More and more lately, I've had to send PMs to people with the same message.

At the top of this board, there is a set of guidelines. Without fail, the ones I've pointed out to people the most involve "no personal attacks" and the one below:

Put some thought into it. Do not just give a topic and then say "Discuss" or "Why". Also, do not provide only a link to somewhere else or copy/paste an entire article from elsewhere and nothing else as the whole post. If you want to talk about something, talk about it. Put some effort into it and make it a springboard for future conversation.
You wouldn't walk into a room, throw a newspaper at someone, and expect that to be a reasonable way to start a conversation. Please don't do the equivalent here. A few lines giving your actual thoughts on a subject is not hard. Copying and pasting someone else's words from somewhere else on the internet is not the equivalent of your own words.

Hopefully, this will curb the recent rash of threads started with no actual input on the part of the original poster.