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Thread: Seeking Talent

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    Default Artist Needed For New Comic


    My name's Jose and I'm an amateur comic book writer/lover based in London. I'm looking for an artist willing to work with me to create an amazing, new comic book.

    The comic I want to make is a 12-issue re-imagining of Joan Of Arc's life. Joan must go on an epic quest, all the way from France to Africa, in order to save the world for eternal damnation. In this book, Joan is a sword-fighting bad-ass trying to keep the Devil and his minions from conquering Earth but, rest assured, she still dies on the pyre.
    Right now I've got the scripts for issue #1 and #2 done, which I can send to you if you're interested, and I'm about 25% done with issue #3. What I need is someone to help me out with the art side of things. I'd like to get some character sketches going and then start working on issue #1 properly.

    I want to submit the comic to publishers but I also have a plan for low-cost, online publishing. I've recruited a small but dedicated group of friends that are helping me and all I need now is a great artist to help me make this book a reality.

    As far as the actual art, I'm looking for realism with a punch. The book is set in the 1400s and I'd like it to look plausible but that doesn't mean everything has to be period accurate. I have some specific ideas for certain scenes and characters but I'm very open to input on how to best bring this story to life. I aim to give the artist full reign on how best to draw the story.

    As for financial compensation, I'm sorry but I have no money to pay anyone for any work. However, any profits from the comic will be split fairly with the artist.

    What I'm looking for:

    1. Due to the unpaid nature of the work I think it would be better suited to an amateur or maybe an eager student but anyone (from anywhere) can apply.
    2. I'm looking for someone with good working habits but also someone I can develop a friendly relationship with. I'm taking this seriously and so should you.
    3. The ability to draw sequential art is pretty important. Any style is acceptable when applying.
    4. The ability to read/speak English fluently. This is more important than you'd think.
    5. Be available to work on this comic, starting asap, and be available to meet in person (if you're from London) or online means when required. This is crucial.

    Please get in touch with me if you're interested or want to know more:


    Jose Pereira

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Darth_Vader-Plunkett_REN1.jpg 
Views:	41 
Size:	86.7 KB 
ID:	127606
    Drawn by Plunkett
    Colors by Primus!
    $20 and up USD

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    Post *Pencillers/Inkers/Colourist* NEEDED

    i am currently writing the script to my own graphic novel. I am looking for a penciler, colourist and inker to produce this graphic novel. This will be a sci-fi based in the 31st century with modern day elements.

    As this is completely Independent i am not able to offer a paid positions. HOWEVER i intend to launch a Kickstarter campaign. If this is successful then in the target amount of money i intend to raise i will include a bit extra to offer a sum of money to the people who helped me out.

    Thank you, if you are interested i have the first 5 pages written. Contact me through email

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    Just trying to help my sister and niece here.

    My sister would like to commision a piece of artwork for my nieces birthday party.

    She is 6 years old and loves comic book art. She especially likes superman and wonderwoman.

    We would like to commision a comic book cover featuring my niece (and her pet bunny) with possibly superman and wonderwoman flanking her on either side. This will used as the birthday party invitation.

    We arent wealthy by any means and would like to hear what this might cost to have made by a hobbyist or amateur comic book artist.



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    Sorry just posted above and cant figure out how to edit.
    You can contact me at the email address:

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    Hello all,


    Are you interested in:

    Providing a series of sketches to accompany a cartoon theme tune in the vein of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Transformers?

    This is a one-off YouTube project to celebrate a real-life superhero who, after a decade of displays of his technological prowess and generosity of spirit in London, is returning to his home in South Africa.

    Click HERE to listen to the song which we want you to bring to life. Lyrics are also uploaded:

    A minimum of five still images are desirable, but the more the better. All submissions will be used!

    Please contact us for photos of the people to be caricatured and suggested scenes. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Bow Bros.

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    I'm nearly finished writing a history/collector's guide on intercompany crossovers. I sent my first query letter to a publisher a couple of weeks ago and am on pins and needles waiting to hear back from them.

    Is there a member reading this that publishes or is involved with a publisher of this nature? If so...

    I’m Jerry Hopfer from Johnstown, PA. In 1995 I knew DC and Marvel and literally NOTHING else in the comic book world. I am now just a few months away from completing a history and collector’s guide to intercompany crossovers. Nothing online or in print is remotely close to the extent and accuracy I have sought and demanded for this work.

    An accurate history on the beginnings (through 1999) of intercompany crossovers is important for several different reasons. First, as mentioned above, an accurate history or listing of crossovers is yet to be published. The farther away we get from their origin and all of the crossovers that came out in the 1980’s and 1990’s (the crossover heyday), the more difficult it will be for someone to research for the sake of history.

    Another reason is that anyone who needs all appearances of a particular character will need a complete reference. There are some very obscure official appearances of characters in certain crossovers that are not mentioned online or in print (not even priceguides). There are huntreds, if not thousands of completists who need this reference.

    The working title is:

    Crossover Crazy!
    A Guide to Intercompany Comics,
    Cards, Posters and More

    As you can tell from the title, I don’t just cover comic books. I have also included intercompany crossover trading cards, promo cards, promo and retail posters AND miscellaneous collectables. How many collectors need to know about Superman/Madman cut out dolls, a Lobo/The Mask mask or Batman/Judge Dredd mobile? Anyone who collects memorabilia on those super heros or particular comics!

    Crossover Crazy covers the early 1970’s wannabe intercompany crossovers through the 1990’s crossover explosion in its first 22 chapters. Chapter 23 introduces the reader to the 21st Century with a list of crossovers, but not to the extent that pre-21st Century books, etc. are covered. For that reason, this book lays the groundwork for a second book.

