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    Default CBR's Age of Marvels: The Bullpen

    This thread will be a place for me, the editors, and plotters to discuss things not related directly to the monthly solicitations.

    CBR Saves the Marvel Universe! (includes original "saving" of characters)
    CBR's Age of Marvels, Part 1 (includes original team/title creation)
    CBR's Age of Marvels, Part 2 (includes list of titles, editors, characters, etc.)
    The Official Handbook of the Age of Marvels Universe (character profiles, etc)
    Spotlight on Age of Marvels (interviews with our team of plotters & editors)

    Apr12, Mar12, Feb12, Jan12, Dec11, Nov11, Oct11, Sep11, Aug11, July11, Jun11, May11, Apr11, Mar11, Feb11
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    Default The Rules

    Editors are responsible for soliciting plots for their titles and organizing them into monthly solicitations (summaries). Editors must clear non-brand character usage through the EIC (who will coordinate with the editors of the other brands). They should attempt to use all plot submissions they receive in the order received, using/combining plot points as they can, but ignoring plot points that they cannot used due to previously received submissions. While Editors get to direct the plot, and can even submit their own plot points (which must be cleared by their co-editor) they do not get to dictate it (i.e. they cannot disregard submissions just because they don't like them or think theirs would be better). Editors must credit their plotters in their solicitations. Each brand will have 2 editors.

    If an editor team has three or more books cancelled, or if they fail to submit solicitations for their titles, they will be "fired" and replaced by a new editor team.

    There is no single plotter for any title. Any number of participants may submit plot details for a title to that title's editors. Note, however, that editors may opt to not use your suggestions if a previously submitted idea makes yours obsolete or overly-contradictory. Plot ideas should be sent to both editors of that title via PM.

    To avoid a title's cancellation, solicitations are due via PM to the EIC by the end of the month for the following month. Monthly solicitations should be in the format used on CBR and should credit all plotters for each title. The EIC will post a new thread each month containing all of the following month's solicitations.

    Solicitations should be a single paragraph summarizing the highlights of your issue. Don't get too detailed. Be sure that your plot summary would fill, but not overload, one issue. You're not writing dialogue or characterization or anything of that nature. If your issue has a cliffhanger, make that be your conluding statement/question.

    CBR posters will respond stating which titles they plan to "purchase". Posters will also vote in the poll for their favorite line each month.

    The title(s) with the least amount of readers each month will be up for cancellation. If during any month an Editor fails to obtain plot submissions for one of their titles that title will also be up for cancellation.

    Editors will collectively vote for which title among those up for cancellation is actually cancelled.

    The editors of the winning line for that same month will get to decide if:
    1. The title is NOT canceled and may continue in its existing line with the same concept and creative team, and editors.
    2. The title is rebooted in its existing line with a new concept and/or creative team, but with the same editors.
    3. The title is canceled and any unshared characters are returned to the available Solo Characters list, with no replacement title.
    4. The title is canceled and any unshared characters are returned to the available Solo Characters list, with a replacement title. They must PM their new title info to the EIC, including the title, concept, primary characters, supporting characters, antagonists, writer and artist. Characters may include those from the available Solo Characters list, original characters that they have created, and/or up to one character they are reintroducing from the previous MU. The new title must be included in the next month's solicitations.
    This will be an ongoing monthly activity.
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    Default Marvel Heroes

    Editors: marvell2100 & highwayguy

    Fantastic Four
    After gaining extraordinary powers from cosmic rays on a space exploration mission, Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny became the Fantastic Four. Whether discovering new dimensions or battling Doctor Doom, the Fantastic Four are the First Family of the Marvel Universe.
    1. Mister Fantastic
    2. Invisible Woman
    3. Thing
    4. Fast Forward (Buried Alien)
    Supporting: Lyja , Speedball, Valeria Richards
    Antagonists: High Evolutionary, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Doctor Doom, Mole Man
    Writer: Dan Slott
    Artist: Dustin Weaver

    Union Jack
    Fighting everything from lowly street thugs to vampires, there's only one man that can keep the streets and back alleys of Manchester safe, and that man is Union Jack!
    Supporting: Morbius, Maverick, Destroyer (Keen Marlowe), Whittler*
    Antagonists: Alison Double, Blade, Black Tom Cassidy, Lady Bathory*
    Writer: Jim McCann
    Artist: Kev Walker

    Henry Pym: Scientist Supreme
    As times changed, Eternity realized a new guardian was needed to protect the universe. A guardian that could challenge the threats and foes that magic could not. For that purpose, we now have Henry Pym -- Scientist Supreme! Now Dr. Pym travels through the universe, and time itself, to seek out the threats that come with knowledge.
    Supporting: Abigail Brand, Chase Stein, Victor Mancha, Reed Richards, Wasp, Giant Man (Foster)
    Antagonists: Uranian, Flatman, Whiz Kid, Doctor Rot, The Brute
    Writer: Matt Fraction
    Artist: Rafael Grampa

    Captain Britain & MI:13 ***Premiered Sept2011***
    “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be.” - Winston Churchill
    MI13, the superhero intelligence agency attached to the British government, are the first line of defence against superhuman, supernatural, extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional threats. Lead by Captain Britain, they are the United Kingdom’s greatest heroes and the symbols of their proud nation. And the price of greatness is responsibility. Britain shall always prevail in CAPTAIN BRITAIN & MI13!!
    1. Jamie Braddock (Captain Britain)
    2. Pete Wisdom
    3. Union Jack
    4. Spitfire
    5. Excalibur (Faiza Hussain)
    6. Micromax
    7. Spider-Woman
    8. Motormouth
    9. Elsa Bloodstone
    Supporting: Alistaire Stuart, Gloriana, Pixie, Captain Midlands, Sabra
    Antagonists: Sat-Yr-9, Mad Jim Jaspers, The Fury, Oonagh Mullarkey
    Writer: Mike Carey
    Artist: Leonard Kirk

    American Eagle
    Native American rights activist Jason Strongbow finds himself suddenly gifted with extraordinary abilities. He wanders the country, trying to become a champion of all the nation's people- a true American Eagle.
    Supporting: Lt. William Lamont, Alicia Masters, 3D-Man (Delroy)
    Villains: Bullseye, Baron Strucker, Exodus, Spoiler, War Eagle*
    Writer: Jason Aaron
    Artist: John Cassaday

    Daughters of the Dragon ***Premiered August2011***
    A Private Investigation/Bodyguard firm that works for elite clientele and governments around the world.
    1. Misty Knight
    2. Coleen Wing
    3. Shadowcat
    Supporting: Elektra, Silver Sable, Alistaire Stuart
    Villains: The Org, Bride of Nine Spiders
    Writer: Devin Grayson
    Artist: Khari Evans

