildly irritated by the use of his given name and will usually not hand it out for this reason.

    CHARACTER SONG (Optional): Reggae!

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Sleight of hand, Good with languages.


    The Jotun Torch: Ericson has the ability to create fire that burns only what the user wishes it to burn. Ericson may opt to sculpt sheets and walls of relatively mild flame, or focused and intense shapes as required.

    As yet unnamed shapeshifting power: Ericson may change into any human or animal of roughly human size, maintaining the transformation for up to 10 minutes.


    Speed: 1
    Agility: 2
    Perception: 3
    Power: 5
    Skill: 4
    A Flock of Sheep.
    A Pack of Wolves.
    An Inconvenience of Heroes.

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    NAME: Kyle Rogers
    GENDER: Male
    AGE: 20
    NATIONALITY: American
    APPEARANCE: Has a winged shaped birthmark on his right ankle.

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Cocky and charismatic, Kyle Rogers was born in a middle class family in Queens, New York. A valued member of both the varsity track and basketball teams, he always seemed faster than the other kids. This continued into college, where he's a member of the track team.

    Unbeknownst to his family, his life took a turn for the worse when his father died when he was only ten. Ever since then, he's been helping his mother and twin sister keep their family's collective heads above water. And while he's had a fair amount of success, the means by which he achieved it are less than honorable. Whether it was by persuading little old ladies to pay him grossly more for less work, conning his classmates out of their money or just straight stealing whatever his family needed. One of the biggest cons he ran in his "career" was when he and a few of his friends pretended to be liasons for PineCo, the leading distributor of pineapple flavored products, while on a trip to the Smithsonian. When it was all said and done, they raked in well over $1,700.

    Once he entered college at NYU for a Bachelor's in Information Technology, he made a promise to himself that he would abandon his shady practices and find more legitimate ways to help his mother. He was drawn to the post office, somehow feeling that he was destined to be a "messenger", so to speak. Although, he does still scam the occasional chump from time to time, just for the laughs.

    CHARACTER SONG (Optional): High Speed- Coldplay

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Since he grew up on the street and didn't have a job for most of the time, he become proficient in street games, such as poker, craps and spades.
    Ever since his father died, he would write whatever came to mind. He's had several short stories and poems published over the years.


    Rapidity of Mercury

    Kyle taps into his godhood and increases his speed and agility. The increase is determined by Power/Brawn", rounded up. (Currently 4). After PowerX2 minutes, the affect wears off (Currently 30). He'll be able to use it after a few minutes.

    Avatars of Celestial Fury

    Kyle can summon one avatar of the constellations. It stays active for Skill X 1 hour (Currently 6). Also, the constellation must be in clear view in order for Kyle to sucessfully summon it, or it won't work. This, of course, will change as Kyle gains more experience.

    As the Patron god of the stars, Kyle is one with their essence. At higher levels, he'll be able to "see" and "hear" through them. The connection with him is broken whenever Kyle is knocked unconscious, leaving the avatars susceptible to the control of another. Once he regains consciousness, however, that link is restablished.

    Hydri - Summons the water serpent Hydrus, a 100 ft long, 2,500 lb black anaconda. She has a 2 ft tall head and a body diatmeter of 6 ft.

    Brawn: Kyle's Brawn X 3 (12)
    Speed: Kyle's Speed -3 (5)
    Agility: Kyle's Agility -4 (4)
    Perception: Kyle's Perception (6)
    Power: Kyle's Power -2 (13)
    Skill: Kyle's Skill (6)

    Primodial Venom - Hydrus swallows her target(s) whole, and digests them. Once finished, she converts them into a primordial stew a like substance and regurgetates them, letting loose a stream of venom that melts the whatever is hit with it. She can do this up to four times in one setting, but has to absorb Power/Skill victims.

    Pegasi - Summons Pegasus, the winged horse. Little sparks of lightning sparkle across his 20 ft wingspan , his long flowing white mane and around his eyes.

    Brawn: Kyle + 4 (8)
    Speed: Kyle/2 (4)
    Agility: Kyle/3 (3)
    Perception: Kyle (6)
    Skill: Kyle (6)
    Power: Kyle -3 (12)

    Thunderhorse- Pegasus flaps his wings and forms a lightning bolt. He can fire up to Power (12) lightning bolts. Alone, the bolts can do the same amount of damage that a normal lightning strike can do.

    He can also charge his hooves with electricity to add more punch to his strikes.

    Tauri - Summons Taurus, the bull of Europa. It has light brown fur and red eyes, as well as a pair of two foot long horns. It also has two golden earrings on its ears and a nose ring.

    Brawn: Kyle X 3 (12)
    Speed: Kyle / 4 (2)
    Agility: Kyle /4 (2)
    Perception: Kyle (6)
    Power: Kyle (15)
    Skill: Kyle (6)







    Staff of the Messenger

    Mind of a Learned Greek

    Stone of Battos

    Brawn: 4
    Speed: 8 (12)
    Agility: 8 (12)
    Perception: 6
    Power: 15
    Skill: 6
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    NAME: Cheyenne "Chey" Summers

    GENDER: Female

    AGE: 19

    FORMER PERSONA: Shenlong

    NATIONALITY: American

    She also carries a mark in the shape of a dragon, snaking it's way around her left wrist, and stopping just short of the bottom of her palm... Just imagine it's there.

