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    This is true, the example of TV is a bad one, so you are right there. But the comparison with football you use isn't in your favor. A record keeps track of people's performance. It even takes into account injury and explains why a player's yardage was low, less wins, etc. Sales can't be compared to a football record. But when it comes to print, it is just not the same.

    I cant stress this enough... Ahem...

    The. Printed. Word. Is. A. Dying. Medium.

    Its obvious people lost interest in Ultimate. The sales reflected that in 2005-2007. Loeb and Marvel concocted Ultimatum to garner interest. It didn't work. No one here who are still fans is denying that.

    In the midst of this event was an economic downturn. People start dropping books. Ultimate is dropped some more because of an unimpressive event on top of that. Newspapers are going out of business. Magazines are going out of business. Comics sales for every title everywhere are low ((20-50%))

    You are not wrong. ((I know you like the sound of that ))

    But there is always more to it. Sales dropped because people lost interest? Initially, yes. Totally!

    But after that, with the entire print media service in trouble, no one can make nor prove that argument and expect to be taken seriously. In january Amazing Spiderman #652 sold 50,052. Ouch. Ultimate spiderman #152 sold 33,481. Also ouch. And Wolverine #5, the supposed fan favorite around here, only sold 46,920. These are 3 books that sold almost double the amount regularly 5 years ago. The top selling book was FF4 #587 at 115, 448. 10 years ago I guarantee the sales for the last issue of "The first Family" wouldve sold at least 200,000 issues easy. But compared to the entire industry, they're all still doing fine.
    I agree that print is dying, which makes me all the more crazy because it makes a great case for day-and-date digital release for ALL comics and not just minis. However, I didn't mention numbers alone. There's also rank. Look up March 2003. That month had four Ultimate books in the top ten including Ultimate X-men. No Ultimate book has cracked the top ten since and many have declined to the point where they're no better than they were before Ultimatum. Now I'm sure Death of Spider-man will boost sales like it did for Fantastic Four. Death does that, but it's a gimmick. We all know how gimmicks work in that they're temporary. And to me if Marvel is relying on killing beloved characters like Spider-Man and those that were killed in Ultimatum, then they're running out of ideas.

    Just deleted my post. I dont feel like arguing over such a tired subject we've all been over a million times.

    I read what I read, you read what you read. I come here to discuss what I enjoy, I dont go around trying to ruin people's excitement over a book.

    See, when I explain myself I try to use relevant analogies, not crude humor. I usually appreciate that kind of levity, but not when I was attempting to have a serious discussion. I say good day to you sir. And good luck in your endeavors and such.
    You're giving me way too much power. I don't have the ability to ruin anybody's excitement over anything. The only power I have is crafting dirty metaphors that involve poop jokes, animal cruelty, and drug references. That's not enough to change anybody's mind. I don't just use them to get a cheap laugh. I use them to make a point. Some of your points are valid. I'm open to discussing them, but if you don't care to I understand. I have my opinions and you have yours. I'll defend mind and you can defend yours if you want. It's up to you and at the end of the day it doesn't amount to a third of a lump of a squirrel turd floating around in bong water. You see? I used all three that time! It helps make a point or it's good for a cheap laugh.
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