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    Default The Codex of Gods: An animelike Mythological RPG Sign-Up Thread, The Second Raid!

    Since the other thread hit over 5000 posts, obviously.

    Please post anything regarding Codex here folks.

    Strength: Maxes out at 100. Once you hit 10 in strength, strength is equal to the tonnage and number in that stat. In other words, a 10 in strength is Class 10. That means you cap out at Class 100 (though, potentially, powers and whatnot can/could increase strength passed this point depending on how it's played).

    Speed: Maxes out at 100. Once you pass 10 in speed, you start getting into real super speed territory (i.e. beyond just being called a bullet timer). A 15 in speed is Mach 1. 25 in speed is Mach 5. A 50 in speed is Mach 10. A 75 in speed is Mach 15. A speed of 100 is Mach 20.

    Agility: Agility matches speed. Your agility score counts toward how fast one can react to something. In other words, if your agility is 10, then it doesn't matter that a speedster of ten attacks you. You'll be able to, with your hands at least, react to and block his attacks. Can you cross 100 feet faster? No. But you can, at least, not get horribly, horribly blitzed right away. It pretty much grants you at least one chnce to react to a blitz before it overwhelms you.

    Agility, at higher levels, also means more of your body can react to the blitz. At 10 agility, your hands and eyes can keep up with a ten speedster for a moment or to to give you a chance to counter him, but the rest of your body can't. However, the more agility you have, the more of your body can react to the blitz.

    Perception: Perception, once mastered at 25, means you cannot be taken over mentally, mind screwed, or otherwise possessed, memory wiped, faked, etc..... I already talked about this one.

    Power: Like SHR power is power. The more of it, the more your older powers also grow in strength. With a 100 in power, you can nuke a city and have energy to spare, just like in SHR. Pretty self-explanatory.

    Skill: Is how well you can fight. Being able to react to someone is nice, but when the ycan outfight you it's fairly meaningless. 25 in skill is the max and it pretty much puts you on Karate Kid Epic levels of skill.

    Also, once a stat is MAXED!, your character can have a unique abilitty added to them, just like in SHR

    If you have any questions, please, ask. If this contradicts something I said earlier, tough Tonooki. If you'ld like to rearange your stats due to not understanding something earlier that I've now explained, I'll let you.

    Oh, here are the relevant links:

    General Link to Old Thread

    Updated Character List

    Where everyone is REVISED!!!!
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    Taken By Miburo

    Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of themself without that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, "If I Live, I will kill you, If I Die, You are forgiven." Such is the Rule of Honor.

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    Reposting Fianna's profile:

    NAME: Fianna Ulvaeus

    GENDER: Female.

    AGE: 14.


    NATIONALITY: British. (Swedish father, British mother. Raised in England.)


    Fianna is the youngest daughter of Marcus Ulvaeus, freelance journalist, and Helen Ulvaeus, archeologist. She has two sisters, Kim and Cecilia, both older then her. She spent most of her childhood growing up in the English countryside before the family relocated to London.

    Fianna is rather intelligent but mostly only score mediocre grades in school since no subject genuinely interests her. She does have a talent for atheletics, however, as well as physical strenght unusual for a girl. She also has a peculiar love of comic books and action movies, and an interest in martial arts which led her to take kickboxing lessons. These traits can make her come across as something of a tomboy, though she does not identify as such and dislikes that label.

    While she is a bright and friendly girl for the most part, she is firmly convinced that violence can, in fact, solve problems. This has occasionally gotten her into trouble after beating up bullies or other "evildoers" which, in turn, has given her a slight contempt for authorities. However, despite her violent nature, she has earned herself a fair number of friends and admirers in her school due to her almost complete fearlessness and unflinching willingness to stand up for those weaker then herself.

    Fianna's main character flaws include her temper, which can sometimes make her say or do things she might regret after calming down, and her prideful nature will not easily let her admit to her own mistakes or shortcomings. She is also somewhat clumsy which, combined with her above average strenght, gives her a tendency to break things if she isn't careful.

    Fianna likes animals but, unfortunately, animals do not seem to like her. Cats in particular generally cannot stand her, and horses have been known to become nervous in her presence.

    CHARACTER SONG (Optional):
    Ayumi Hamasaki - Trust (Remix.)
    Poe - Wild

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Due to her mother's insistance that she show some sort of interest in history or related fields, Fianna has taken to study mythology and has gained a reasonable amount of knowledge on the subject. She is also pretty handy with computers.


