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    Default Rumblers Tournament: KJ Stewart Vs WyldCard4


    Big Serp and the Telepathic Tour De Force (KJ Stewart)
    Serpinestro (OC)
    *Power of Shazam - Black Adam Edition (DC) 10
    *Sinestro Corps Ring (DC) 10
    *Evil Eye of Avalon (Marvel) 9
    *Serpentera (Power Rangers) 9
    *Adamantium Plating (Marvel - Robot Only) 8
    *Globe of Ultimate Knowledge (Marvel) 7
    *All Spark, Converted (Transformers 2007 Movie) 4
    *Mind Transfer with Sinestro (Futurama) 3
    Apocalypse (Marvel) 9
    Madelyne Pryor (Marvel) 9
    Mr. Sinister (Marvel) 8
    Hector Hammond (DC) 7
    Psimon (DC) 7
    Sweet (Buffyverse) 5


    WyldCard4 (WyldCard's Four and Hannah Montana)
    Magneto (Marvel) 9
    *Hawkgirl's Mace (DCAU) 6
    Exar Kun (Star Wars) 6
    *Power of Shazam - Black Adam Edition (DC) 10
    Miley Stewart (Hannah Montana) 1
    General Numerous (Fusion OC)
    -Zod (DC) 10
    -Billy Numerous (ATT) 5
    *Space Rock Exposure (DC) 7
    *Blood of the Charmed Ones (Charmed) 6
    *Potara Earring, Another (DBZ) 5
    *Potara Earring, One (DBZ) 5
    Joan Sorrow (Fusion OC)
    -Johnny Sorrow (DC) 9
    -John Taylor (Nightside) 5
    *Amulet of Isis (DC) 9
    *Wand of Watoomb, The (Marvel) 8
    *Acme Item Fusion Potion (Quest for Camelot) 3 - Fusion agent
    *Belt of Gender Swapping (D&D) 1


    Arena Suggestion 1: The Infinity Dome

    Universe: Disney's Kim Possible

    Description: The lair of the twisted and villianous (If so VERY camp) math themed villian, the Mathter!! Inside this dome a ceribrial redoubler effect is in place, allowing you to turn pure mathmatical thought into deadly energy blasts!! This didn't depower anyone else in the Dome so all it really boosts are number crunchers.

    NPCs: The Mathter (with his variety of math-themed gizmos), and three Generic thugs that get incapacitated with one kick.

    Starting positions: One team starts at the door, just to the left of where Hego and Ron's Dad are standing. Across the Room from them on the Mathter's platform will be the other team. The Mathter will be standing in the middle where he just grabbed his super calculator (shown in the bubble).

    Debating rules from last league (with minor edits):

    Since I think that the post limitation that we introduced last season is a good idea, in as much as it prevents incensed debate, I am going to keep the idea around for this season with some modifications.

    - You cannot post in the final hour of the match. I've seen too often that voters wait until the last minute to cast their votes or miss the deadline, because we have a tendency to wait until the very last minute to make some final rebuttal or argument. Experimental rule that might be scrapped if it doesn't help curtail the problem of participation.
    - You can make a total of six (6) posts defending the cause of your team. No more and no less.


    Participation is the coin of the realm. Matches decided by a 2:1 outcome are laaame and we have had too many of those to count. I expect you to vote as often as possible. And, if you cannot make up your mind, to at least make a comment about it.
    I am also opening the vote for CBR members with over 200 posts (possible exceptions to be handled in a case per case basis) who give a decent reason for their vote. If this proves to be a bad idea, I'll close it again so fast that heads will be left spinning.

    Victory conditions

    All enemy characters have to be removed from the battlefield and prevented from returning, unable to keep fighting or dead. Mentioning how you deal with everyone in the enemy team is encouraged, though not strictly required for as long as you put stuff about 'Character X then attacks rest of enemy team with Power Y'.

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    Default KJ's strat

    No place like Dome... to be brutally murdered

    The Infinity Dome

    Pre-Match Notes
    In such a small space, this needs to be quick and simple. Which it will be.

