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    Good job on the PG pic! The environment is really nice, as well as the texture of the costume, and the fact that PG actually has a human woman's proportions here. If I may offer a critique, the cape looks a bit off, flowing inorganically, but that might be due to the special material it's made of (I don't know why superheroes still have capes, but if they do, they'd probably be made of something besides cloth). Still, good job!

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    Thanks guys!

    And Neil, yes the cape prop I used was not cooperating and so I finally just gave up and tried to imagine some combination of wind and motion that would make the cape go that way lol.

    This one was "easy" though...I'm working on an Icon model now, and making the cape has proven to be extremely frustrating so far...

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    It dawns on me that maybe I should post links to my actual comics on here :P

    Here's one that I made up for my 40th birthday a few months back. It's way too long to post here but you can read the rest on my site by clicking the pic or the link below:

    Hypertransitory 40th Anniversary Birthday Special MEGA POST!

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    Hi-Larious! And a state like Purgatory isn't so bad. It's not so good, but it's not so bad...

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    Here's my latest, a detailed, long-winded rant about why I don't like the Fantastic Four (link under the image will take you to the post):

    Why The Fantastic Four Are Terrible People

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