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    Default CBR: When Words Collide - May 16, 2011

    Tim concludes his discussion with legendary "Thor" writer/artist Walt Simonson as they talk about alter-egos, teaching, the lessons of history and how to use reality to make better comics.

    Full article here.

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    OMG........Imagine a DEVIL DINOSAUR mini by Walt Simonson ...??

    ...I won't sleep anymore..
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    I was one of those who were unhappy with "Wooden Asgard" but assumed (correctly, judging from this article) that it was just artistic license instead of the city having actually been rebuilt out of wood after an attack or something. It didn't factor in the stories anyway.

    I have to disagree however, that just because something is based on mythology it *has* to still be the same as it was thousands of years ago. Why do people assume this? What keeps these ancients cultures frozen? Don't they ever experiment with the arts or sciences for its own sake over time like nearly every civilization has? That's why I loved Kirby's Golden Asgard, because it had a futuristic look to it, as in "the gods have progressed in all this time too." (In the movie it seems that they even have supertechnology of some sort.) Not to mention that if we assume everything in Marvel is just like the myths, we would be stuck with facts such as Loki *giving birth to a horse*.

    Similarly, when The Amazons were reinvented Post Crisis, I was disappointed to see they were made barbaric warriors instead of the high civilization they were previously (which was the whole original point of Wonder Woman, to share their gifts with humanity.)

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    Thumbs up

    I would KILL to sit in on one of Simonson's classes! I can't draw a stick figure to save my life, but just to watch a highly respected professional like Walt at work would be more then worth it IMO...
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    As far as Thor is concerned, Simonson is hands down the undisputed G.O.A.T. Greatest of all time.
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    I'm a fan of Walt's work and, while he never worked on any series that I followed long term, I'd always loved when he stepped in to do a guest stint or special on characters I followed (Superman in the 90s especially).

    And I've never read a single issue of Thor.

    I mention this because I've heard about the greatness of the pairing of this creator and character for probably 2 decades now. I'm also just about to get on a plane for three hours. While I'm not ready to commit to an expensive and heavy Omnibus just yet, I have just this minute downloaded the first two issues of his run on my iPad from Comixology, and if I like what I read I'll make the choice to download others or order the Omnibus.

    This 2 part interview is a great read, and a real motivativator making me want to track down the material NOW. When you pair that with an instant and convenient way to access to the material at a reasonable price, you've scored one brand new reader to finally give this run a try.

    Great article Tim!


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    Default Wooden Asgard

    Very interesting article.

    Much as Jack's work on Thor is wonderful and Asgard looks grand and otherworldly, I much prefer Walt's Asgard. The only other artist that I can think of who portrayed Asgard like a historically-accurate viking settlement was Stuart Immonen. Both versions of Asgard looked amazing.
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