    MI 13 ***Ended Aug 2011***
    Welcome to Britain. The Old Country. Magic, Myth, Legend, a heck of a lot of it all spills from here. Much of it through a dimensional Gateway in Norther England, linking the Marvel Universe to an infinite number of dimensions and alternate worlds - from Parallel Earths to the realms of Hell. Somebody has to police it. And that somebody is 'MI13' - the British Government's department for Supernatural, Otherworldly and Superhuman affairs. Formed in the early 20th Century, and active to this day, they represent Britain's defence against everything from simple weird happenings to full scale demonic invasion - protecting British Interests, and the spread of darker forces out into the world. Spies. Heroes. Supernatural defenders.
    1. Pete Wisdom
    2. Magneto
    3. Union Jack
    4. Lionheart
    5. Spider-Woman
    6. Motormouth
    7. Pixie
    8. Captain Midlands
    Supporting: Medusa, Alistaire Stuart, Blind Al
    Antagonists: Viper, Mephisto, Nekra, The Fury, Oonagh Mullarkey
    Writer: Mike Carey
    Artist: Gary Erskine

    * = original, newly created characters for this AoM Universe
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    Default Avengers

    Editors: goneandromeda & highwayguy

    The Avengers
    Known unquestionably as Earth's most powerful band of heroes and a force to be reckoned with throughout the Universe.
    1. Captain America
    2. Iron Man
    3. Spider-Man
    4. Blue Marvel
    5. Thor
    6. Komodo
    7. Access
    Supporting: Sarah Stacy, Grey Goblin
    Antagonists: Gatecrasher, Vision, Stingray, Immortus
    Writer: Kurt Busiek
    Artist: Steven Sanders

    Three Pantheons have already been destroyed, the races wiped out. Evidence points to an unknown being or beings on Earth responsible for the genocides. Thor is trying to find them before they target Asgard.
    Supporting: Amora the Enchantress, Scarlet Witch, Namora, Lt. Marcus Stone
    Antagonists: Surtur, Hela, Wrecker
    Writer: Ann Nocenti
    Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

    The Captain
    When visitors from another world need stopping. When a young boy's parents are killed before his own eyes. When a hotdog vendor charges extra for relish. You need to call only One man... THE CAPTAIN! The World's most popular superhero stars in his very own ongoing as he solves these problems, and more while making sure to cause as much damage as superhumanly possible in order to cure himself of the Anarky virus infected upon him by his greatest foe.
    Supporting: Iron Fist (Wu-Ao-Shi), Captain Ultra, Constrictor
    Antagonists: Molly Hayes, Sir Isaac Newton, Trickshot (Barney Barton)
    Writer: Nick Spencer
    Artist: Dave Lafuente

    Captain America
    He's the ultimate soldier, but he's also the ultimate citizen. He has the ability to defeat almost any foe, but his conscience is perhaps his greatest power. In conflicts at home and abroad, Captain America finds himself tested as he fights for justice and freedom.
    Supporting: Michelle Scicluna, The Captain, Captain Jean DeWolff, Captain Britain, Thunderbird
    Antagonists: The Org, Arnim Zola, Red Skull, Dark Beast
    Writer: Brian K. Vaughn
    Artist: Clay Mann

    New Warriors ***PREMIERED DEC2011***
    The Avengers will teach you about honour. The Young Avengers will teach you about family. But the New Warriors… The New Warriors will teach you to stand on your own two feet and fight. The dawn of the next generation is here. And they’ll save the world their way. Can you dig it?
    1. Night Thrasher (Dwayne Taylor)
    2. Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)
    3. Gravity
    4. Ant-Man (Eric O’Grady)
    5. Speedball
    6. Human Torch (Johnny Storm)
    7. Scorpion (Carmilla Black)
    8. Savage She-Hulk (Lyra)
    Supporting: Wallflower, Hornet, Eden Fesi, Hulking
    Antagonists: Aron the Rogue Watcher, Viper, The Reavers
    Writer: Greg Pak
    Artist: Jefte Palo

    Young Avengers ***CANCELED AFTER NOV2011***
    Tomorrow's heroes today! They're young, brash, unseasoned, and possibly the only force who stands a chance of saving the world from an unknown, tremendously powerful evil. But first they'll have to survive high school!
    1. Patriot
    2. Hulkling
    3. Hawkeye (Bishop)
    4. Thor Girl
    5. Quake
    6. Scorpion
    7. Hornet
    8. Gravity
    Supporting: Jimmy Woo, Gorilla-Man (Hale)
    Antagonists: Wallflower, Aron the Rogue Watcher
    Writer: Joe Casey
    Artist: Stefano Caselli

    Amazing Spider-Man ***CANCELED AFTER JUN2011***
    With great power comes great responsibility. After his beloved Uncle Ben was murdered by a burglar he failed to stop, Peter Parker pushed himself to the limit to make up for it, becoming a media sensation in the process. Born of guilt and humility and sustained by responsibility, Spider-Man has become the younger generation's role model, and he continues to prove himself to the world as an Avenger and on his own.
    Supporting: Silverclaw, SHOC, Hellcat, Quake
    Antagonists: Gorgon (Inhuman), Shadowcat, Echo, Venom, Speed Demon
    Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
    Artist: David Mazzucchelli

    Blue Marvel ***CANCELED AFTER MAR2011***
    Empowered by the explosion of an experimental reactor, Adam Brashear wields incredible superhuman abilities as the Blue Marvel. Today he serves as an Avenger, but in the early 1960's he was a hero and idol to millions, praised as the "Great American Superman". What few knew then is that Adam Brashear is a Negro, forced to conceal not just his identity but the very color of his skin to ensure that the racial tensions of the times don't overshadow his heroic accomplishments or compromise his ability to serve as America's champion.
    Supporting: Nighthawk
    Antagonists: Sentry, Thanos
    Writer: Greg Pak
    Artist: Carlos Pagulayan
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    Default Marvel Knights

    Editors: RolandJP

    Marvel Knights
    They do not hunt cosmic threats, nor world conquerors, but those who feed on human suffering, who hide in the dark alleys. Those who end lives just for fun, who do so little damage and bring so much pain to the simple people. They are not the Avengers. They are the Marvel Knights.
    1. Daredevil
    2. Cloak
    3. Tempo
    4. Midnight
    5. Deathlok
    Supporting: Lt. Martin Soap
    Antagonists: Carnage, Gudrun Tyburn, Madam Slay
    Writer: Christopher Priest
    Artist: Clayton Crain