    Great Beast: Fenrir the Wolf was known for his immesurable strenght, which far surpassed even the strongest gods of Asgard, ultimately compelling them to bind him with the unbreakable fetter, Gleipnir, forged from six impossible things. This power echoes in Fianna's Great Beast ability, which allows her to increase her physical might by a tremendous degree. (Brawn + power + power 50%). Currently, Fianna can use Great Beast for 2 minutes, after which she needs 6 minutes for her power to recharge.

    (new) Sky Hunter: Like Fenrir's sons, who tirelessly hunted the sun and the moon across the sky, this power grants Fianna the ability to stand and run on air as where it solid earth, granting a limited form of levitation and flight.

    Doom of the Gods:

    Valfather's Bane:

    Nature Of Monsters:


    Devour the Light of the World:


    Brawn: 3
    Speed: 2
    Agility: 2
    Perception: 3
    Power: 5
    Skill: 5
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    NAME: Drake G. Quass

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 27 years old

    FORMER PERSONA: None Applicable. Holds a tenuous relationship with Clena Lazna the reincarnation of Nephtys– goddess of death, night and lamentation. Also wields the power of Shezmu--The Slaughterer of Souls

    NATIONALITY: Montreal, Canada

    APPEARANCE: A light skinned male, sporting extremely short, dark brown hair, the same color as his eyes.

    His usual traveling attire includes some manner of long, buttonless colored shirt reaching down to his waist, faded black jeans, and dark grey tennis shoes, with a wrinkled leather jacket of the same shade of grey.

    If one were to look closely, they might notice the outline of some sort of holster protruding through his shirt.

    He's usually seen carrying around a dingy, white backpack, filled to the brim with various tools of his profession.

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: A freelancing journalist, and a would be publicist, Drake Quass finds his profession has led him...

    To a somewhat mediocre living, despite his notable talent in the field, in no small part due to him finding himself blackballed as the result of a petty grudge held against him by a former editor, one Drake himself is not entirely able to comprehend logically.

    Despite his lack of understanding the logistics of the situation, Drake has accepted it for what it is, and takes great pains to return the favor in kind, when he finds himself between jobs, or even while in the midst of one.

    Currently, Drake has found himself in the employ of one Clena Lanza, the now-crippled daughter of the a disgraced CEO of a corporation currently unknown to Drake himself.

    Despite his misgivings over the task, and the somewhat laughable particulars of his job, thanks to the rather considerable amount of cash provided, along with other benefits, Drake accepted-- although it turned out to be a tad stranger than he originally imagined.

    Drake himself is not an reincarnated being of mythical power in any manner, despite the magical energies that currently flow though his body, courtesy of his employer as the result of the connection created between the two of them, allowing him to use her power as his own...and vice versa.
    end of spoilers

    Although a fairly composed, forgiving and mellow person, capable of great understanding and mercy, it has been said that his wrath towards those who manage to gain his ire in its entirety, far outstrips his softer qualities.

    A fairly open minded being, Drake tends to be single-minded in the achievement of his ambitions, occasionally causing him to dabble in behaviors that would normally be considered unusual to a man of his type.

    CHARACTER SONG (Optional): Music you associate with the character.

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Gunmanship: Drake is a decent shot, familiar with a variety of guns, at least in theory, thanks to his experience hunting in his youth.


    Dark Sight: As a being empowered by the goddess of night, Drakes vision is entirely unaffected by the absence of light, allowing him to see with as much clarity during the darkest nights, as he would in the brightest days.

    Nocturne: Drake can form a sphere of darkness, impairing the sight of all who stand within it. He can also fill the sight of an enemy with darkness, blinding them temporarily, via touch.

    Drake can expel a torrent of white hot flame from his mouth, to incinerate his enemies, much like Nephtys herself once used this power to do the same.

    *Functioning like a mofo*

    And his new power:

    Night Person: Drake, as a servant of the night, is at the peak of his power in darkness, raising his physical and spiritual power. This power can be used in conjunction with Nocture, in lieu of true darkness, but fades if the sphere vanishes, or if Drake exits it.

    + 3 to Brawn/Speed/ Power in genuine/absolute Darkness
    + 2 to Brawn/Speed/Power in Nocture

    New Skill:

    Consumption—Shadow: Drake has gained the ability to overtake the Shadow of an opponent with his own, essentially eating the shadow, boosting his strength and eating at the enemies. As a person could not exist without a Shadow(Sheut)—being a part of a persons soul in Egyptian Lore--nor a shadow without a person, If Drake manages to entirely consume a shadow, the opponent will perish.

