I didn't start on Darkhawk until issue 8 which I LOVED and it got me into the series, so I was reading back on issue one and then catching up as it went. I didn't really care for the first little bit of it but loved from 8 - 21 but didn't like the lead up to 25 all that much and actually dropped the book. I've gone back and got the full series now but never read past 25 still, I need to catch up.

The reason this book pulled me in is that it had a sort of Iron Man feel to it but with mystery added to it. I was ten at the time and the issues with Tombstone and Venom were just awesome but the whole arch from 21 - 25 just wasn't that great and the art from 26 - 30 was just bad. Without Manley, the art sucked.

T. Smith and Williams were just bad while Manley sort of started to suck as he went on in the series. I think his style changed to more of a 90'ish style and got away from the sort of Batman/Dark style that he was drawing at first.

Just my 2 cents.