    The Strategy: Part 1
    Functioning at the absolute speed-cap (Black Adam's thought speed), Serpinestro fills the entire dome with an energy construct that kills the opposition instantly (think the effects of Nightcrawl bamfing directly into a wall).
    A fraction of a second later (meaning no serious damage could have been caused to them), Serpinestro teleports everyone else from our team onto the roof of the Infinity Dome.
    OUT: WyldCard's Four and Hannah Montana (General Numerous, Joan Sorrow, Magneto, Exar Kun & Miley Stewart)
    N.B. Serpinestro's durability is more than enough to withstand any initial physical barrage or blitz. Take into account the following properties stacked on top of each other:
    - Sinestro Corps autoshields (which have long been able to go toe-to-toe with GL's and the like - and don't forget this is the best Sinestro Corps mind, in an absolutely terrifying body, with the globe of ultimate knowledge and other amps).
    - Black Adam's durability (takes hits from Superman casually).
    - Adamantium durability (literally unharmable - Thor's best, hardest shot does nothing).
    - Serpentera's base durability (unaffected by Zords).
    - Decepticon durability (prolonged fights with Prime, unharmed by barrage of blasts, bullets etc).
    Also N.B. While Magneto controls metal, he's a) Nowhere near as fast as Serpinestro and b) unable to stop him from thinking, which is all is needed here.

    Meanwhile, inside Serpinestro (as a failsafe for Serpinestro's move which also immediately occurs if they make it back from the Source Wall)...

    The telepaths split up in to 3 lots, each with a different role, and all at thought speed at the bell (we STOMP our opponents in the telepathic stakes).

    Apocalypse, Madelyn Pryor & Mister Sinister
    From the roof...
    Apocalypse is on telepathic defence duties (note that while weakened, Apocalypse was ambushed telepathically by Jean Grey and overcame her), he'll be hiding our minds from our opponents whilst preventing them from attacking, leaving them open to attack from our other telepaths.
    Madelyn Pryor and Mister Sinister will also provide blockage, whilst also attempting to scramble the brains of the opposing telepaths so that they themselves are vulnerable to control from Psimon and Hector.
    Remember that Pryor is a Jean Grey clone who has actually overpowered Jean's mind and Mister Sinister is also a very powerful telepath.
    COCK BLOCKED: Anyone attempting to telepathically attack (namely the likes of General Numerous)
    NOW ALSO VULNERABLE TO PSYCHIC ATTACK: General Numerous, Exar Kun, Joan Sorrow & Miley Stewart

    Psimon & Hector Hammond
    Hammond and Psimon, both Green Lantern villains with numerous feats of controlling them, use their opening thoughts to control every opposing team member they can into attacking their own team (so even those who it might be difficult to control will be affected - General Numerous and Magneto, for example, will be being smashed by their own team if they're not dead). They will hold this control until the match is over.
    ATTACKING EACH OTHER: WyldCard's Four & Hannah Montana (including General Numerous, while Magneto will be being attacked if he isn't dead)

    As a fail-safe, as his first move, Sweet has the opposition split into pairs and dance close with each other, romantically, while Miley Stewart is forced to provide the song that they slowdance to. General Numerous dances with Magneto whilst Exar Kun dances with Joan Sorrow and Miley sings "Love Me Tender". Any clones dance with each other.
    DANCING WyldCard's Four and Hannah Montana

    Part 1 Summary
    - Our team: Telepathically protected, mentally controlling the opposition, teleported to a location the opposition won't know.
    - Their team: Clueless of our whereabouts, attacking each other, dancing, killed by being merged with a massive construct the size of the dome.