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: She has a fascination with dragons, both in fiction and folklore. Chey is usually free-spirited and outgoing, often using her powers in exotic and fun ways, and viewing her past life with mild interest and curiousity. This free-spiritedness was much more prominent during her early teen years, often hanging out with a less than noble crowd, though she doesn't talk about it often.

    CHARACTER SONG (Optional): Music you associate with the character.

    Contortion- She practices contortion, which allows her to slip out of shackles and other types of bondage. ()
    Hacking- During her younger years, she was involved in quite a bit of small crimes, and has learned a thing or two about hacking appliances such as ATMs or computerized locks.

    GOD POWERS(S): Seeing as Shenlong is the god of rain and wind, she can control the flow of water and wind as if it's second nature.

    Chey can bend water to her will, though she needs to use her limbs in order to guide the water.

    Chey can control air currents, creating jets of air, creating spheres of wind or small-scale cyclones, though it requires the use of her limbs as well.

    Iron Scales-
    Chey can spawn red scales (white scales spawn over the dragon birthmark instead) over any of her limbs, which adds 1 Brawn for every 5 Power Points she has. Starting out at Power 10, she can only spread the scales over two limbs at a time, though the amount increases every multiple of 5.

    Elemental Transmutation-

    Chey changes her body into either liquid or air, allowing herself to diffuse, and absorb surrounding elements similar to her composition. In this form, it renders her undetectable to mental effects.


    Brawn: 2
    Speed: 4
    Agility: 3
    Perception: 2
    Power: 6
    Skill: 5

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    NAME: David Mass

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 50

    FORMER PERSONA: Poseidon

    NATIONALITY: American, Alaska


    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Will come up in story.

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Fishing, swimming

    GOD POWERS(S): Water Blast: David uses his control over water to transform small water molecules in the air into a high pressure water-gun esque ranged attack.

    Seismic activity: David can now cause a small area of effect style earthquake attack. The area affected and severity of the earthquake scales with his power stat.

    Hydrokinesis: David can manipulate water using his mind. Only works on preexisting water David can not create water out of thin air.

    Brawn: 2
    Speed: 1
    Agility: 1
    Power: 10
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    NAME: Travis Royce
    GENDER: Male
    AGE: 32
    NATIONALITY: American
    CURRENT RESIDENCE: South Texas, United States

    Shrouded in mystery and untruths, the past of the man named Travis is difficult to pinpoint thanks to the numerous lies and exaggerations he himself has crafted throughout the years. The most common of these tales is that he was born in New Orleans, although his lack of an accent from that area makes it doubtful to most. While it may impossible to determine whether he was telling the truth about how his mother was a waitress with a heart of gold while his father was an alcoholic deadbeat, what can be proven is the police report he had gathered throughout his teenage years having developed a taste for illegal substances, fast cars, and women. At the age of 17, his life seemingly took an unexpected turn when he suddenly dropped everything and joined the military.

    His claims of his time in the military varied between mischievous tales of staving off boredom or grand missions seemingly too grand to be possibly true. Regardless, once his tour ended, he found his way to the lone star state where he managed to become a police officer and eventually detective despite his past records. Unfortunately, it seems he hadn't left penchant for getting in trouble behind as he quickly developed questionable methods of achieving results in his cases. Unauthorized briberies to turn criminals against one another, blackmailing for confessions, and befriending suspects only to turn on them after having gathered enough evidence appearing to be his favored tactics. It is widely believed he had yet to be dismissed from the force through connections to someone in high places or he simply had enough dirt to ensure his continual employment.

    While uncertainty surrounds who he is, one thing is certain: the only and best method to avoid the trouble he brings is to simply avoid him at all costs.

    [Default] Queens of the Stone Age's "The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret"
    [Combat] Neutrino's "Travesty"
    [Default] Clutch's "Electric Worry"
    [Combat] The Union Underground's "South Texas Death Ride"

    Parlor Games - After spending as much time at the bars as Travis has, you start to get pretty good at games like darts and billiards.
    Driving - Having earn the ire of so many, it is not surprising to learn that he has learned how to outrun and escape pursuit.

    W³ ~ Brachypelma Albiceps - The initial ability of the spirit Iktomi, which, true to his nature, takes the form of a spider's thread. Although the thread is as strong as a thin steel cable, its true purpose is to relay information about the surrounding area and/or the object/being it is attached to (although, currently, the information sent back to Travis is completely random.) While this thread is invisible at first, once it is use for combative purposes, it becomes visible.

