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    Default Question about Batman #598, reprinted in 100-page Spectacular

    Hey guys.

    I recently picked up the three "DC Comics Presents Batman" issues that DC put out this winter. Each one reprints four issues of Batman written by Ed Brubaker and Scott McDaniel. I really enjoyed them.

    But I didn't "get" the ending of the the final issue (#598, I think) reprinted in the third collection.

    It's a Christmas-themed story featuring Santa Klaus. It ends with Sasha Bordeaux giving Bruce a Christmas present... but WHAT IS THE PRESENT?? The art doesn't show us what it is. Bruce opens the box, but we don't see what was inside. Bruce says it's just what he wanted, and Sasha says she knows that, because she's been paying attention to him. But, WHAT IS IT? I didn't pick up on any clues about this mystery gift during the story. Maybe my copy is missing a page or has a printing error?

    It's driving me crazy, guys.


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    Yeah, I really wanted to know that too. I could not understand what could be in the issue that was hinting to it.

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    You didn't miss anything. It's left up for the reader to imagine what the present is.
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    Ah, I was afraid it was going to be something like that.

    I'm usually a fan of leaving things up to the reader to decide, but in this case it just seems like a cop-out. There aren't enough clues during the story that would make any gift possibilities interesting to consider, imo. In fact, there aren't ANY clues. It would just be complete speculation on the reader's part ("I think Sasha got him cuff-links." "I think she got him a watch with a Wayne Industries symbol on it.")

    I liked all three collections overall, but found this a bizarre, unsatisfying note to end on.


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