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    Even silly accidental double posts shouldn't go to waste, I figure. I might as well mention that I'll be at Fat Dog Comics in Nampa, Idaho September 10.
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    I had alluded to another project we're starting earlier in this thread. Progress is finally being made on "Untold Stories from Ground Zero and Beyond."

    Work on volume 2 of "Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan" is also well under weigh.

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    The stories have been pouring in for volume 2 of "Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan," and I had the privilege of scripting one that brought tears to my eyes more than once.

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    And the Kickstarter project to help the second volume of "Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan" go to print is live now!

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    Well, our Kickstarter project to fund the printing of volume 2 didn't meet its goal, but that's okay. It just means we have to take it up a level- perhaps one 12,668 feet higher. Some intrepid outdoorspeople are literally climbing mountains for the cause.!/pages/Cli...59355580757563
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    Heroes Fallen Studios founder Clayton Murwin speaks with The Swerve Magazine here.

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    Definitely something I'm interested in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekamthi View Post
    Definitely something I'm interested in.
    By all means, check it out at

    On another note, our fund raiser for volume 2 just took a turn for the more exciting.

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    And we have some pictures from a fundraising event for "Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan, vol. 2" up here. I have to admit this is the most unusual place I've ever done a book signing!

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    Now to add to my list of interesting places to sign books, I'll be in South Dakota soon, hiking in the Badlands and stopping in to Rapid City's best comic book store.

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    Just in time for Veterans' Day, The Splash Page has posted a review....

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