    The Strategy: Part 2
    If the opposition somehow avoid the arena spanning construct, they immediately receive a blast from the sky containing the following:
    - Serpentera's already-charged planet-buster ray (destroying a planet).
    - Yellow Lantern energy (defeating Lobo).
    - Masses of Shazam energy (totally frying an opponent).
    - All of the magic in the Evil Eye of Avalon - we're 100% happy to completely drain it to get this job done (shaking universes).
    Rest assured, this blast will outright destroy the planet and every single member of the opposing team. That's a massively potent mix.
    OUT: WyldCard's Four and Hannah Montana

    Apocalypse, Madelyne Pryor, Hector Hammond, Psimon and Mr. Sinister
    These guys simply keep up their telepathic tricks, defending, controlling and causing in-fighting.
    OCCUPIED: Any survivors

    Sweet simply has the opposition dancing frantically if they need to be kept occupied, which shouldn't be the case at all.
    DANCING Any survivors.

    Part 2 Summary
    - Our team: Still out of the opposition's sight, blasting them and killing them with one readily charged blast, using telepathy for various reasons, causing them to dance.
    - Their team: Should be stuck in the source wall but, if not, they're being controlled and killed with one supercharged blast.


    Contingencies & Notes
    - Everyone will perform to the absolute best of their abilities.
    - Serpinestro is pretty much untouchable by any kind of physical attacks.
    - Anyone taken out of Serpinestro will immediately teleport back in of their own free will or with the help of others.
    - Dimension-dumped characters will be brought back by people who can do so, if they can't do it themselves (Big Serp can do it, for example).
    - Time-dumped characters will also be brought back by people who can do so, if they can't do it themselves (Big Serp can do it, for example).
    - The inside of Serpinestro is epically durable. It's adamantium plated and I have scans of Black Adam being attacked on the inside by something pretty frickin' uber and surviving. Combine the 2 and you've got something that really can't be harmed internally. Not that anyone should be getting inside.
    - Note that we shouldn't have problems teleporting back from anywhere, what with our exceptional teleport/dimensional/time abilities combined with the Globe of Ultimate Knowledge.
    - Anyone who can heal or ressurect will do so if they need to (Apocalypse, for example).
    - A "tiny" amount of Evil Eye power can ressurect one powerful individual. Here, fully-powered, it should EASILY ressurect a whole team. Probably more than once. And we will do that if we have to.
    - More scans available if you should need them for some reason.

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    Default Wyld's strat

    Serpinestro vs Joan Sorrow and Magneto

    Serpinestro will have a weakness. It is an amalgamation of seven items. None of them built to work together, all of them unstable.

    It might be the Spark, the heart of the Decipticon. It might be the easiest thing in the world for Joan to rip it out. Perhaps it is Sinestro's mind, the strange super science of Futurama proving easy enough to undo. Maybe it is in the body of Serpentera itself, a single set of instructions or piece of machinery that Joan can rip out or redirect, bringing the entire abomination down.

    It has a weakness, clearly visible to the Gift of John Taylor. Add in a god and the Wand of Watoomb, and Joan Sorrow can destroy the creature with a thought.

    And if she can't? First she rips out the Globe, then the Evil Eye of Avalon, orders the Sinestro Corp Ring to shut down, transforms Serpenestro out of Black Adam mode, and goes in as a ghost and turns solid, ripping apart the robotic brain that KJS has promised me exists for the Globe to rest in.

    And the first moment he can, Magneto rips the thing apart with his mind.

    The Telepathic Tour De Force vs General Numerous

    Fifteen astral projections strike in for every psychic warrior on the team. They surround them at once, TKing them to death, fighting them toe to toe in a psychic battle, and freezing them solid/exploding them with magic. The attack is instant, and as KJS telepaths fall the fight will become more and more desperate. Hammond should die at once. Psimon is unlikely to survive much longer. Sweet and Sinister will probably be frozen by magic. Pryor and Apocalypse are the only ones who have much of a chance surviving on their own power for more than a moment, and they will be facing 40 each. That's assuming they can both withstanding lethal TK and powerful magic from lightspeed intangible enemies.

    And my enemies are solid while the walls fall in around them. The enemy telepaths need to deal with Magneto crushing the ship down as small as he possibly can.

    The remaining 20 of General Numerous will stay outside and keep Serpenestro at bay until Joan destroys it. Once the thing is crushed down to size they will add in a spectacular blast of heat vision to the fray.

