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    Exclamation MARVEL COMICS FORUM Rules, Directory, and FAQ (Updated 9/1/2012)

    Welcome to the Marvel Comics forum!

    This is the place to talk about all Marvel topics that aren't covered by the Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man or Ultimate Marvel forums.

    Before you begin posting, here are a few rules:

    You will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws. The owners of Comic Book Resources Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

    As detailed in the CBR Forums Users Guidelines and FAQ on the CBR Q&A & Announcements forum.

    Copyrighted Material
    To offset any possible legal concerns, Forum members must keep copyright issues in mind during their time at the CBR Forums. No more than three pages of any given issue should be posted at any one time (which should be plenty for review purposes). The posting of links to or about illegally shared comic book content is not allowed.

    General Behavior
    All forum members are expected to remain civil to each other at all times. Insults will not be tolerated; likewise a certain standard of conversation will be expected. Under no circumstances should any user issue a threat to another forum member. How you say something can matter as much as the content of your posts; you are more than welcome to disagree with anyone else but you must communicate your opinion in a civil and hospitable manner. Flaming, trolling or other such behavior will not be tolerated.

    Moderators come from upstanding and knowledgeable forum members of the CBR Community. It is their role to keep the Forums as a whole running smoothly. Parts of this include keeping discussion flowing, removing inappropriate content and settling disputes. Forum members are expected to remain civil to members of the Moderating team at all times in the same way they are expected to remain civil to each other (cut them a break, they don’t get paid for keeping things running and they’re a nice bunch of people!).

    Multiple Accounts
    Forum members should only keep one account at any given time; multiple accounts are heavily frowned upon. The Moderating team may merge or ban multiple accounts without warning.

    Signatures may consist of text but not images. Please make your signatures relatively small and unobtrusive; likewise the content should be made up of material of a PG-13/work-place safe nature. Inappropriate signatures may be modified or deleted without notice.

    Selling items or linking to auctions with the intent of profit (including but not exclusive to eBay) are not permitted. There is a trading thread on the Community Board if you wish to swap items but monetary exchanges are not allowed.



    • Do NOT use profanity or derogatory terms. This applies to posters and fictional characters. This includes the use of any variation of "shit", "fuck", "asshole", "dick" and any other word generally considered to be profane.
    • Do NOT post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.
    • As of 12/29/07 we will just be deleting entire posts containing profanity. If I find I'm deleting the same posters' posts repeatedly there will likely be warnings. Make it easy on everyone and just use some other, friendlier words.
    DO NOT POST DETAILED SUMMARIES, but feel free to work a general summary of the book into your review, to give context for your review. Spoilers are allowed, so long as they are worked into your review (and, of course, as always, labeled in the title of the thread). Everything else will be deleted, and if it re-occurs, well, don't let it re-occur.

