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    Default Nighthawk

    It took me a while to warm up to the Supreme Power crew, and then it really cooled off when Stracynski left. I did really dig Nighthawk though.

    More pontificating here: Nighthawk – 28 Days of Black Super Heroes – Day 8

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    Default Mr. Terrific

    I never cared much for Mr. Terrific, consequently I never learned more than the initial little I read.

    I had some requests to add him to my series so I read up on him some more. I had to give the guy a bit more respect, I guess.

    Anyway my full write-up is here:

    Mr. Terrific – 28 Days of Black Super Heroes – Day 9

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    Default Blade

    I only had a few issues of 'Tomb of Dracula' and some other one-off issues that featured Blade, but I did like the character when he showed up.

    I was also a fan of the Snipes movies and I loved the Spike TV version, too (damn I wish they wouldn't have cancelled that).

    More in my full write-up here:
    Blade – 28 Days of Black Super Heroes – Day 10

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    Default Brother Voodoo

    I really enjoyed the recent "Doctor Voodoo" stuff. It's a shame it couldn't keep going. I'm looking forward to Jericho's return, hopefully soon.

    More in my write-up over here: Brother Voodoo – 28 days of Black Super Heroes – Day 11

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    Default Bishop

    As much as I didn't really like Bishop, I still didn't like the way he went out...

    More here: Bishop – 28 days of Black Super Heroes – Day 12

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    Default Triathlon

    From what I read, I guess this guy became the new 3D-Man? Hrrm...

    Anyway this is another character I didn't really like but I got requests for him, so in he went.

    More details over here: Triathlon – 28 days of Black Super Heroes – Day 13

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    Here's a Nova piece I did in 3D, using Blender and Daz Studio:

    There's bigger versions of this one and some other Nova 3D stuff I did at my site here:

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    And here's yet another Nova Helmet I made in 3D:

    Now that there's a new Nova costume I'll have to model the new helmet.

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    Good to see you posting here, John! The figure work on Nova looks exceptional! The helmet is a bit off, but that's likely just due to the buckety-nature of the thing. The Sam Alexander Nova wears a headpiece that's considerably more streamlined.

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    Thanks, Neil! It's good to be back lol.

    Yes I was hoping no one would notice that helmet but you can never get over on comics fans :)

    It's always tough modeling something in 3D that doesn't actually exist. When I plunked the helmet onto my figure I realized it didn't fit as well as I'd hoped. Being too lazy to adjust the model I just ran with it.

    Although now with the new (ish) rendering engine in Blender I'm going to be doing some more Nova images, so it's a good time to get that helmet right!

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    Here's a Cyclops I made in 3D. I haven't been able to stand this character for the last several years, but I wanted to model his visor so off I went...

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    ...and I also made one in black, but I couldn't decide which one I liked better. I think the red.

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    Looks good mate .Keep it up
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