I've been watching the news on this one closely, because I loved 1947 (especially Fábio Moon's art). By the sounds of it, 1948 is a long way off. Let's recap:

In the Hellmail of King of Fear #1 (January 6, 2010) Scott Allie said, "We're kicking around plans for 1948 now, but it probably won't come until 2011..." and in the Afterward of the 1947 trade paperback (July 7, 2010) Mike Mignola teased that we'd see more of the noble vampires that murdered Baron Konig and the possible ressurection of Konig himself, plus more Simon and more young Hellboy. It all sounded very enthusiastic.

Then there was an interview on Suicide Girls (posted October 6, 2010) that shook things up a bit — "We’ve planned BPRD: 1948 and I think that’s as far as we’re going to go with that. John Arcudi will be writing BPRD: 1948 and we haven’t settled on an artist for that book, although we’re talking to some people. I wanted John to do that so he could make whatever connections he wanted to make between that BPRD and the structure of the ongoing BPRD. I wanted to give him a chance to put his stamp on the past since he’s dealing with the current BPRD."

That's a bit of a shame, especially after Mike Mignola had previously said, "We're hoping to do 'BPRD: 1947,' 'BPRD: 1948,' 'BPRD: 1949,' and into the '50s" (March 3, 2008). So some big plans have bitten the dust.

But I'm still looking forward to 1948, especially after The Abyssal Plain minseries. Will there be a link between the two stories? It's hard to imagine there won't, especially after Varvara's appearance. And John Arcudi is writing it, and we all know he's a god. But what happened to Joshua Dysart? I would've thought if the series was coming to an end, he'd want to write that end.

I guess in some way this was inevitable. Frankly, I've been in awe of Mike Mignola these last few years (moreso than usual), juggling Hellboy, BPRD, Abe Sapien, Loster Johnson, Witchfinder, Baltimore, the 1940s series... And now that he's getting back to drawing Hellboy again, something had to give. So the third Witchfinder miniseries has been put on the back burner and 1949 and beyond have been given the chop.

So this is it. Brace yourselves for a goodbye to Simon, Jacob and Margaret, as it seems this next miniseries will be their swan song (and we'd only just met them too). Personally, I'm hoping this last 1940s book will be an epic eight-or-more-issue series, plus a couple of shorts in Dark Horse Presents or USA Today. If the series must end, let it go out bigger and better than ever!