    Dakota North Investigations
    Super-Model. Fashionista. Private Eye. You want style? Dakota North has it. When she's not killing it in Vogue, she's solving crimes of fashion and passion on the runways of New York, Paris, Rome and Tokyo. Dakota North Investigations. Monthly from Marvel.
    Supporting: She-Hulk, Wasp, Jewel, Multiple Man, Captain Jean DeWolff, Luke Cage, Phil Urich
    Antagonists: Mysterio, Black Cat, Jazinda, Karma, ROXXON
    Writer: Marjorie Liu
    Artist: Frank Miller

    To catch the most dangerous and unpredictable criminal minds you must think like them, act like them. Melissa Gold, formerly known as the villain Screaming Mimi, was contracted by the government to hunt these villains, while operating as a public heroine.
    Supporting: Spider-Girl, Firestar
    Antagonists: Risque, Sunfire
    Writer: Jeff Parker
    Artist: Kenneth Rockafort

    Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Nick Fury and his small specialized wetworks team quietly take down threats that imperil societal law and order. From underground subway stations in New York to villas in Milan to slums in New Delhi to the diamond mines of the Congo, there is nowhere safe for the forces of Chaos and Unrest to hide from Fury and his team.
    Supporting: Fantomex, Elektra, Zero, Battlestar
    Antagonists: Zodiac, Winter Soldier, High Evolutionary, Mister Sinister, MI 13, Silver Samurai
    Writer: Jim Steranko
    Artist: Jim Steranko

    The Crew ***PREMIERED SEP11***
    The Crew bound together initially out of self-interest become inspired to a higher cause after the tragic death of one of their own. They now defend the residents of a dangerous no-man's land Little Mogadishu and beyond. They work for the Beneficiary, a secret organization that supports noble causes—and rights wrongs.
    1. Josiah X
    2. Junta
    3. Goliath (Tom Foster)
    4. Doctor Voodoo (Jericho Drumm)
    5. Silverclaw
    Supporting: Storm, Payback, Battalus
    Antagonists: Roxxon, The Org, A.G.E.N.D.A.
    Writer: Christopher Priest
    Artist: Gabriele Dell’Otto

    X-Factor ***CANCELLED AFTER OCT11***
    When humans, mutants, and superheroes alike need a murder solved, a missing person found, or any other noir-ish problems put to bed, they call upon the super-powered private dicks of X-Factor Investigations!
    1. Shortpack
    2. Husk
    3. Eden Fesi
    4. Polaris
    5. Warpath
    6. Frenzy
    7. M
    Supporting: Lt. William Lamont
    Antagonists: Molly Hayes, Taskmaster, The Reavers
    Writer: David Hine
    Artist: Clayton Crain

    She-Hulk ***CANCELED AFTER MAY2011***
    A series that examines the life of the modern professional woman in the big city, as well as the changing roles, responsibilities and expectations of being single and a super hero.
    Supporting: Lyra, Blizzard, Morris Walters
    Antagonists: Anaconda, Titania, Letha, Poundcakes, Calypso
    Writer: Dan Slott
    Artist: Amanda Conner

    Silver Sable ***CANCELED AFTER APR2011***
    In the 1930's, the North Mid-West of the United States was a hotbed of organised crime, hoodlums, and entrepreneurial bank-robbers. It is no different today, but now the criminals are super-powered. State Government and Big Business have joined together in an uneasy marriage to stem the tide of super-crime. From the Twin-Cities down to the streets of Chicago, across the plains and around the lakes, the line has been drawn. State-sponsored vigilantes vie with private mercenaries and enthusatic amateurs to earn the big payouts criminal bounties bring. Amongst these, one crime-fighter stands taller than all the rest. Her name is legend. She is Silver Sable.
    Supporting: Moon Knight, Stained Glass Scarlet, Misty Knight
    Antagonists: Kingpin, Hobgoblin (Kingsley), Speed Demon
    Writer: David Milch
    Artist: Francesco Francavilla
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    Default Strange Tales

    Editors: Brother Justin Crowe & mcgaffer

    The Cabal
    A villain's supernatural team. Alternatively protecting Earth by any means necessary whilst also trying to take over.
    1. Doctor Doom
    2. Morgan Le Fay
    3. Hela
    4. Selene
    5. Wiccan
    6. Gateway
    Supporting: Leader, Echo, Anole
    Antagonists: Dormammu, Gilgamesh the Forgotten One, Reign Supreme, Mephisto, Lilith
    Writer: Warren Ellis
    Artist: Frank Cho

    Machine Man: Robot for Hire ***Premiered May11*** *
    Aaron Stack, The Machine Man, is the world’s foremost robotic mercenary for hire. Whether it be private investigations, bounty hunting, or other specialized super powered needs - The Machine Man is your Man! International conflicts? Cape problems? Super Powered Protection? Whatever your needs, X-51 Investigation is there to serve, at a super price. No job is too big, Aaron extends. X-51 Investigations is proud to welcome acclaimed swordsman, The Swordsman, to the company. Call 555-5X51 today!
    Supporting: Swordsman (Duquesne), Misty Knight, Nighthawk, Mondo, Gunhawk
    Antagonists: Silver Sable, Speed Demon, Hobgoblin, The Org, Iconoclast
    Writer: David Lapham
    Artist: Darick Robertson

    Midnight Sons
    Heroes who most won't recognize them as such, each with a different agenda, gathered to fight supernatural threats.
    1. Hellstorm
    2. Nightcrawler
    3. Morbius
    4. Ghost Rider (Blaze)
    5. Shroud
    6. Death's Head (I)
    Supporting: Amanda Sefton
    Antagonists: The Cabal, Black Knight, Vengeance, Satana
    Writer: Garth Ennis
    Artist: Jae Lee

    Stabbity Jones: Sorcerer Supreme
    Stabbity Jones may be a madman, but he's also a genius. And possibly a wizard.
    Supporting: M-11 the Human Robot, Skip Westcott, Wong, Spacker Dave, Caleb Hammer
    Antagonists: Dormammu, Eye-Scream, Mortigan Goth, Black Marvel
    Writer: Adam Hines
    Artist: Adam Hines

    There are dark and terrible things every government would rather leave buried in the past. When those things claw their way out of their man-made prisons and threaten to see the light of day again, the Thunderbolts -- monsters and aberrations, themselves -- are there to push them back into the gloom.
    1. Count Dracula
    2. Fin Fang Foom
    3. Gorgon (Shishido)
    4. Typhoid Mary
    5. Highwayman
    6. Black Mamba
    7. Flexo
    Supporting: Tink, Bob, Agent of Hydra, Machine Man, Harry Leland, Eisenstein*
    Antagonists: Uranian, Exodus, Sunfire, MI 13, Nth Man, Vlad the Impaler*
    Writer: Steve Niles
    Artist: Gabriel Ba'