    The technique is not instantaneous, needing prolonged exposure to complete, however, it is persistent, the victim of the attack finding themselves weakened for sometime, along with an incomplete shadow representative of the attack.

    As a side effect of this ability, Drake is highly resistant to Darkness oriented attacks, and is more than capable of overtaking and consuming them, adding their strength to his own.

    If the opponent is too powerful to actually be killed by this technique somehow, they lose 1/5 of their stats in all fields, due to the successful sealing of a fraction of their soul.

    King of the Embalmers shop: A regeneration/sealing technique, used either to bring the recently fallen back from the brink of death, or preserve them until he is able to do so.

    Acting switfy, the major organs of the body are sealed into various sacred canopic jars, slowly being infused with healing energy. In egyptian mythology, one part of the soul was held in the heart(Ib), so the soul is prevented from moving on during this time.

    Once enough energy has been embued in the jars, the organs are returned to the body, and the body is switfy repaired, healing the being.

    Drake can withold the final step, if that is his wish, the body stuck in stasis, and the soul captured within a jar.

    If it is his will, Drake can use an incomplete version of this technique for healing purposes, removing one of his own organs and replacing it with a previously sealed organ, allowing the healing energy stored within to restore him somewhat.

    If the opponent is too powerful to actually be permantely laid low by this technique somehow, they lose 1/5 of their stats, due to the sealing to a fraction of their soul.

    Spark Undertaker: A sealing technique, targeting yet another aspect of the soul, The Ka, the life force of a being, making the difference between a living body, and a rotting corpse.

    By touching the center of an opponents chest, a bright light appears in the center of it, representing this spark. . Using the power of Darkness, Drake will attempt to snuff out the light, and thus, this piece of the oppoents soul, if not their life.

    As the soul is far to bright and powerful to damage by normal means, Drake must touch the light with his hands, as opposed to merely convering the land with his power.

    Overtime, the light will be restored to the soul, if Drake is stopped before completeing his technique, followed by the techniques taint fading all together overtime.

    If non-fatal, the target loses 1/5 of their points for all stats.

    Lamentful Wail: An outward manifestation of power laced with pain and suffering capable of rattling even the strongest of spirits with grief and sorrow, and battering their bodies. Aside from the physical damage done to the foe by the concussive force of the sonic scream, the enemy might find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer despair focused into the attack without the necessary mental fortitude (Perception).

    Brawn: 4
    Agility: 4
    Perception: 7
    Power: 75+13=88
    Skill: 6
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    Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of themself without that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, "If I Live, I will kill you, If I Die, You are forgiven." Such is the Rule of Honor.

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    Man, my point spread has been all kinds of fucked. I thought I edited it.

    I'll go hunt for it later. Probally didn't update it in the main profile.

    Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of themself without that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, "If I Live, I will kill you, If I Die, You are forgiven." Such is the Rule of Honor.

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    Selia Keane

    GENDER: Female
    AGE: 26
    NATIONALITY: American
    APPEARANCE: See above. Too damn lazy to write a description.
    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Selia was born to wealthy but otherwise normal parents with little import or influence outside of their circle of friends. As such, her childhood and adolescence were quite mundane. Her only noteworthy qualities were above-average grades and a uncommon amount of wanderlust that she quickly learned to suppress, to some extent.

    However, the wanderlust did not fade with time--in fact, it grew ever strong--and shortly after she graduated from high school, she set out to see the world instead of going to college or getting a (permanent) job.

    In the years since, she's wandered all over the world, learning new things, having adventures, taking the occasional odd-job, and generally just enjoying life--all at her parents' expense, of course.

    Selia is generally a pretty amicable person, though she has a habit of keeping others at a safe distance and keeping secrets from others. Most likely, this is due to her itinerant lifestyle, which makes closeness to others more trouble than it's worth for both her and others.

    CHARACTER SONG (Optional):

    Holding her Liquor - Thanks to a (semi)-honed biological quirk, Selia is able to drink the vast majority of people under the table.
    Enough fluency with various languages to get by.

    GOD's POWER:

    Gungnir (Unswaying One)
    : Odin's signature weapon, which Selia can form, unform, and reform at will. While the legends state that it 'always hits and always kills,' this is not necessarily true. The weapon's exact effects depend on whether it is wielded as a melee weapon or thrown.

