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    Default CBR: Beatty's Game is Afoot in "Sherlock Holmes: Year One"

    Writer Scott Beatty takes on the original detective dynamic duo in 2011, exploring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson's first year and case as partners in a new Dynamite series.

    Full article here.

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    Although the not-so-good professor was only even mentioned in five other Holmes stories
    Are you sure it's five? Moriarty gets mentioned in "The Final Problem" (the only Doyle story in which he actually appears), "The Empty House," and "The Valley of Fear." I'm drawing a blank on any other stories in which he is mentioned, though.

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    Wikipedia (which we all know is always right ) says that Moriarty is seen in "The Final Problem," directly impacts the events of "The Valley of Fear," and then:

    Holmes mentions Moriarty reminiscently in five other stories: "The Empty House" (the immediate sequel to "The Final Problem"), "The Norwood Builder," "The Missing Three-Quarter," "The Illustrious Client,", and "His Last Bow."
    I have not read all of the stories, so I cannot confirm.
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