    As far as the book list and covers sections go...there is NOTHING that is more extensive in any other work in a particular comic book genre. I have identified (again...20th century) 338 intercompany crossover comics, 220 crossover alternate covers, 23 trade paperbacks, 10 non-ashcan previews, 9 non-ashcan preview alternate covers, 10 ashcans, 2 ashcan alternate covers, 5 reprints, 2 paperbacks and 1 hardcover...620 intercompany crossover books altogether.

    No other list anywhere is remotely close to the list that I have assembled. The most extensive online list (Wiki) is filled with comics that are not truly intercompany crossovers. There are many intracompany books represented as intercompany. There are many, many intercompany crossovers that are outright...omitted. Also, Wiki doesn’t cover alternate covers, ashcans, previews, etc.

    For each title, I list the publisher and ALL publishers that have at least one character making an appearance in the comic. This is something never done before. Trivia...there were 35 different publishers who were represented by their characters in Shi/Cyblade The Battle for Independents from 1995! Also, for each title I have an accurate lettering system for all alternate covers (based on print run when available), along with a description of the edition (i.e., Commemorative edition, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Fusion, Luxury edition, etc.) along with limited print run number (when available).

    There have been many comic book history books published with a cover "scans" section. These sections normally include just the main comic book itself. There are rarely, if ever, scans of alternate covers. Price guides are poorly lacking in this area as well. Overstreet’s doesn’t list more than one or two alternate covers in many instances. In many other cases...they list none at all. Online price guides are at the mercy of their membership who list comics from their personal collections on an online database. Many times, collectors will list a comic by an incorrect title. Very often there are errors on alternate covers. A typical example is the X-Men/WildC.A.T.s Dark Age alternate (Golden/Bennett) cover listing on Someone has posted poster artwork as the actual cover. That artwork is NOT the cover. It took me 14 years to locate the real Golden/Bennett cover.

    I have gone strictly by the indicia for comic book title, issue and publication date. There are tons of misinformation within online price guides. Comics alternate covers are listed that never came out. There are MANY alternate covers that came out that are NOT listed in ANY price guide that I can find. As a result, the existing current, disjointed history on intercompany crossovers is in a shambles.

    Incidentally, I have not listed my collection on ANY online database, so as not to compromise the uniqueness of the material in the book.

    Crossover Crazy includes ALL 20th Century intercompany crossover comics, altnerate covers, trade paperbacks ashcans, ashcan alternate covers, non-ashcan previews, non ashcan preview alternate covers, reprints, paperbacks and hard cover books in its book list and in its scanned covers chapters (chapters 16-17). "CC" will also include a complete cross reference for each comic.

    I have just completed work on chapter 18 (out of 24). In this chapter I have cross-referenced all 338 intercompany crossover comics by character appearance. Yes, that's right. Search as you may, you will not find a character cross reference for intercompany crossovers anywhere else.

    Collectors will now be able to complete their collections by buying Crossover Crazy to learn in which intercompany crossovers their favorite characters have appeared!

    This ALL started for me with the DC Versus Marvel Showdown of the Century preview in 1995. Like winning a goldfish in a ballooned out to this.

    If I sound overly excited, I am. The reason...many comic book shop owners and comic con dealers told me I was attempting the impossible. Many said they had NO idea how I was assembling such massive amounts of information when no one else was apparently researching in this area.

    About me. I’m 58, have a BA in Journalism. I have a book to my credit..sort of. I edited (and wrote the introduction to) My 75 Year Chess Career by Walter Muir. I’m a correspondence chess Master. For several years I was editor of King’s Korner, a correspondence chess magazine for the All Service Postal Chess Club. I’ve had a couple of regular chess columns for local newspapers in the past.

    Below is my working chapter list. Chapters 1-15 are prose with illustrations on many of the pages. These chapters cover the history of intercompany crossover comics. My current layout is 8" x 11" pages. The left margin is 1" and top, right and bottom margins are 3/4". Font size for chapters 1-15 is 12 point. This will be the same font size for chapters 19-24. Chapters 16-18 are in 8 point type.
    The completed manuscript will be approximately 350 pages.

    1) What is a Crossover?
    2) The 1st Intercompany Crossover...
    ...DC Vs Gold Key?
    3) Why Collect Crossovers?
    (A Delayed Introduction)
    4) Superman vs. Who???
    The Dawn of the Age of Crossovers
    5) Ooops...
    ...The Forgotten Crossovers!
    6) The 1980’s
    The Aardvark and Turtle Soup
    7) Into the 1990’s
    Batty over Crossovers
    8) Deathmate
    The Birth of the Mega Crossovers
    9) A Woman Scorned!
    The Bad Girls
    10) Mid 1990’s
    A Snowball Downhill
    11) DC Versus Marvel
    The Crossover of the Century!
    12) The Avalanche!
    13) The Year of the Mega Crossover:
    14) And the Beat Goes On...
    ...Chris Yambar, King of the
    Small Indy Crossovers
    15) Bad Girls...Worse Girls
    Closing out the 20th Century
    16) 20th Century
    Intercompany Crossover List
    17) Crossover Cover Gallery
    18) Crossover Cross Reference
    19) Misc. Crossover Books and Mags
    20) Crossover Trading cards
    21) Poster Mania!
    22) Misc. Crossover Collectables
    23) Into the 21st Century
    24) “...if Hulk were dating Peppermint Patty”
    Ending This Book With A “Big Bang!”

    If you’re a publisher and interested...PLEASE let me know!
    My emil is

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    Page rate- 20$ for pencils
    30$ for pencils+inks

    Pinups-15$ per character
    +5$ per additional characters(if any)
    +5$ for any background needed.
    Check out the gallery and let me know whoever is interested in hiring me for comics or commissions.

    Contact email-


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