    The Magic Arrow ~ Lakota Avenger
    With the growth of Iktomi's powers, it should no be surprised that the trickster god's influence has begun to show itself. In this case, it has consumed Travis' Colt Detective Special, turning the once mundane weapon into a vessel for Iktomi's magic. With a pull of the trigger, Travis can cast various illusions, although he can only cast six at a time before the weapon returns to its original form before he must wait for it to absorb his power to recharge it. Those hit directly by one of these shots will find themselves ailed with various unpleasantries such as growing violently ill or experiencing horrifying hallucinations.

    W³ ~ Latrodectus Mactans - An enhanced version of the W³, which allows Travis to focus on which information is relayed back to him via the threads, thus allowing him to efficiently sense the surroundings. Aside from this, he is able to control the physical properties of the threads, such as sharpness and stickiness, as well as make crude constructs.

    W³ ~ Dreamcatcher - Along with its information gathering and combative abilities, the W³ has developed a third function which allows them to absorb negative energy. This stored energy can manifest itself as poison, ailing those who come in contact with the afflicted thread, and when shot by the Lakota Avenger, sends forth a stream of miasma in a chosen direction. Like the iconic Dreamcatcher, the more threads there are, the more negative energy they can absorb.

    Ommatidium - By living a life of deceiving and being deceived, Travis has developed the ability to see through the veil of falsehoods that drape across reality and the horrors that come with it. It is also with this supernatural perception that he has regained Iktomi's ability to communicate with wildlife and the inanimate.

    Portia Fimbriata - Thanks to years of experience and study, the detective can now read people like books. Their next movement, their next words, he can predict them to a frightening degree that it one might believe that he can peer into the very future.

    Fukou no Reiki ("Aura of Misfortune") - The loathsome ability of the Binbōgami which creats an invisible aura that surrounds the user. Within the aura, the fortune of others are absorbed: Powers suddenly backfire, weapons jam or break, and shields, armors, or barriers are shattered with the lightest breeze. This aura does not discriminate between friend and foe and the fact that this stolen fortune is given to the user makes it much more ostracizing.

    Kenkou no Taberu Mono ("Eater of Health") - The Binbōgami was just not a spirit of misfortune, but of illness and poverty, which is reflected by yet another loathsome ability. Activated by direct contact or exposure to the Fukou no Reiki, Travis can now drain the health of others to heal the detective's own ailments or injuries. By attacking the immune system directly, the target will be much more susceptible to illnesses and diseases; although, just how debilitating the effect is determined by how long they are subjected to the kenkou no taberu mono.

    W³ ~ The World Wide Web - The zenith of the W³'s potential, providing the maximum increase in its information gathering and combative power. Unlike the previous incarnations, which could only be cast out and manipulated by physically moving them, the W³ strands now move as an extension of Travis' mind and body, allowing for more fluid movement and the ability to make more complex constructs. It is with its full potential unlocked that it gains Iktomi's ability to manipulate living and inanimate beings like puppets as long as a thread is in direct contact of the desired target.

    Colt Detective Special - While preferring to avoid bloodshed, this pistol is Travis' last means of defense should he find himself in a situation where he cannot talk himself out of. Although an ancient model by today's standards, he has modified it to use advanced ammunition, such as shock rounds.

    Brawn: 01
    Speed: 04
    Agility: 12
    Perception: 25 [MAXED]
    Power: 35
    Skill: 25 [MAXED]
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    NAME: Lucy "Lu" Aoi Deas
    GENDER: Female
    AGE: 18
    FORMER PERSONA: Lugh Lámfhada mac Céin "Samildánach"
    NATIONALITY: British Irish
    WEAPON DISCIPLINE: Spear, sling, barefist brawling/wrench
    APPEARANCE: Shoulder length blonde hair typically keeps it out of her face with a braid, brown-red eyes ('sherry' coloured).

    Kinda like this.
    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Fairly laidback and easygoing, not shy or retiring in general, knows she is good at many things and is unafraid to say so, but isn’t egotistical (well, okay maybe a little).

    Born to Richard and Ealadha (Elatha) Deas, Lucy is an only child who grew up in a reasonably well off area, did fairly well at school, but it wasn't until she reached high school, and after a family holiday in which they visited one of Lugh's holy places that knocked something loose in her soul, that she discovered her passion for creating and repairing things and rapidly excelled in all lessons she took part in, which is where we find her now, just out of high school and taking part in various craft and design classes while she does odd-jobs for whoever needs them done.

    CHARACTER SONG (Optional): Dawn of East End/Dancing Water Spray ~Irish Session~/Battle Theme - Broken Moon

    * Weaving, wood/metal-work.
    * Passable at DIY repair-work

    GOD POWERS(S): Ars Arcana ~ Soul of the Artist: What first started merely as a 'knack' for practical skills (repair-work, playing musical instruments, woodwork/metalwork etc) in her awakening blossomed into psychometric/instinctual ability to be able to 'feel' how to best use the tools she is using to get the result she wishes and retain said instincts for later use even with different tools. Will get stronger/upgraded as her Power increases~


    Brawn: 2
    Speed: 1
    Agility: 1
    Perception: 4
    Power: 3
    Skill: 4
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