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    Default CBR: Where The Hell Am I - Nov 24, 2010

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Jason Aaron discusses one of the pitfalls of being a comic book professional - the danger of gaining weight - and enlists his fellow pros in his quest to stave off the pounds.

    Full article here.

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    Only partially related, but something I learned recently is that some artists (like Stuart Immonen) do all their artwork using a stand up desk. I can imagine that helps circulation and definitely helps with the back pains. I doubt it would make you lose weight just by standing up while working, but at least it will make your body less painful during the working hours, and more likely to do exercise. .

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    I think Willpower Bear deserves his own book. No, not to star in. To write.

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    Default Same problem here...

    I sacrifice almost all of my free time after work and on weekends so that I can hit the studio as often as possible. I'm thinking a stationary bike for whenever I do make it home at night may be the answer. Dan
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    Do you have other plans for the woman-friend of Wolverine seemingly tortured by HAMMMER in the end of WWXv1? I really hope she's still alive.
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