    Wine and Wenches, the Pursuits of Fat Cobra
    There's no one in all the Earths that has enjoyed wine and wenches, in huge capacities, more than Fat Cobra. Or is there? Fat Cobra has set himself on a spiritual journey to proove he is the best there is at what he does, and woo every woman he can find!
    Supporting: Loa, Ares, Foggy Nelson, Carlie Cooper, Crusader, Undead G-Man
    Antagonists: Bentley-23, Wallflower, Juggernaut, Squirrel Girl, Marrow
    Writer: Bryan Lee O'Malley
    Artist: R.M. Guera

    * = original, newly created characters for this AoM Universe
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    Default Marvel Legacy

    Editors: mcgaffer and CaptCleghorn

    The Legacy Legion
    Neglected, forgotten, even spurned by the heroes they patterned themselves after, these men and women needed something to fight for. What they found was each other, and together - a mission: Become an elite fighting force whose effects could be felt from the streets of NYC to the furthest reaches of space to the deepest depths of the hell dimensions. Become creators of change, and in the end, maybe create a legacy of their own.
    1. Prodigy (Gilmore)
    2. Ben Reilly
    3. Ghost Rider (Ketch)
    4. Thunderstrike
    5. Black Panther (Shuri)
    6. Daken
    7. War Machine
    Supporting: Black Panther (S'Yan)
    Antagonists: Winter Soldier, Purple Man
    Writer: Ed Brubaker
    Artist: Mario Alberti

    Namor of Atlantis ***Premiered Jun 2011***
    CBR's Age of Marvels presents an Atlantis like none you've ever seen before. Vibrant vistas of underwater life and ancient decadence -- from palaces of pearl and phosphorescence, to caverns of carnivores and coral, to the beds of beauties and butchery -- reveal the terrifying magnificence of Atlantis, mother of magic. Sorcerers and sirens, warlords and wordsmiths, traitors and temple lords -- all vie with one another in Atlantis, the oldest empire. Will she open her gleaming gates and welcome her half breed prince home? Or will politics and passion exile Namor to the Abysmal Plains? Discover the answers and more in this truly epic tale by two masters of the fantastic.
    Supporting: Namora, Spitfire, Llyra
    Antagonists: Tiger Shark, Stingray, Kulan Gath, Suma-Ket
    Writer: George R.R. Martin
    Artist: Simone Bianchi

    Tired of just battling super villains and saving the day these seven individuals eschew the world order and global laws in order to ensure a world free of war, disease, and the matrices of domination while spilling as little blood as possible.
    1. Captain Britain
    2. X-Man
    3. Black Panther (T'Challa)
    4. Amadeus Cho
    5. Thundra
    6. X-23
    7. Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine
    Supporting: Man-Thing
    Antagonists: NFL Superpro, Howard the Duck, Red Skull, M.O.D.O.K.
    Writer: Peter Milligan & Simon Pegg
    Artist: Kevin Maguire

    Reign Supreme
    Seeing a need to protect the earth from would-be conquerors like Doom, Morlun and other mystical threats and brought together by circumstances, superheroes form a global strike-force.
    1. Valkyrie
    2. Namor
    3. Red She-Hulk
    4. Black Panther (T'Challa)
    5. Beta Ray Bill
    6. Roland Deschain
    7. Doctor Voodoo
    Supporting: Snowbird, Queen Divine Justice, Monica Rambeau
    Antagonists: Rogue, Kulan Gath, Selene, Erik Killmonger
    Writer: Rick Remender
    Artist: Olivier Coipel

    Heroes that have been around for years, and will be around for centuries to come. They are immortal, and while the world around them changes, their goal of global justice never does.
    1. Blade
    2. Moon Knight
    3. Ikaris
    4. Punisher
    5. Archangel
    6. Exodus
    7. Sersi
    Supporting: Kang
    Antagonists: Apocalypse, Thunderbolts, Wardog, The Org, Count Nefaria
    Writer: Charles Huston
    Artist: Stuart Immonen
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    Default Marvel Edge

    Editors: Cthulhudrew & CyberHubbs

    After an interdimensional alien philosophy warrior crash lands in our dimension it's clear what he must do: conscript seven of the planets most powerful, most outcast adolescents and mold them into the future's ruling class. It's a no holds barred, hormonally charged New World Order.
    1. Marvel Boy
    2. Valeria Richards
    3. Phobos
    4. Layla Miller
    5. Beautiful Dreamer
    6. Speed
    7. Skaar
    8. Anole
    Supporting: Wiccan, Beast
    Antagonists: U.S. Agent, Stabbity Jones. Arcade
    Writer: Marjorie Liu
    Artist: Emma Rios

    Molly Hayes: Princess of Power
    After Successfully taking over and banishing the rulers of two sovereign nations, Molly Hayes the super strong evil genius mutant litle girl has her eyes set on a new prize... New York City! With her army of Molly-Bots does New York City have a chance?
    Supporting: Squirrel Girl, Valeria Richards, Paper Doll
    Antagonists: The Captain, Goblin Queen
    Writer: Jen Van Meter
    Artist: Skottie Young

    The Order
    Because not every superhuman crisis happens in Manhattan, the West Coast needs protectors (and media darlings) too! Call them heroes, call them celebrities, just don't call them Avengers West Coast. They are...the Order.
    1. Cloud 9
    2. Wonder Man
    3. Dazzler
    4. Ms. Marvel
    5. The Revenant
    6. Gambit
    7. Cannonball
    Supporting: Mister Immortal, Hank Pym
    Villains: Graviton, Norman Osborn, Masters of Evil, Mister Negative
    Writer: Joss Whedon
    Artist: Ben Oliver

    Six Pack
    There are some jobs nobody wants to do...unless it is for the right price! This is where the eclectic mercenary group Six Pack comes into play, so long as they get their pay!
    1. Death's Head 2.0
    2. Grey Goblin
    3. Deadpool
    4. Ana Kraven
    5. Paladin
    6. Killpower
    Supporting: Red Hulk, Gus Zapata
    Antagonists: Random, Zeitgeist, Kraven the Hunter
    Writer: Brian Wood
    Artist: Tony Moore

    Agents of Atlas
    They're legends. They helped stop World War II. They stopped the Cold War from going hot...twice. One of them cured cancer. Another was the legendary informant Deep Throat. A third claims to have buried both DB Cooper and Jimmy Hoffa. They've been spies, mercenaries, gods and monsters, and now they find themselves tasked with the hardest job of their entire careers: reforming an international criminal empire.
    1. Dominic Fortune
    2. Leonardo Da Vinci
    3. Black Bolt
    4. Night Raven
    5. Emma Frost
    6. Lockheed
    7. Ruby Thursday
    8. Orson Randall
    9. Shang-Chi
    Supporting: Armless Tiger Man, Dum Dum Dugan, Crystal
    Villains: Sir Isaac Newton, Swarm, J. Jonah Jameson
    Writer: Joe Kelly
    Artist: Jerome Opena