    Melee: Acts as a conduit for Selia's godly power, allowing for direct and efficient usage within the spear's melee range. Gungnir, while wielded, increases her attack power and attack speed by half her power stat each. Additionally, the energy empowering the spear also gives it an effective durability equal to her power stat, since any attack on the spear itself would have to overcome the totality of Selia's power to disrupt its form.

    Thrown: ...too lazy to write a long description, so I'll just stick with a short one. She throws it and when it hits something, it explodes. Basically, it's an AoE energy attack.


    Brawn: 2
    Speed: 2
    Agility: 2
    Perception: 3
    Power: 10
    Skill: 1
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    Also, I probably will force half the cast to undergo an interview of some sort with Drake, when I am bored.

    Naturally, he'll write his thoughts on them, but they will never see it, because one does not really cover this kind of story without getting locked up...At first.

    It's for his own benefit, I suppose.
    Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of themself without that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, "If I Live, I will kill you, If I Die, You are forgiven." Such is the Rule of Honor.

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    Reposting Oliver's profile as it stands:

    NAME: Oliver Vortigern

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 26

    FORMER PERSONA: Ogmios, Celtic God of Eloquence.

    NATIONALITY: British.


    Oliver has a young looking face, clean shaven with muddy blonde hair, people tend to think that he's quite attractive. He is quite tall, but not overbearing, and is quite lithe. He is slightly fastidious about his appearance; styling his hair carefully, making sure his clothes are clean and usually quite expensive. Think an inner city London businessman.

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: From a young age, Oliver was a people person. He was head of his student council, led the debate team to great success at University and graduated with First from Oxford in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He then promptly went back and did a Law Degree as well and graduated with First again.

    From there he became a successful lawyer at a highly prestigious firm, creating an almost entirely spotless record of won cases that few have matched before or since, but he grew tired of it after a year or so and switched professions and became a diplomat. He won great acclaim on the international relations circuit for his eloquence and skill at negotiating with just about everyone he encountered and spearheaded the passing of many highly important pieces of international legislation. He met with world leaders, kings and despots and all of them found him both highly engaging and charming.

    Growing bored of this career as well, he turned his attention to the corporate world and took a job as a major player in a huge corporate empire. He once again received great note for his successful takeovers of smaller companies, convincing their owners to settle with almost no effort.

    Currently he is a minor celebrity, worth around £22 million annually and has a string of extremely high profile relationships under his belt. Everyone who knows him considers him likeable but at the same time slightly dangerous, it is no secret that he can be ruthless should it be called for. He is unused to failure in the pursuit of either business or pleasure.

    CHARACTER SONG: "Thunderball," by Tom Jones. He also has the voice of Matt Smith.

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Oliver is a master of intellectual debate, an excellent lawyer, and a highly accomplished economist. He can ski, knows his way around fine wines, is a fine chess player and plays the drums.

    GOD POWERS(S): As god of Eloquence, Ogmios was known for binding the souls of the dead with his powers of persuasion and leading them merrily into the underworld. In this vein, Oliver has the ability to control minds.

    First Power: "Pleasing Unto The Ear," - People who hear his voice will feel instinctively favourable to him, will more readily agree and compromise with him and will do things for him more readily than they would other people. This is a passive ability mostly but Oliver can "focus," on a certain person and make it much harder for them to resist a request he makes of them. A high Perception Stat will grant immunity to the passive aura and resistance to the "focus,"

    Due to his powers growing, Oliver is now able to project his pleasing "words," through his body language, making even looking at him trigger his charisma aura.

    Second Power: "Words To Stir The Heart Of A Warrior," - In the past, Ogmios was most often invoked before battle, to inspire the orations of the warrior poets who would in turn inspire their soldiers to fight bravely in combat.

    In this vein Oliver can speak the words of battle to inspire his fellow gods and enhance their stats. Oliver will need to look the target directly in the eyes and speak briefly about how well they are going to do, how strong they are and how they are mightier than they know.

    Once this is done, small translucent golden chains will flow from the ears of the target and they will wrap around the body of the target, giving them a golden glow which lasts for the duration of the spell.

    Oliver can temporarily enhance any their stats by the sum of his Skill and Power scores. The points can be divided up by the discretion of the user.

    The boost will last until the end of the encounter or ten minutes, whichever happens first. Oliver only cast it on a person once per encounter.

