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    Default SKETCH UPDATE 10.29.10 Galactus...

    WOW... OH WOW... What a busy fall it's been for me! But there have been some nice pieces to come out of it... Here's one of them!
    Galactus.. ( and a li'l Silver Surfer... jes' to keep him company!)

    i have an unused Machete piece on the way!

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    Very cool piece, I hadn't noticed the surfer in it until I went back after reading your comment. Some very cool work on the alien Marvel cast. I really enjoyed the Captain Marvel you did at Kokomo-Con. Keep up the good work.

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    Default Kokomo con!

    Hey man.. thanks for the the kind words about the Kokomo Captain Marvel piece... I hope that the Kokomo people have another show next year... it was a good first effort. More support for this hobby!
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