    • What if someone asks for spoilers?
      Tough. They can infer the spoilers that are already included in the discussion or they can wait until they read the issue.
    • So I can't include spoilers at all?
      That's not what the rule says. Spoilers are allowed. They just can't be the point of your post.
    • Can I open a thread with spoilers?
      No. Well, not solely spoilers. Open threads with your review (i.e. your opinions). Not just a reveal of the issue's conclusion or major plot points.
    • What'll happen if I don't follow this rule?
      Your posts will be deleted. And if you continue to do it you'll just be banned from the Marvel Comics forum.
    • Do not post page scans. Official previews are fine. Anything else is not.
    • Use spoiler tags if discussing recent or upcoming spoilers within a thread: [spoil.] and [/spoil.] but remove the periods.
    • Please include *SPOILERS* in a thread title if the thread is likely to contain spoilers.
    • Don't give away information that would be classified as a spoiler within a thread title.
    • Leaked information may NOT be disucssed here, period.
    • Look before you leap! Use the SEARCH function to make sure that someone else has not already posted the same, or a similar, topic. Also check the Directory (below) for threads that might cover your topic.
    • No "claim-staking" threads, such as "Fantastic Four #24 -- Discuss!" In fact, you should at least write a paragraph if you are going to start a discussion thread. Otherwise just let someone else start the thread.
    • Discussion threads relating to newly-released issues may be posted at 9:00 AM Eastern on the day the issue is released in the United States. Leaked information may NOT be disucssed here, period.
    • Preview pages and creator interviews may be given their own threads for discussion. However, please don't start threads simply for a cover image. Cover images can be discussed in either the monthly solicitation thread or in that title's News & Speculation thread.
    • Your opinion about something is not in and of itself worthy of its own thread. I understand that you have opinions and that you think they're interesting, but we already have so many discussion threads in which you can express your opinion that you do not need to form your own thread to do so.
    • It's okay to resurrect old threads as long as you have something to add. But posting solely to bump a long-dead thread back to the front page is a quick way to have that thread closed.
    • One game thread at a time. Do not start new Survivor or other game threads if one is already ongoing.
    • Saying stuff like, "Why does everyone hate Character X?"
      Don't do that - just say, "I think Character X is cool." Then if people disagree simply debate the point using facts and observations rather than resorting to "You're just being negative!"
    • Telling posters that "You're just being negative!" or "You lack reading comprehension!".
    • Asking posters "Why do you read the comic, then?"
      So long as they are being civil about it posters can criticize a comic as much as they like. You can feel free to ignore them but you cannot personally attack them for their pursuits. Tell them that their positions are unfounded. Tell them that they are not backing up their points with any facts at all. Just do not personally rip them.
    • Stating "This is just MY opinion!" or "That's just YOUR opinion!" or That's not a fact it's an opinion." We get it. If YOU are saying something it should be understood by everyone else that it is YOUR opinion. No need to discuss it further.
    • Repetitive arguments are unnecessary. If you have to repeat the same argument more than once YOU ARE DONE. Move on. You're not going to convince the other person that they're wrong.
    • I will allow a lot of hyperbole go, stuff like "This is the worst comic that I ever read," but let us be reasonable. Simply stating "Book X sucks" is not all that helpful of a contribution to the overall discussion and will be deleted. In fact, saying that anything "sucked" or "blew" or even "stinks" is more an insult than a critcism and is therefore not allowed.
    • There's no need to answer questions, at least those asking for facts, that have already been answered. Correct an earlier answer if it's wrong, fine, but providing the same answer for the second or third time is not necessary.
    • No posts shall open with the likes of "sigh", "uhmmm", "errrrr", "duh", or any other comparable dismissive. They add nothing to discourse and they are basically the internet equivalent of "Screw you!"
    • SUPER GOLDEN RULE: Keep the discussions about the COMICS, not other posters.
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    Default Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What does 616 mean?

    616 is another name for the mainstream Marvel Universe created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and the rest of the Marvel Bullpen in the 1960s. It's a reference to an Alan Moore Captain Britain story, where every alternate reality had a designated number, and the MU's was 616. There's a good article on the topic at Wikipedia.

    By the way, Alan Moore's CAPTAIN BRITAIN work is available in trade paperback form, and is a darn good read.

    2. Where'd my thread go?
    • If it was an Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, or Thor thread, it was sent to the Avengers Forum.
    • If it was a Spider-Man or Spider-Girl thread, it was sent to the Spider-Man Forum.
    • If it was a thread about the Ultimate Marvel Universe, it was sent to the Ultimate Marvel Forum.
    • If it was an X-Men or Wolverine thread, it was sent to the X-Men Forum.
    • If it was a general comics thread (ie. not specifically related to Marvel comics or relating to both Marvel and DC Comics), it was sent to the Community Forum.
    • If it was a fight or vs. thread (eg. "Spider-Man vs. Wolverine, who would win?"), it was sent to the Comic Book Rumbles Forum.
    • If you were asking for suggestions on which MU titles to read, it was moved here.
    • If it was a thread related to a movie or TV project, it was moved to TV/Film Forum.

    3. Why aren't there boards dedicated to the Fantastic Four, Hulk, etc.?

    Short answer, we are happy with the board structure we have at present and are not currently looking to expand. The long answer involves forum traffic, level and frequency of discussion, and a necessity as perceived by the mod team.

    4. What's PIS?

    "Plot Induced Stupidity." It refers to situations in which characters do things that you feel they wouldn't (or shouldn't) do in order to further the plot. It's pretty subjective, and really more of a Rumbles Forum specific term than anything else.

    5. Has Kevin Smith's Daredevil: The Target been published yet?

    No. Check the comics solicitations at if you're interested, but don't hold your breath. It's something like five or six years late and Joe Quesada has said he won't force Smith to finish it.

    By the way, that's also the site to check if you want to find out what's shipping next week.

    6. How much is this comic worth?

    A comic book is only worth what you can get for it. Thus, either eBay or your local comic shop is probably your best resource for the price other people are actually getting for the same comic, assuming you don't have access to a local comic shop. So if we close your "what's this worth" thread with a mention of eBay, that's the reason.