    Third Power: "Words that transcend boundaries," - Ogmios was the god of eloquence and speech, thus it stands to reason that he would be able to be eloquent and speak in any language. This power initially allows Oliver to speak, read, write and comprehend any modern human language.

    As his powers have become stronger, Oliver can now communicate in any language, terrestrial or otherwise and spoken or otherwise. He can read body language, allowing him to predict movements and detect lies, he can fluently read and understand computer language and mathematical coding allowing him to hack almost any machine and break any code near instantly, he can communicate with aliens, Xiroc and spirits in their own languages.

    This power is passive and always on.

    Fourth Power: "Curse Plate," - Ogmios was often entreated by his worshippers by them writing curse plates to him. The worshipper would write the desired effect and who their target it was and would seal the plates in a lead box. These were mostly in the vein of dominating the will of mortals, having them leave their wives and so forth.

    Because of this, Oliver can now create curse plates of his own. Each plate can only be used once and Oliver must spend appropriate time, focussing his power through a pen while writing them in order to make them. Once a plate is written, it can be stored for use and will not lose power. The effect of a plate is that Oliver can utterly dominate the will of the target and have them perform the single task for ten seconds. This cannot be blocked by any form of mental protection since if you comprehend what is written on the plate then you must perform the task.

    Oliver can only make people perform things they are physically capable of - for example; the command "Die," would not do anything to a normal human would not do anything since humans cannot choose to die at will, however "Stab yourself," would work and would likely achieve the same effect. Only a maxed score of 25 Perception can block the effects of a curse plate.

    Once an individual curse plate is used it loses its power and can be discarded.

    Fifth Power: "Sonorous Voice," - Oliver can choose to project his voice at any volume up to 300 decibels. His voice will also propagate through vacuum, energy fields, water and earth with no loss in quality. This allows him to project his voice over vast distances with all the effects that come with him talking.

    Sixth Power: "Scramble Tower," - Ogmios controls all language and eloquence and he can take that gift away. At maximum, Oliver can project a field with a radius of 1 metre per Power Point wherein the concept of language is removed from everyone except Oliver himself. Oliver can reshape this aura at will, into any shape he desires. Oliver can choose who is affected and how potent the effect is. The list of effects he can choose to inflict are as follows:

    - Unable to speak.
    - Unable to understand anything spoken by others.
    - Unable to read anything that they see.
    - Unable to comprehend their own memories.
    - Unable to form new thoughts.
    - Unable to communicate with their body, robbing them of their ability to walk, move or otherwise control their body.

    The effects of Scramble Tower only effect a user while they are within the field, this cannot be blocked by anything other than a Maxed Perception Score.

    Seventh Power: "The Duty," - Ogmios led the souls of the dead onwards, as Oliver has become more melded with the memories of Ogmios he has realised the significance of his role and has accessed the psychopomp aspects of his power. Oliver can now see the souls of the dead and communicate them, however he is bound to lead them onto the next life and bid them to go to the land of the dead. This power is very personal to Ogmios and the strength of his feelings about this will be very hard to ignore or override.

    Oliver may freely travel into the land of the dead but he can only emerge where he entered and cannot bring anyone back out again. Furthermore, this closeness to death has rendered him immune to attacks that effect his soul. He is beyond the notion of having such a thing.

    This power is passive and always on.

    Eighth Power: "Words In The Head Cannot Be Taken," - With maximised Perception, Oliver gains this ability. Oliver's thoughts are now in a language entirely his own. This language cannot be read, translated or comprehended by anyone apart from Oliver himself.

    Furthermore, attempting to read, alter or otherwise effect Oliver's mind infects the attack with a mindworm that has the same effect as Scramble Tower, temporarily removing their sense of language from their brain and rendering unable to comprehend their own thoughts, form coherent thoughts or otherwise take any action.

    This power is passive and is always on.


    Brawn: 0
    Speed: 0
    Agility: 0
    Perception: 25
    Power: 37
    Skill: 25
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    Also, Cleric did you get my PM?
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    I've been saying "where is everyone, I want to do something" and then not doing anything for nearly two weeks now...

    I'm always like this right after I move, it seems. And then I got distracted by doing what is probably against the Kindle terms of service by posting the Orphans of Chaos feats...


    And I love this RPG concept, and have enjoyed everything I've read in it.

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    Default "Yeah I like birds, wanna fight about it?"

