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    Default CBR: Vehlmann and Jason Visit "Isle of 100,000 Graves"

    Fabien Vehlmann and Jason spin an unsettling yarn of pirates and executioners in "Isle of 100,000 Graves." CBR spoke with both creators about the book, which marks Jason's first long-form collaboration.

    Full article here.

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    I am VERY excited about this. I have been a fan of Jason for some time and this is fantastic news.

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    Jason is one of my favorite cartoonist period. The animal head characters are genius in that you can instantly imply and put your own meaning into the subtle gestures and lines in Jason's drawings. Like in Mccloud's book. He says when you see a photo realistic drawing it's literally "that guy jims happy". The opposite of that being a cartoony smiley face being the symbol of happyness for eveyone. Jasons work is genius in that on a subliminal level it takes full advantage of that concept...always allowing the reader to subliminally put themselves into his characters. Plus the clean lines,storytelling, and animal people are just fucking cool to look at.


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