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    Default CBR: Pipeline - Dec 21, 2010

    "EmiTown" is a machine gun autobiography that's utterly charming in its randomness. Also, Marvel releases details on the return of CrossGen, DC announces some hardcovers, and plenty more news and observations.

    Full article here.

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    You may enjoy John Campbell's The Hourly Comic if you like these autobiographical works. He takes 24-hour comic day and extends to a the entire month of January every year. He draws a two-panel strip every hour that he is awake for 32 days. The archives go back five years.

    Campbell's the guy who draws Pictures for Sad Children, so it's all a tad melancholy by necessity.

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    ...I will add that the " Previews " concept is how Broadway , as long as I have been aware of its existence , has operated , though I guess the Spidey one is one that is streching it to ridiculous ( And given to-day's developments , near-tragic . ) lengths - The era when Broadway shows had out-of-town tryouts " in Philly , Boston , and Baltimo' " , c. Cole Porter , is more behind us now , but...
    I am one of those folks who was/is very excited about ANY Sugar and Spike . At Amazon discounts , it IS just $40.00 !!!!!!!!!!!
    Will this Flash collection include material from the period when there were every-three??-issues Rougues spotliggts ? FTM , have those ever been collected in toto ?

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    The art on a lot of these web comics just doesn't work for me. I love the variety of topics they present though.

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    You were spot on about the Crossgen re-launch! I'm pretty excited about RUSE because it seems to be pretty close to what came before it. Having Mark Waid on board as writer is key, I do remember losing interest after he left the book. SIGIL, on the other hand, is going to be a hard sell for me. I really loved the book after Chuck Dixon took over and made it more of a Sci-Fi action adventure book. From the information I have gleaned from the solicits, I really can't tell if it will contain any Sci-Fi elements or not.


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