    NAME: Jim "Cairo" Redd. Hates James

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 25
    FORMER PERSONA: Ra, now Garuda, Hindu bird god
    NATIONALITY: Born in Egypt, raised in Washington D.C.

    Carries himself like a boxer, as that is/was his profession. Always has bandaged knuckles. Considered somewhat of a prettyboy by opponents and some fans, for being handsome in a roughneck kind of way. Six feet, two inches, and 200 pounds.

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY:Jim, also known as "Cairo" is a former professional boxer in the WBA. He had a quick rise to fame at age 18, catapulting through the light heavyweight class, and then heavyweight before going back down and being content with his two belts. He wasn't satisfied with the ring though. Feeling there was much more thrilling things outside of it, Jim did some "work" on people outside of the ring. He started doing pit fighting, back alleys, before he got caught by his manager and ex-wife, resulting in his belts being taken away from him and nearly all of his cash, causing a fall from grace as his star in the ring died.

    Jim is a thrill seeker and not really one to plot long term. He likes to think in the here and now to enjoy himself. He idolizes James Dean and adopted "Live fast, die young" as his motto
    CHARACTER SONG (Optional): Music you associate with the character.
    Heart of a champion
    PERSONAL SKILLS: Jim is pretty good at extreme sports. He also has a knack for card games

    GOD POWERS(S): The power you start the game out with. This is dependent, of course, on which person you play as. (Hermes can't shoot lightning bolts, as an example). This power can be offensive, defensive, a weapon, general magic, etc......Every time you level up, you will unlock another of your God Powers and list it here.

    When describing your chosen power, please be as specific as possible: I will want to know the ability, its effect, and preferably the mechanics behind the effect.

    Also note that all reborn Alaphim will be on an even level with each other. Zeus' reborn character won't be more powerul than, say, Anansi is, all told.

    Observe that a few powers will be banned for plot-related reasons. Also, as GM I reserve the liberty to impose restrictions to your powers or suggest alternatives.

    Redd/Ra's power: Fist of Ra. Similar to the power wave except it's shot as a air projectile from Jim's clenched fist. Variations include the uppercut, hook, and the straight. Jim punches a ball of superheated energy at his opponent. He can shoot one from each hand. They're about the size of a regular hadoken and have the same effect. can also use it like the burn knuckle
    Sunburn Counter: Jim adds his power to his strength stat when hitting an opponent and doubles the power of their own attack against them. Has to take hit for it to work. Sort of like Joe Yabuki's Cross counter

    Birds Eye View: thanks to his skill stat, he can dump those points and ten plus into perception and see an enemy's weak points/previous injuries/bone structures, through his newly developed and focused eyes

    Heart of a Champion: If he's being knocked around like a rag doll, broken bones, ribs, Jim will get a rush of godly adrenaline and the pain will not effect him for a brief period of time (10-15 minutes tops) so he can fight on in spite of it. Sort of like a second wind

    Falcon Punch/True Fist of the clouds: Charged up fist of Ra in the form of a screaming falcon, does double damage, mid point between phoenix buster and fist of ra. Shatters illusions?

    phoenix buster Level 1: A massive swelling of superheated plasma energy and flames cover one of Jim's arms, making like a wing of fire around it, and when shot or punched releases a super charged blast that screams as it hits the opponent with white hot plasma. Shatters illusions and causes a shrill deafening sound like a large bird attacking
    STATS: Stats that determine the physical and mental abilities of your character unrelated to his or her Alaphim Powers. You have 10 points to start out with. Please note that a standard/average human being has stats of 1 in all categories (aside from power/skill).

    Brawn : 19
    Speed : 19
    Agility :19
    Perception :
    Power :34
    Skill : 25

    fun facts about Jim:

    He once fought Jack in a pit fight before his wife busted in with his trainer

    He starred in a Rocky remake

    won two gold medals

    is a avid bird watcher
    Met Olivia in Vegas once with his wife, getting ready for a pay per view match

    "Gratification comes in the doing, not in the results."
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    I think I should PROBABLY wait for a couple of other people to post. Falcon, for example, hasn't posted in a while.

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    NAME: Daniel Masters


    AGE: 25

    FORMER PERSONA: Quetzalcoatl. The Sky God of Aztecs who brought forth humans from the dead world. And through magic humans live again. That is what the Aztec people belief in anyway.