    Orson Randall, Master of Gun Fu
    Orson Randall, the Master of Gun fu, and his band of adventurers, the Confederates of the Curious, embark on thrilling escapades and thwart evil on every corner of the globe. Take a ride of high adventure and hark back to the golden age of comics when pulp heroes ruled the page. Hop aboard the Flying Zeppelin Fortress and set a course to the team's mythical headquarters among the misty mountains of Shangri La or catch the subway to an abandoned theater in Greenwich Village that serves as the team's NYC base or even the streetcar submarine to the team's underwater lair below historic Alcatraz. Whether battling Mad Scientists, Black Magic, Mobsters, Monsters, Militants or Seduction, Orson and his team always get their man...and lady.
    Supporting: Doctor Nemesis, Prince of Orphans, Ka-Zar, Snowbird, Googam, Hitman Monkey
    Villains: Steel Serpent, Kulan Gath, Dr. Karl Malus, Noir, Red Baron*
    Writer: Ed Brubaker
    Artist: Patrick Zircher

    * = original, newly created characters for this AoM Universe
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    Default Cosmic Marvel

    Editors: Marvell2100

    After years of protecting the universe as Nova Richard Ryder now comes across a challenge even he was not prepared for... FATHERHOOD! When a ghost from Richard's past drops a baby off at his front porch it is his duty to raise him. Realizing the danger that this alien Child presents to Earth Richard packs up his things and moves to the City of Poindexter on the planet Venus. Expect: Laughs, tears, love, and the occasional super battle in NOVA!
    Supporting: Skreet, Veranke
    Antagonists: Strontian, Darkhawk, Orphan Maker
    Writer: Fred Van Lente
    Artist: Paul Pelletier

    Guardians of the Galaxy
    The universe is a pretty big place. Hence why a super team of like-minded individuals came together to defend the weak, explore the unexplorable, and boldly go where no other hero has gone before!
    1. Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)
    2. Star-Lord
    3. Magdalena
    4. Mantis
    5. Rocket Raccoon
    6. Drax the Destroyer
    7. Havok
    Supporting: Groot, Air-Walker
    Antagonists: Adam Warlock, Impossible Man, Gamora, Magus
    Writer: Jim Starlin
    Artist: Jim Starlin

    Captain Marvel
    When a visit from a mysterious alien awakens a long-concealed birthright, a teenager must learn that with great power comes great responsibility.
    1. Photon (Genis-Vell)
    2. Pip the Troll
    Supporting: Maxam, Martyr, Abigail Brand, Marionette
    Antagonists: Kang, Darkhawk, Firelord, Baron Karza
    Writer: Peter David
    Artist: Andrea DiVito

    Defenders of Earth are a dime a dozen. Guarding the galaxy? A talking racoon could do it. But when the entire Universe is threatened, there's only one man to call. Quasar! But what's the newly appointed Protecter of the Universe to do when it's revealed the threat he has to stop is.... Earth itself!
    Supporting: Dark Angel, Thunderstrike, Wonder Man, Xenith
    Antagonists: Sentry, Thanos, The Collector, Skundrak*
    Writer: Roger Stern
    Artist: Kaare Andrews

    Silver Surfer
    The Surfer's got a big problem. He's more powerful then ever, but he doesn't remember how he got that way, or anything else for that matter. The Surfer can't remember anything beyond waking up on Earth a few months ago. And apparently he's a dad, a young mysterious girl is claiming to be his daughter. But why the hell does she look like a squirrel?
    Supporting: Squirrel Girl, Wolverine, Sub-Mariner, Shalla-Bal, Midas*
    Antagonists: Apocalypse, Graviton, Midnight Sun, La Nina*
    Writer: Warren Ellis
    Artist: David Gibbons

    Howard Stark: Warlord of Mars ***Premiered Apr11***
    1950s Industrialist Howard Stark was determined to pioneer the first fully functional time/space machine based on Stark Industries trials with quantum mechanics. The daring self-made Man of Tomorrow insisted on being the first to test this apparatus; however he never imagined the results would land him on a far away savage world where advanced technology meshed violently with primitive ideals. Now this Man of Tomorrow must fight like a warrior of yesteryear to survive in a future he never foresaw, a journey to the Age of Marvels Cosmic beginnings.
    Supporting: Gamora, Nikola Tesla
    Antagonists: Mad Jim Jaspers, Kang, Thug, Shaper of Worlds, L-Ron*
    Writer: Jonathan Hickman
    Artist: Marc Silvestri

    * = original, newly created characters for this AoM Universe
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    Default Marvel Fanfare

    Editors: Personamanx

    The Regulars
    Somewhere in Brooklyn, there's a bar you can escape to. No stress, no worries, no fights, no team-ups. Well, that was the idea. Somehow trouble seems to find the various types that drink in these halls. And when it does, they put it down as quickly as possible, to get back to the real fun.
    1. Gorilla Man
    2. Wolverine
    3. Psylocke
    4. Pete Wisdom
    5. Shatterstar
    6. Mockingbird
    7. Thermite
    1. Doctor Strange
    2. Volstagg
    3. Stacy X
    4. Hazmat
    Supporting: Black Widow, Toad
    Antagonists: Doctor Octopus, Ultron, Nightmare
    Writer: John McCauley III, Taylor Goldsmith, Matt Vasquez
    Artist: Paul Pope

    Champions of Love ***CANCELLED AFTER OCT11***
    It’s not easy meeting that special someone, particularly when a madman is trying to blow you up every week. So where do superheroes go when they’re looking for love? They head straight to the experts, the Champions of Love! The only dating agency run by superheroes that caters exclusively to superheroes. Whether going on review/training dates with clients or dealing with interoffice drama, there’s never a quite moment for the Champions of Love! Cupid has better watch his back because this bunch is a matchmaking force to be reckoned with!
    1. Hellcat
    2. Mirage (Moonstar)
    3. Dirk Anger
    4. Domino
    5. Ant-Man
    6. Switchback
    7. Moonstone
    Supporting: Betty Brant
    Antagonists: Mystique, Venus, Deadpool, Slayback
    Writer: Joe Kelly
    Artist: J. Scott Campbell

