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    Quote Originally Posted by FalconX2000 View Post
    Though I must admit they would probably do better not charging into battle half naked.
    Given the amount of HP he has, he probably thinks that if someone can deplete his health bar, having an armor would just delay the inevitable.
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    Lightbulb My wisdom on this topic

    Bioware announced that the next prontagonist was going to be another human (dammit) and that it would probably be an all out war between mages and templars. However, they said that one single level on Dragon age 3 would be larger than the whole of Origins. I hope they did what they did with mass effect 3, in which all the origins/awakenings characters and dragon age 2 characters return (at least I think that's what it does.)

    Although Hawke is annoying, I think he/she should return as a side character (maybe in a DLC or something). I also want to find out what happened to Morrigan and her baby and what the heck is the deal with Sandal? I would also like to see Tallis return as a proper squad member.

    Ok, I think I'm done


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