    NATIONALITY: America


    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: His whole life he had dreams, of flying. Has no idea why. Aside that note he grew up in a rough town. Since then managed college and work. Becoming a teacher to help kids get the facts straight when it comes to life. he still has odd dreams. Of jungles and pyramids. Along with the primordal roar of nature itself.

    Little does he know what Fate has in store.

    Personality wise? He is a good guy all and all. A bit of a motor mouth sometimes. Also on the look out for a grand adventure.

    CHARACTER SONG (Optional):
    1: He is great at cooking.
    2: Inspire/Motivate: As his day job is a teacher, and in doing so helps inspire kids to do the best they can do.

    GOD POWERS(S): Powers of the Feather Serpent is mainly Sky,Fertility, good health and able to travel *anywhere* with no problems. (Flew into the realm of the Death and escape it alive is proof of that.)

    1: Flight: Daniel can fly, as fast as the local birds around.

    2:Sacred Body: Due to being a God of Fertility and life force. Only natural it shows up.

    1: One's presence/touch can cause plant growth. As a master of it, gets to decide the function of said plant life.
    2: His blood has healing factors, apply to a ally. (Rub on and have them taste blood) Helps cure injury.
    3: Naturaly has a Healing Factor of his own.
    4: Since a Sky Father, immune to eletric attacks.

    Level 10:

    Weather Power: Now accessing the Sky/Weather into his powers.

    Flight now possible with no birds around. Sky Father stat boost. Now have weather control/element force.


    Radiant Serpent: As the God of the Morning Star, now can access into "star light." Energy constructs all around.

    level 20 : Eternal Wyrm: Boosts other powers, while granting Daniel the following:
    - No longer need to breath.
    -No need of food or drink.
    -No more aging.
    -Power stat goes to Brawn and Speed.

    Level 25: Fists of Fury: Daniel can now grow two spare arms of a golden metallic surface. Spare arms for lots of things can be done.

    STATS: Stats that determine the physical and mental abilities of your character unrelated to his or her Alaphim Powers. You have 10 points to start out with. Please note that a standard/average human being has stats of 1 in all categories (aside from power/skill).[/COLOR]
    Brawn: 21
    Speed: 20
    Agility: 5+13=18.
    Perception: 6
    Power: 25

    Skill Power: Multi Tasking: He can think on his feet and do sevearl moves at once.


    So if Eternal Serpent, Dan's Brawn goes to 36. Not bad.
    Edit: Magic swords.

    Skybreak: Wind based.
    Red Star: Formerly Talos, now a"good" Fire weapon.
    Dakka the Cleaver: Third blade, once belong to Roland.

    Edit: Re-did stats.

    ED2: More points, all in one area though.
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    NAME: Integra "Spooky" Offdenson

    GENDER: Female

    AGE: 18


    NATIONALITY: British



    Integra "Spooky" Offdenson was born to Nathan and Victoria Offdenson, an average couple living in London. Sensitivity to sunlight caused her to spend a lot of time indoors, and as a result she was always rather pale. But that was OK, because she was always more of a night person, making her parents practically force her to go to bed when younger.

    A happy and energetic child, Integra had a deep love of cute and cuddly things. However, her definition of "cute and cuddly" included things such as spiders, bats, and even rats. Along with her love of what she considered to be "cute and cuddly", she also had a fondness for things and places others considered 'macabre', such as graveyards and zombies. In fact, her favorite toy as a child was a plushy in the shape of a skeleton she named "Skully". This, combined with her pale appearance got her nicknamed "Spooky" by her friends, a nickname she found fitting.

    At the age of 15, she decided to take up the guitar and become a rock guitarist after seeing a bootleg video of an Ozzy Osbourne show from the 80s, Randy Rhoads' performance in particular. To achieve her dream, she began working odd jobs and saving money to buy her first guitar, a used modified purple Fender Stratocaster with flame design on the body and the flame-shaped purple headstock she lovingly named Styxx.

    With Styxx in hand, she began practicing on her own, looking up free lessons on the internet and learning by playing for hours at a time. While her parents were supportive of her interest, they were not exactly enthusiastic about her practice sessions in her room. However, as she practiced and grew better, they started enjoying her practicing. And once she was satisfied with her playing, she began her search for a band to play with so Styxx could truly sing.