    Werewolf by Night and The Howling Commandos
    Throughout the world, throughout the universe, hell, throughout the multiverse, there is one power greater than any other: that of Rock and Roll. And who harnesses this power better than the rockingest band in all that's possible or impossible. As they travel, tour, record, and party they conquer any problem or danger they encounter. And god DAMN do they look good doing it.
    Frontman: Werewolf by Night
    Lead Guitar: Stonewall
    Rhythm Guitar: Chat
    Bass Guitar: Dusk
    Keyboards: Victor Mancha
    Drums: Hulk (Banner)
    Roadie 1: John the Skrull
    Roadie 2: Stature
    Agent/Manager: Gwen Stacy
    Supporting: Dagger -- Personamanx, Dust
    Antagonists: Electro, Halloween Jack, Sister Grimm, Venom, Lila Cheny
    Co-Writers: Kieron Gillen, Rivers Cuomo
    Artist: Adrian Alphona

    Ass-Kickers of the Fantastic
    Four men of very differing backgrounds travel the wondrous world and even universe, in search of meaning and beauty.
    1. Iron Fist (Rand)
    2. Quentin Quire
    3. Hawkeye (Barton)
    4. Millie the Model
    Supporting: Hercules
    Villains: Shadowcat, Enchantress, Shang-Chi
    Writer: Nick Spencer & Nunzio Deflippis
    Artist: Mike Norton

    K.I.C.K-A.S.S: First Class ***PREMIERED JUL11***
    Summary: In a World not too unlike our own...
    The year is 1963, two years after World War II a new threat emerges! Led by Hyper-Councilor Victor Von Doom and his right hand man General Max Eisenhardt The armies of The New CommuNazi party take South America Within days. As luck would have it The Allied Spy Service (A.S.S) already had a plan in mind for this situation. they must finally assemble the KICKs (Knights: Intelligent, Charismatic Kommandos) The worlds first team of superpowered secret agents! Clint Barton the world's greatest archer and acrobat! Daniel Rand AKA The Immortal Iron Fist! Patrick Small (Codename: Shortpack) the world's smallest secret agent! The Incredible Hercules! Boxer Extraordinaire Battlin' Jack Murdoch And last but not least their intrepid leader Charles Francis Xavier! Follow the KICKs as they travel the world in the worlds most advanced airship "The Fantastic" and kick some CommuNazi ass along the way!
    The adventures of the team that will eventually be known as The Ass-Kickers of The Fantastic begin here in an all new series!
    1. Charles Xavier
    2. Danny Rand
    3. Alex Wilder
    4. Clint Barton
    5. Hercules
    6. Battlin' Jack Murdoch
    Supporting: Jean Grey, John the Skrull, Dirk Anger
    Antagonists: Victor Von Doom, Magneto, Black Panther, Bride of Nine Spiders, Mandarin
    Writer: Matthew Vaughn
    Artist: Dustin Nguyen

    Marvel Hang-Out ***CANCELLED AFTER JULY11***
    Every line of comics needs it's rotating team-up book! And the Merry Marvel Marching society isn't about to be out-done. Enter: Marvel Hang-Out, the title where Marvel's two social lynchpins, Ben Grimm and Luke Cage, hang out with each other or with other friends. Gasp at the villainy they thwart! Furrow your brow at the mysteries they uncover! And smile appreciatively at the good times they have with friends old and new.
    Co-Lead: The Thing, Luke Cage
    Guest Stars: Various
    Villains: Various
    Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
    Artist: Xaime Hernandez
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    Default X-Men

    Editors: goneandromeda & Count Yoda

    Despite being hated and feared by a world that doesn't understand them, the X-Men have sworn to use their powers to protect both humans and mutants.
    1. Professor X
    2. Storm
    3. Rockslide
    4. Mercury
    5. Xorn
    6. Cyclops
    7. Madeline Pryor
    Supporting: Omega Sentinel
    Villains: Elixir, Emplate, Bastion
    Writer: Christos Gage
    Artist: Igor Kordey

    Pacific Northwest X-Men
    Following Xavier's dream to the West these X-Men handle mutant affairs from their Seattle headquarters. Between politics and saving the world it's coffee, rain and romance for these children of the atom.
    1. Wind Dancer
    2. Surge
    3. Iceman
    4. Beast
    5. Northstar
    6. Rictor
    7. Jubilee
    8. Justice
    Supporting: Charlotte Jones, Firestar
    Antagonists: Feral, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Haven
    Writer: Kieron Gillen
    Artist: Nicola Scott

    Wolverine/Psylocke: Madripoor Knights
    The island of Madripoor is in disarray and a a new King has been appointed who doesn't seem to intent on making things better. Wolverine once again returns to the land under the guise of Patch and living atop the brand new Princess Bar, but this time he is not alone. He brings along Psylocke, the femme fatale once known as Lady Mandarin of Madripoor, to help find out the answers and set things in order. Or as in much order as they can be.
    Supporting: Arachne, Trance, Prodigy (Alleyne), Caliban
    Antagonists: Baron Strucker, Arnim Zola, Mister Sinister, Justin Hammer
    Writer: Nick Percivel
    Artist: Nick Percivel

    Gene Nation
    There are mutants that exist in the world that do not mind walking the gray line between hero and villain. They further their own goals, and the mutant agenda, at whatever cost.
    1. Threnody
    2. Hope
    3. Quicksilver
    4. Calisto
    5. Cable
    6. Copycat
    7. Chamber
    Supporting: Amanda Sefton, Doctor Nemesis
    Antagonists: Morgan Le Fay, Super-Skrull, Robert Kelly, Dr. Kavita Rao
    Writer: Brian Wood
    Artist: Nate Simpson

    Freedom Force ***Premiered November 2011***
    Mutants who have been coerced into hunting down , eliminating and/or imprisoning their own kind by the U.S. Government.
    1. Bishop
    2. Hellion
    3. Sage
    4. Slipstream
    5. Frenzy
    6. Domino
    7. Synch
    8. Mystique
    Supporting: Venom, Mary Jane Watson, Robert Kelly
    Antagonists: all known, non-incarcerated, un-enlisted mutants; Top 10 targets: Gene Nation, Brotherhood of Mutants, the Runaways, Magneto & Rogue, Nekra, Feral, Polaris, the Cult of Elixir, Haven, the X-Men
    Writer: Brian Azzarello
    Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli

    Magik ***CANCELLED AFTER AUG2011***
    Magik is the crowned queen of all Limbo, but that doesn't mean it's all under her control. Can she establish her rule or will she collapse under the weight of it? And what does earth have to fear when her rule is complete?
    Supporting: Elsa Bloodstone, Albion (Hunter), Jennifer Kale
    Antagonists: Gudrun Tyburn, Gloriana, Belasco
    Writer: Cullen Bunn
    Artist: Michael Kaluta

