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Thread: Elves Attack!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shihali View Post
    Except for one important element of this coalition, the Noldorin Eldar. They have a long and bloody history of underestimating their opponents, being attacked when unprepared, getting the tactical timing wrong, desperate last stands, and even a preemptive war when they only had a slender advantage. The frequent warfare culled their own numbers to the point of all the Noldor you see in LotR being wise, distant entities -- because the arrogant, rash, impetuous ones have all been killed.

    Which just makes them great cannon fodder and a distraction for the real elves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpandpointies View Post
    Even with how this Rumble is set up, I can't see this one part of your post working out. ^_^
    Heck, again on the Kurse thing, if he and Malekith are expected to be working together, this coalition could be a bundle of fun.
    Yes, I know the voices aren't real. But they do have some VERY good ideas....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omegalith View Post
    Both really more Gnomes despite their names.

    Probably a PR thing. Gnomes are a readily exploitable source of cheap manual labour, but no-one would want to buy toys or cookies off the grubby little bastards.
    Not really. They were just the popular image of elves before Tolkien.


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