    CHARACTER SONG (Optional): Ozzy Osbourne "Crazy Train"

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Guitarist and Painting


    That Hollow Feeling Inside: Integra can generate small, silly looking ghosts that she sends flying at opponents. Should they pass through the victim, the person will be send into deep despair, incapable of attacking and only bemoaning their own worthlessness and futility of their life. The effects wear off in a couple of minutes, and can be negated if the victim is already feeling deep negativity. In which case, she can make them explode to physically damage the opponent, the ghosts exploding with the force of a hand grenade. They can only go forward, by can move veer left, right, up, or down while doing so, leaving them capable of being avoided by agile opponents, and she can only make a limited number appear per attack.

    Devil's Music: By channeling magick through Styx, Integra creates a band consisting of a drummer, a rhythm guitarist, a bass guitarist, and a singer out of magic energy. Their music acts as spells, the effects of the magic dependent on the song they play. Though magic constructs created by Integra, they have sentience, and as such can disagree and argue with Integra. Also, should they stop playing, the spell is broken and its effects neutralized. And if Integra loses hold of Styx, the band disperses into magic energy, forcing Integra to take the time to reform them after regaining hold of her guitar.

    Parasite: While playing this song, a large cloud of biting insects are generated. The cloud of insects swarm their opponents, biting and stinging at them. As they attack their victim, they inject poisons into their body. Though the poison is ineffective in small doses, the large amount of insects and their constant attacking can quickly give a debilitating amount into the victim.


    Styx: Her trusty Fender Stratocaster bought with her own money. By all appearances a well-cared for second-hand guitar, Integra can almost feel an ethereal energy coursing through it, just waiting to be released. It can also take ungodly amounts of punishment and remain in mint condition, resulting in her friends joking it was made by the same material Nintendo uses for their gaming systems. As such, she can use it as either a club to bludgeon unwitting opponents with or use the body to block attacks. The strings, unfortunately, aren't as durable, resulting in her cursing whoever made the guitar for not making the strings.


    Brawn: 1
    Speed: 2
    Agility: 1
    Perception: 3
    Power: 5
    Skill: 3
    "When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up."

    - C.S. Lewis

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    NAME: Olivia Lagos

    GENDER: Female

    AGE: 24

    : Primary: Chronos; Secondary: Lilith

    NATIONALITY: Las Vegas, NV - USA


    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 121 lbs.
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Blonde (natural: brown)
    Olivia is an attractive woman with blonde hair and green eyes. The above picture is her stage attire, but she rarely dresses in more than a tee and jeans when left on her own.

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Olivia Lagos has had a rough life. Her mother, a single parent and drug addict, needed to be raised more by Olivia than the other way around. She grew up poor and struggled to make it to adulthood. Despite these odds, Olivia managed to excel in High School and only a lack of funding prevented her from doing more with her life.

    After High School, Olivia became involved with Terry DiCarlo, the son of local crime boss Donald DiCarlo. While with Terry, she did some things that she isn't proud of, including some modeling and petty theft. After two abusive years, she finally broke it off with him, which, as you can imagine, didn't go over well. Since then, she's had a string of bad relationships which helped lead her down the path of poor decisions.

    Primarily due to paying for rehab for her mother, she is deeply in debt, some of which is owed to local loan shark Jimmy Stabone. It's 40 years later and they still haven't fixed health care!

    As you might expect, due to her upbringing, Olivia is somewhat jaded and cynical. Deep down inside, she's still positive and optimistic, but she rarely lets people get close enough to know it. She knows that someday she'll catch a break; she can feel inside that she's destined for more.

    She has an excellent natural talent for singing, and is on staff at Caesar's, where she performs nightly. She also waits tables at a local diner during the day.

    CHARACTER SONG: Time is on my Side

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Olivia is a professional-quality singer. She also has an exceptional internal clock, and can usually tell what time it is, give or take 5 minutes.

    Brawn: 10 (12)
    Speed: 20 (24)
    Agility: 20 (24)
    Perception: 1
    Power: 55 (66)
    Skill: 9

    Facts about Olivia:

    1. The tattoo on her left shoulder is Kanji for permanence / time:

    She got it on a drunken dare when she was 22.

    2. She and Travis have had a one-night fling. He was at her show, bought her a drink, and...well, you know. She doesn't know his last name.

    3. Yes, they're real.

    4. She's never had a pet.

    5. She loves old movies, and on those rare days where she's off on both of her jobs, her favorite thing to do is have a classic movie marathon at home on her HoloTube. In her opinion, the best movie ever is the original version of The Godfather. It's infinitely better than the Zac Efron version released in 2041.
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