    Onyxx ***CANCELED AFTER FEB2011***
    Getting killed is tough. But even worse is finding that the Phoenix Force has brought you back to life for no apparent reason! Join Onyxx as he goes on a quest into space, into parallel dimensions, and eventually into THE WHITE HOT ROOM ITSELF, as he tries to find out why this most mystical of places has decided his body is Sacrosanct! Who will join him on this quest, and which deities will he have to BEAT UP along the way? Find out in ONYXX.
    Supporting: Ink, Mondo, Louise Simonson
    Villains: Mad Jim Jaspers
    Writer: Alejandro Jodorowsky
    Artist: Moebius
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    Default Non-Title Characters and Teams

    *Continuity Police: These characters are considered free agents and available for use unless otherwise noted but please first clear story usage of these characters with appropriate editors and/or mattbib or Global Honored, thanks*

    Horsemen of Apocalypse
    1. Juggernaut
    2. Abomination
    3. Longshot
    4. Bride of Nine Spiders

    The Org
    Killers, sadists, mercenaries. The worst of the worst. They are gathered together each for his own reasons: information, money, the thrill of action. They have created a network of information so crime can be more effective and everyone can find what he needs easily.
    1. Taskmaster
    2. Trapster
    3. Lady Mastermind
    4. Doctor Rot
    5. Jason Macendale
    6. Echo
    7. Agent of 1,000 Faces

    Codename: Weapon X
    A black ops team of multinational super-soldiers, created to counter the rising superhuman superpower of the USA.
    1. Maverick
    2. Radioactive Man
    3. Cosmo
    4. Baron Helmut Zemo
    5. Colossus
    6. Sabretooth
    7. Darkstar

    Masters of Evil
    Tired of all the opposition, as well as the competition, on the East Coast these five villains have joined together and moved out West as the MASTERS OF EVIL.
    1. Absorbing Man
    2. Speed Demon
    3. Shocker
    4. Grim Reaper
    5. Flux

    Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
    1. Sienna Blaze
    2. Cipher
    3. U-Go Girl
    4. Banshee
    6. Ruckus
    7. Madison Jeffries
    8. Ricochet
    9. Darwin
    Benefactor -- Mister Sinister

    Kickers Inc.
    Private Investigators, Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters, Bodyguards; for the right price, the Kickers are whatever their clients need them to be. However, though ostensibly legitimate businessmen, the Kickers aren't too picky about the clients they take on or the jobs they accept. They've been known to skirt the line - and perhaps, occasionally, to cross it - making them persons of interest to various law enforcement agencies and occasionally putting them at odds with hero community. Are they criminals with a legitimate front, or amoral but ostensibly law-abiding thugs for hire. Either way, whenever they show up, they're a thorn in the side of any hero, team or agency working the same case.
    1. NFL Superpro
    2. Howard the Duck
    3. Ares
    4. Black Cat

    Solo Characters
    1. Albion (Hunter)
    2. Anaconda
    3. Anthem
    4. Bean
    5. Belasco
    6. Betty Brant
    7. Blind Al
    8. Blizzard
    9. Brendan Rathcoole
    10. Calypso
    11. Coat of Arms
    12. Dirk Anger
    13. Eden Fesi
    14. Falcon
    15. Finesse
    16. Gorgon (Inhuman)
    17. Gorilla Man
    18. Gudrun Tyburn
    19. Hellcat
    20. Human Torch (Storm) *** FF usage
    21. Husk
    22. Ink
    23. Jennifer Kale
    24. Jimmy Woo
    25. Kaine
    26. Kingpin
    27. Letha
    28. Lionheart *** MI13 usage
    29. Louise Simonson
    30. M
    31. Madcap
    32. Maggot
    33. Magik
    34. Mimic
    35. Mirage (Moonstar)
    36. Mondo
    37. Moondragon
    38. Moonstone
    39. Morris Walters
    40. Onyxx
    41. Patriot *** SHIELD usage
    42. Poundcakes
    43. Quake *** SHIELD usage
    44. Reavers
    45. Rigo Zapata
    46. SHOC
    47. Shortpack
    48. Slayback
    49. Spider-Man (Avengers) *** plans pending
    50. Stained Glass Scarlet
    51. Switchback
    52. Thor Girl
    53. Titania
    54. Venus
    55. Warpath
    Some of these characters are currently assigned to ongoing titles. These characters may be available for new incoming titles. However for cameo or individual story usage you must first clear with their current editors. Thanks!
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    Default Aom creators list

    AOM Creators List

    Jason Aaron (American Eagle #1- , Wolverine/Psylocke #1-6)
    Dan Abnett (Marvel Knights #1-)
    Brian Azzarello (Freedom Force #1-)
    Kate Beaton (Silver Surfer #1-6)
    Brian Michael Bendis (Marvel Hang Out #1-6)
    Ed Brubaker (Legacy Legion #1- , Orson Randall #1-)
    Cullen Bunn (Magik #7)
    Kurt Busiek (Rise of 666th Reich #0, Avengers #1-)
    Mike Carey (MI:13 #7, Monsters Unleashed #0, Capt. Britain & MI:13 #1-)
    Joe Casey (Young Avengers #7-10)
    Michael Chabon (Agents of Atlas #1-7)
    Chris Claremont (MI:13 #1-6)
    Rivers Cuomo (Werewolf by Night #1-)
    Peter David (Million Worlds War #0, Captain Marvel #1-)
    Nunzio DeFelippis (Magik #1-6 , Ass Kickers #7-)
    Paul Dini (Songbird #1-)
    Warren Ellis (Cabal #1- , Silver Surfer #7-)
    Garth Ennis (Fat Cobra #1-6 , Midnight Sons #7-)
    Matt Fraction (Monsters Unleashed #0, Henry Pym #1-)
    Christos Gage (Thunderbolts #1-6 , X-Men #1-)
    Kieron Gillen (Thor #1-6 , Werewolf by Night #1-, PNW X-Men #7-)
    Devin Grayson (Daughters of Dragon #1-)
    Paul Grist (Union Jack #1-6)
    Allan Heinberg (Young Avengers #1-6)
    Jonathan Hickman (Howard Stark #5-)
    David Hine (X-Factor #1-9)
    Adam Hines (Stabbity Jones #7-)
    Charles Huston (Eternals #1-)
    Alejandro Jodorowsky (Onyxx #1)
    Joe Kelly (Champions of Love #1-9, COL One-Shot, Agents of Atlas #8-)
    Karl Kesel (Captain America #1-6)
    Eric Kripske (Midnight Sons #1-6)
    Andy Lanning (Marvel Knights #1-)
    David Lapham (Machine Man #1-)
    Marjorie Liu (Runaways #8-)
    Terrence Malick (Ass-Kickers #1-6)
    George R.R. Martin (Namor #1-)
    Jim McCann (Union Jack #7-)
    Middle Brother (Regulars #7-)
    David Milch (Silver Sable #1-3)
    Frank Miller (Dakota North #1-)
    Peter Milligan (Nextwave #1-)
    Steve Niles (Thunderbolts #7-)
    Ann Nocenti (Thor #7-)
    Brian Lee O'Malley (Fat Cobra #7-)
    Greg Pak (Blue Marvel #1-2 , ASM #1-5, New Warriors #1-)
    Jeff Parker (Runaways #1-7)
    Simon Pegg (Nextwave #7-)
    Nick Percivel (Wolverine/Psylocke #7-)
    Paul Pope (Regulars #1-6)
    Rick Remender (Reign Supreme #1-)
    Greg Rucka (Nick Fury #1-)
    Paul Schrader (Stabbity Jones #1-6)
    Dan Slott (Fantastic Four #2- , She Hulk #1-4)
    Nick Spencer (Molly Hayes #1-7 , The Captain #1- , Ass Kickers #7-)
    Jim Starlin (Howard Stark #1-4, Guardians of Galaxy #7-)
    Roger Stern (Quasar #1-)
    Kurt Sutter (Six Pack #1-7)
    Fed Van Lente (Nova #1-)
    Jen Van Meter (Molly Hayes #8-)
    Brian K. Vaughn (Gene Nation #1-6 , Captain America #7-)
    Matthew Vaughn (KICK-ASS: FC #1-)
    Christina Weir (Magik #1-6)
    Zeb Wells (Guardians of Galaxy #1-6)
    Joss Whedon (Order #1-)
    Brian Wood (Gene Nation #7- , Six Pack #8-)
    Chris Yost (PNW X-Men #1-6)