    Apocalypse is the only one that even might survive all of this unless any of them flee into the astral plane or something. Even if they do they're still facing a huge telepathic army to prevent them from acting on this world, and their bodies are long dead.

    Joan finally rides in with her mask off, exposing Apocalypse to her face, undoing as much of his power and upgrades as she can find. Exar Black flies in behind her, adding his own vast psychic powers to the fray.

    Note 1:
    In general no one will do more than defend themselves and try to get passed enemies they aren't tasked with handling if the enemy strategy calls for an attack on them. If it is impossible to move passed them, the attacked character will fight to the best of her abilities until the enemy is defeated or backup can enter.

    Note 2:
    Everyone will use their full powers and abilities in battle be they natural or item based. They will use all in character tricks and skills that they use in normal fights to triumph over an enemy, unless the movement is sufficiently complex as to require mention in the strategy. For example Exar Black will use his full combat skills and force powers if in single combat even if the specific trick was not referenced. Use common sense.

    Note 3:
    All characters will sense as best as possible using all item based and natural senses. This is important when issues such as stealth comes up. Joan has a Gift for finding things, she will use it if something seems suspicious. Zod has X-Ray vision, he can see through walls and hear things easily. This is a basic element that they can do without having to be addressed specifically.

    Note 5:
    Everyone will engage in realistic movement. No one is just going to run across the ground because I said charge when I obviously meant that they fly or any other cute stuff. Everyone here can fly, and three our of four have the speed of Kryptonians. They are clearly using this.

    Note 6:
    Everyone will keep moving and try to keep the enemy team from clumping together to defend themselves or gather for an attack. This is largely the job of General Numerous if he can duplicate fast enough that it will not distract him from other tasks. He will use freezing and heat vision to devastating effect when the enemy tries group attacks.

    Note 8:
    Once everyone they are tasked with taking down is done, everyone will join in to take out enemy characters. Assuming that he has reached sufficient mass and it is not suicidal or rebuked in the strategy, General Numerous will apply himself as such as soon as he has replicated enough clones to handle his primary missions. He will stop duplicating shortly before he has stressed it enough that he might merge involuntarily.

    Note 9:
    The general attack pattern of Joan Sorrow when not enumerated in the strategy. Disarm an enemy with magic. Use the Gift to find any weaknesses and exploit them through magic if possible. Use magical energy to destroy or banish an enemy. See if it is possible to unveil face without becoming tangible and use the face to kill the enemy. If all else fails, assume physical form and fight toe to toe with face unveiled, using the Gift to anticipate attacks and Sorrow's native teleportation effects to avoid them. If Gift anticipates shows it as needed, retreat to safer location to recover and regroup with surviving team members for a counter attack. Always defend self from magical and energy attacks using powers.

    Note 10:
    The general attack pattern of General Numerous when not enumerated in the strategy. Attempt to freeze with magic. Attempt to conquer through telepathy. Attempt to kill with telekinesis. Attempt to kill with heat vision. Fight toe to toe physically as a last resort. At all times when possible attack with a numbers advantage. When possible support other team members with clones. Detach a small group of clones to hide elsewhere to astrally project inside the arena and rebuild numbers in case of mass death of General Numerous or other team members.

    Note 11:
    The general attack pattern of Exar Black is as follows when not enumerated in the strategy. Attempt to conquer through telepathy. Fight toe to toe physically. Use SHAZAM lightning as a last resort.

    Note 12:
    The general attack pattern of Magneto is as follows when not enumerated in the strategy. Employ force field. Spin Mace around self for protection. Use magnetic powers to harm foes through blood control if possible. If this fails or is impossible, strike using energy blasts and nearby metal. If enemy is resistant to all of that, strike repeatedly with active Mace until dead.

    Note 13:
    The Army of Zod will be everywhere. The only question is if it will be everywhere at light speed or everywhere a one fourth of a second into the match. They will prevent combo attacks and apply constant pressure to every enemy team member as long as such a mission is not suicidal and it is against foes who General Numerous can at least distract. This move is only to be done when every other move directly assigned to General Numerous is completely accounted for with clones.