    Comics Should Be Good's Greg Hatcher wrote a nice column on the subject.

    7. What's the deal with Marvel's timeline? Shouldn't Spider-Man be in his sixties by now?

    Marvel uses what's called a sliding or floating timeline. FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (published in 1961) happened roughly thirteen years ago in the Marvel Universe's timeline. When you ask this question again next year or two years from now, it will probably still have happened roughly thirteen years ago. Everything that's happened in the Marvel Universe since FANTASTIC FOUR #1 is therefore telescoped into a roughly thirteen year timeframe. This system, while clearly problematic in strict continuity terms, allows for some measure of progression in terms of the setting while still keeping the characters in a reasonable age range.
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    Marvel NOW! FAQ:

    What is Marvel NOW?

    Marvel NOW! is an initiative that shakes up titles and creative teams.
    • The various series will be launched from October to February.
    • Some titles are being relaunched with a new #1 and a new writer/artist team. (Examples: Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Captain America)
    • A few titles are receiving new creative teams, and a new direction, but keeping their previous numbering. (Example: Avengers Assemble)
    • Other titles are brand new series. (Examples: Uncanny Avengers and All-New X-Men)

    What are the Marvel NOW! titles? What are the creative teams? What titles are being cancelled?

    Information has been coming out regularly, and ChronoAdept has compiled it in a Running List!

    Is Marvel NOW! a reboot?

    Not at all. Marvel's history and continuity remain unaffected.

    Are the NOW comics going to be released twice monthly?

    So far, this is unclear. In November, All-New X-Men, Deadpool, Iron Man, Thor, and X-Men Legacy will all have two issues, but it remains to be seen if this will be a consistent item for those series.

    What are the prices for the NOW comics?

    Please see the Running List, which includes known price points.

    Where do I post about the individual NOW titles?

    Treat them the same as always. Avengers titles go in the Avengers forum. X-Men titles go in the X-Men forum. If a title fits in both categories, it can be discussed in either forum or both (just like Avengers vs. X-Men). Anything else can go within the Marvel forum proper.

    What is "Point One"?

    "Point One" is a comic that will be released in October as part of Marvel NOW! It is intended as a jumping-on point for Marvel NOW! and a teaser for various important storylines going forward.

    You can find out more by checking IGN's articles here and here

    What is "A+X"?

    A+X is a new team-up series, matching an Avenger with a member of the X-Men. Each issue contains two such stories.

    Is Uncanny Avengers supposed to be the flagship title?

    Uncanny Avengers is the flagship title for Marvel NOW! and acts as a bridge title between Avengers books and X-books.

    What does AR mean?

    AR stands for "Augmented Reality", Marvel's mobile app. From Marvel's website: "By scanning select Marvel products with your iOS or Android device, you can unlock exclusive content, such as video recaps, character bios, creator commentaries, and more!"

    The system was introduced in Avengers Vs. X-Men and is slated to be an important part of the Marvel NOW! initiative.

    Who is Nova?

    The Nova that appeared in Avengers Vs. X-Men and will be in Marvel NOW! is Sam Alexander, the Nova of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. We may learn more about him in his Point One story (see Point One entry above).

    How can Star-Lord be involved? The last time I saw him, he was stranded in another universe!

    Star-Lord, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, have been appearing in Avengers Assemble. How Star-Lord escaped his fate in Thanos Imperative is unclear and may be explained in his Point One story (see Point One entry above) or the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy book.

    Discussion Threads:
    Marvel NOW! Relaunches the Marvel U
    Marvel Now!, Excitement, and Pull Lists

    Marvel's new beginning (from Entertainment Weekly)
    Marvel on Marvel NOW!
    Marvel Talks Marvel NOW! with Retailers
    Quesada on Marvel NOW!
    Fan Expo Marvel NOW! Panel
    Fan Expo Marvel NOW! and the X-Men
    Uncanny Avengers
    More on Uncanny Avengers
    Avengers & New Avengers
    Avengers Assemble
    Avengers Arena
    Avengers Arena
    Cable & X-Force
    Captain America
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Iron Man
    Fantastic Four/FF
    Indestructible Hulk
    Red She-Hulk
    Savage Wolverine
    Superior Spider-Man
    Thor: God of Thunder
    Uncanny X-Force
    Uncanny X-Force
    X-Men Legacy
    Young Avengers
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