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    Default CBR: Torres Searches "The Suicide Forest"

    The creative team behind "The Veil" returns for a tale of supernatural suspense set in modern Japan. CBR News spoke with writer El Torres about "Suicide Forest," the first issue of which is on sale now from IDW.

    Full article here.

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    I bought the first issue of this and was not dissappointed! Great read!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil Kis View Post
    I bought the first issue of this and was not dissappointed! Great read!
    I agree. Interesting concept and setting and great execution.
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    I wasn't crazy about the scratchy artwork at all, but i really liked the writing i'm not sure if i'll pick up the next issue but i am intrigued.

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    Default Highly Recommended

    Wow, nice to hear the positive comments! I've got to agree, you've got to pick up the rest of this series. I am taking over editing the titles out of Malaka Studios from different publishers, including Suicide Forest as of issue #2. We just wrapped issue 3 and it keeps getting better with every page. Gabriel's art has got a great feel to it that really makes this story work on a lot of levels, and that gets better as we go as well. You won't regret the ride. I think this one's better than The Veil.


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