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    Well, the only way they could possibly have avoided defeat against me here was to teleport out of the dome - which they don't do, so they are therefore immediately killed.

    The only person on Wyld's team who is as fast as Serpinestro is General Numerous, and he a) doesn't do anything to Serpinestro and b) couldn't do anything to Serpinestro, as Serpinestro is physically indestructible and telepathically untouchable thanks to having Sinestro's mind, Black Adam's resistance to TP and several telepaths preventing it.

    Magneto doesn't think fast enough to avoid the massive construct, neither does Joan.

    That one move pretty much seals it. Add in my other moves and it should be a clear victory.

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    Leaning KJ. Wyld has a long way to go...
    Siriel; You have spectacularly failed to understand my post.

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    I think I said something in what KJ has Serpenestro as in what's left of this very tourney.

    ...Gonna vote now - may not be able to do it time tomorrow - especially since it's just evident of how there aren't any catch 22's that WyldCard's team exploits of the opposition's team in his strat.
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    Not sure you guys noticed, but there's less than 4 hours left to vote here.

    I only put this up for 1 day, as the 2 day matches weren't increasing voting numbers, so it was just making matches needlessly long without any benefits.

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    Well, looks like the tournament is mine!

    Everyone's out and both of my teams remain unbeaten.

    Good match Wyld.

    And it was, at times, a good tournament. Well played all who did actually play.

    Another accolade for my list (which I need to create a new post for to link my signature to)...

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    Default KJ Stewart's "Feats"

    My Rumbles Wins!
    Winner of the Rumblers League Beta w/ This Team (Won every single match)
    Winner of the 2011 Rumblers League w/ This Team (Unbeaten)
    Winner of the Rumblers Tournament w/ These Teams (Both unbeaten)
    Winner of the CBR Rumblers League 3 w/ This Team (With fudgekp)
    Winner of the CBR Rumblers League 2008 w/ This Team
    Winner of the CBR Dark Tournament IV
    Winner of the CBR Dark Tournament V
    Winner of the Rumblers League: Bloodlusted Post-Season Tournament
    Winner of the Rumblers League 3 Knockout Tournament 2
    Winner of the Rumbles How Marvelous! Tournament
    Winner of the Rumbles ULTIMATE Tournament
    Winner of the Rumbles Movie Spiderman would Kick my Ass Tournament (Co)
    Winner of the Rumbles Mythology, Folklore, & Legends Tournament
    Winner of the Rumbles One-of-Each Mark 2 Tournament (Co)
    Winner of the Rumbles They Have the Same Name Tournament
    Winner of the Rumbles They get a Weapon Tournament (Co)
    Winner of the Rumbles Extraterrestrial Tournament
    Winner of the Rumbles But I'm Trying to Lose! Tournament
    Winner of the Rumbles Buffy Level & Below Tournament
    Winner of the Rumbles Crayon Box Tournament (Last 4 teams all mine)
    Winner of the Rumbles Actor/Actress Trinity Tournament (Co)
    Winner of the Rumbles Dangerously High Power Level Tournament
    Winner of the Schornforce Style Tournament
    Winner of the Rumbles Place Names Tournament
    Winner of the Rumbles It Ends in a Vowel Tournament
    Winner of the Rumbles Amalgam Tournament
    Winner of the Movie Characters Tournament
    Winner of the Rumbles Bestiary Tournament
    Winner of the Rumbles Fight the Power! Adventure Tournament
    Winner of KJ's Extreme Street Level 'Tacular Tournament
    Winner of Cleric's Royalty Tournament

    Other Notable Points
    Rumblers League Founder
    Host of countless tournaments
    2 of my characters in the inaugural "Rumblers League All-Stars"
    3rd Place in Rumblers League 2 w/ This Team
    Runner up in countless tournaments (example)
    Sitting in 1st place in Rumblers League 4 when it prematurely ended
    Sitting in 1st place in Rumblers League Alpha before I left and it prematurely ended
    Both of these teams unbeaten when the Rumblers Tournament ended prematurely
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