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    I haven't gotten the game yet - haven't even played Champions Online in three months, due to resisting the temptation and focusing on art full-time...

    But I did get to try it out briefly on my friend's PS3, and dang, this game is really cool! I took Wonder Woman as mentor, since he hadn't done a character for her yet. Did the first mission in part, up to where I got to level up and purchase new powers. The customization is quite a bit less than Champions, but this game plays much slicker, and puts you right in the action immediately-- less set-up time, and I expect, tons of Easter eggs for DC fans.

    So when I eventually retire, I expect to be playing this and CO simultaneously for about 20 hours a day !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaelforce View Post
    Still playing. Haven't earned the screaming chicken armor yet, but I have a couple pieces of T1 :)
    Did you get the T1 wings? I love those Dr. Fate armor wings.

    Quote Originally Posted by TimothyLaskey View Post
    So when I eventually retire, I expect to be playing this and CO simultaneously for about 20 hours a day !!
    Retire? No, no, no. That is not allowed. Back to the drawing board for you.

    Yeah, the game could use more customization - I'd love to change the color of my powers. But it plays smooth (when it's not freezing my ps3), and feels like I'm in the DCU, so I do quite enjoy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by americanwonder View Post
    Well, I just might have to create a character on Birthright (I'm mostly on Justice). Tell us about Innocence, what powers do you have?
    Innocence is an angel who was tending to a dying young woman when that woman became infected with Luthor's ExoBytes. The bizzare effect of the ExoBytes on the supernatural caused her to be bound to the woman, giving her physical form. She has large, golden wings, which allow her to fly (I was so thrilled that the wings are animated when you fly). She has Sorcery-based powers, and tends to work as a healer.

    I just started a full-time job, so I haven't been playing as much. But I did get to join the Justice League! I'm hoping I can get some of the Dr. Fate armor soon.

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    Well here's an update on some of my adventures with my amazon in DC Universe Online. The quick and dirty of it all is Lex steals future Brainiac's tech that harnesses superhero powers and unleashes it on regular people who get juiced up as superheroes. I've developed a character named Titangirl that was infused with Power Girl DNA but was mentored by Wonder Woman; hence the look.

    Here's her crossing the threshold into Circe's realm.

    And the teamup with Wonder Woman!

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    I like what you've done with Titangirl, Fused. Those team up missions with WW are my favorite.

    Lately, I've started working on another character: lil io. She's really Lyta, the daughter of Circe. But having bonded with Io during her time on the island, and after seeing how cruel her mother could be, she ran away. She now tries to use her magic powers for good. Mostly.

    WW knew that Circe would not be happy about this, and also knew that Lyta was not yet ready to battle her own mother. So, WW asked Superman to oversee much of her training. I even got the beastiamorph trinket from the vault, the one that makes you look like one of those lion beasts. I think of that as her rage side, her curse, when she hulks out, so to speak.

    It's a fun change of pace from my main character.


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