    David Aja (Agents of Atlas #1-7, Thunderbolts #7-)
    Mario Alberti (Legacy Legion #1-)
    Mike Allred (Nextwave #1-6)
    Adrian Alphona (Werewolf by Night #1-)
    Kaare Andrews (Quasar #1-)
    Chris Bachalo (Guardians of Galaxy #1-6)
    Simone Bianchi (Namor #1-)
    Simon Bisley (Midnight Sons #1-6)
    Giuseppe Camuncoli (Freedom Force #1-)
    J. Scott Campbell (Champions of Love #1-9, COL One-Shot)
    Stefano Caselli (Rise of 66th Reich #0, Nick Fury #1-6, Young Avengers #7-10)
    John Cassaday (Henry Pym #1-)
    Frank Cho (X-Factor #1-6, Cabal #7-)
    Amanda Conner (She Hulk #1-4)
    Darwyn Cooke (Orson Randall #1-7)
    Olivier Copiel (Reign Supreme #1-)
    Clayton Crain (Cabal #1-6, X-Factor #7-9, Marvel Knights #10-)
    Gabrielle Dell'Otto (Marvel Knights #1-9, Crew #1-)
    Mike Deodato Jr. (Thor #1-)
    Andrea Divito (Million Worlds War #0, Captain Marvel #1-)
    Steve Epting (Dakota North #1-)
    Gary Erskine (MI:13 #7)
    Khari Evans (Daughters of Dragon #1-)
    Fransesco Francavilla (Silver Sable #1-3)
    Dave Gibbons (Silver Surfer #7-)
    Rafael Grampa (American Eagle #1-)
    R.M. Guera (Fat Cobra #7-)
    Gilbert Hernandez (Magik #1-6)
    Xaime Hernandez (Marvel Hang Out #1-6)
    Jonathan Hickman (Runaways #1-7)
    Adam Hines (Stabbity Jones #7-)
    Stuart Immonen (Eternals #1-)
    Michael Kaluta (Magik #7)
    Leonard Kirk (Capt. Britain & MI:13 #1-)
    Igor Kordey (X-Men #1-)
    David Lafuente (The Captain #1-)
    Jae Lee (Midnight Sons #7-)
    Kevin Maguire (Nextwave #7-)
    Clay Mann (PNW X-Men #1-6, Rise of 666th Reich #0, Captain America #7-)
    David Mazzucchelli (ASM #1-5)
    Brendan McCarthy (Stabbity Jones #1-6)
    Jaime McKelvie (Regulars #1-6)
    Takeshi Miyazawa (Molly Hayes #1-7)
    Moebius (Onyxx #1, Howard Stark #1-4)
    Tony Moore (Six Pack #8-)
    Dustin Nguyen (KICK-ASS: FC #1-)
    Phil Noto (Wolverine/Psylocke #1-6)
    Ben Oliver (Order #8-)
    Jerome Opena (Thunderbolts #1-6, Agents of Atlas #8-)
    Carlos Pagulayan (Blue Marvel #1-2)
    Jefte Paolo (New Warriors #1-)
    Paul Pelletier (Nova #1-)
    Nick Percivel (Wolverine/Psylocke #7-)
    Koi Pham (Gene Nation #1-6)
    Sean Phillips (Captain America #1-6)
    Adam Pollina (Young Avengers #1-6)
    Paul Pope (Regulars #7-)
    Emma Rios (Runaways #8-)
    Darick Robertson (Machine Man #1-)
    Kenneth Rockafort (Songbird #1-)
    John Romita Jr. (MI:13 #1-6)
    Steve Rude (Silver Surfer #1-)
    Jim Rugg (Six Pack #1-7)
    Steven Sanders (Avengers #1-)
    Nate Simpson (Gene Nation #7-)
    Nicola Scott (PNW X-Men #7-)
    Bill Sienkiewicz (Order #1-7)
    Marc Silvestri (Fat Cobra #1-6, Howard Stark #5-)
    Chris Sprouse (Ass Kickers #1-6)
    Jim Starlin (Guardians of Galaxy #7-)
    Larry Stroman (Union Jack #1-6)
    Kev Walker (Union Jack #7-)
    Dustin Weaver (Monsters Unleashed #0, Fantastic Four #2-)
    Skottie Young (Molly Hayes #8-)
    Patrick Zircher (Orson Randall #8-)

    *last updated 12/19/11 by GH (original entry)

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    Having a place to discuss things is a great idea!

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    Great idea chief. This is a better place to discuss the backroom stuff instead of directly on the threads.

    I see Roland is down to edit a line. goneandromeda and BJC said they would take over Knights as well. I enjoy Strange Tales and Cosmic but would be willing and delighted to change and work on another if needed and obviously if there was someone that wanted to step in and work on ST or Cosmic. BJC and Marvell2100 are easy to work with and turn in their books ahead of schedule, offer cool ideas, can't ask for much more.

    Is everyone happy with their books and their line? Anyone have any ideas that may help the process or feedback on what works and what doesn't? How about ways to lure in more plotters with free candy and cigarettes...hasn't worked yet for me but I am trying.

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