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    Default CBR: Where The Hell Am I - May 11, 2011

    Jason Aaron returns with an all new installment of WHERE THE HELL AM I, answering reader questions and offering advice to aspiring comics writers and beard enthusiasts alike.

    Full article here.

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    Nice column: interesting, fun AND instructive (see: beard grooming section).
    'nuff said

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    here man, hide this stash in your beard :watch out for the fuzz:


    Love the article. The insight you provide is informative.
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    Hi Jason - great article. I'm very new to this forum and to the industry, but keen to learn as much as possible. As a writer, how do you work with the artists? Any tips you can share with me ? :)

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    Hahaha oh man. It takes balls to put those last couple sentences on the internet. Well done.

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    Enjoyable column as ever.

    As a total aside, I'm a bit concerned with the Cho art shown... almost seems like he's been so busy drawing women that he's forgotten how to draw dudes. Wolverine and Cyclops look funky as hell.

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    Default Subject Matter

    Good read.

    For writers, it can be difficult to remember that no matter what they write about or how they write it, there will always be those that like it and those that do not like it.

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    Hey Jason,

    I have really enjoyed reading your work over the last couple of years. You are currently one of my favorite writers and I am glad to see that you have the problem of too much work. I also find your column very interesting and entertaining; it breaks up the monotony here at work.

    I have never posted a comment before, this is my first, but I felt as though I had to because I think you may in fact be my beard brother. Our beards pose a striking resemblance, and when I read your column I had to tell you, you are not alone. For I too have had a similar flossing experience. I recall the pain and tears, along with an odd feeling you get when you then have to go and try flossing out the beard hairs that are now stuck between your teeth and pulling at your face (rather unpleasant).

    Your Beard Brother,

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    It's great to see how down-to-earth and humble a great writer like Jason Aaron is. And that probably has no small part in his success - realizing there are still better writers out there and constantly working to improve his craft. I've been saying for a couple of years now that I believe that Jason will turn out to be the greatest voice of this generation of comic writers, and to realize his still working his but off to get better is scary good.

    Don't quite understand the beard love though, but it's probably one of those things that if you don't understand it now, you'll never get it. Although I did have a head of hair in college that was remarkably similar to Jason's beard. Did everything I damn near could think of to keep tangles out of it and keep it from looking like just one big ass fro', finally gave up after 2 years and cut it short like one of the New Kids on the Block (not on purpose - just what the barber gave me). Talk about grinding gears . . .

    Oh, and I love "throw shit at it like a monkey". I'm going to have to find an opportune time and place to drop that little plumb . . .


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