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    Default CBR: Barry Asks Readers to "Picture This"

    What makes people draw? And why do they stop? Those are just two questions acclaimed cartoonist Lynda Barry asks in "Picture This," exploring the therapeutic value of art and the most satisfying way to kill somebody.

    Full article here.

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    Lovely. I think Lynda Barry is one of the most important cartoonists of the last hundred years; she is appallingly overlooked on a continual basis; perpetually passed-over while lesser talents are lionized (I'm looking right at you, Frank Miller); and sort of allowed to gracefully sail thru the quagmire of funny drawings unacknowledged--as such, ANYTIME Barry is even MENTIONED is something that should be trumpeted--I challenge anyone to produce a more touching, hilarious, insightful and nostalgic portrait of a character than Barry's Marlys--Lynda Barry is one of the finest cartoonists the world has ever produced, and I'm ashamed she doesn't receive the recognition from younger cartoonists that her influence obviously informs.


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