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    Default CBR: NYCC: Arbona Suits up For "Invincible Iron Man" #500

    This January, Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca take the futurist into the future with the anniversary issue "Invincible Iron Man" #500. CBR News spoke with series editor Alejandro Arbona about the issue.

    Full article here.

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    +1 for mentioning "it's new reader friendly!" (though not the bonus point for the exact phrase "it's a great jumping on point")
    +1 for giving a vague spoiler
    +1 for saying "I don't want to spoil it"

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    Angry So when can we have a renumbered The Punisher?

    So when can we have a renumbered The Punisher?

    The Punisher vol. 1 was a five-issue comic book limited series. Published between January - May 1986.
    The Punisher vol. 2 was the first ongoing series featuring the character. It began in July 1987, and ran for 104 issues with 7 annuals (19881994), ending in 1995.
    Punisher vol. 3 was published in November 1995 under the Marvel Edge imprint. The series ran for 18 issues, and ended in April 1997. All issues were written by John Ostrander.
    The Punisher vol. 4 was a twelve-issue limited series published under the Marvel Knights imprint, running from April 2000 through March 2001. The series was written by Garth Ennis, with artwork by Steve Dillon.
    The Punisher vol. 5 was an ongoing series published under the Marvel Knights imprint. The series ran for 37 issues from August 2001 through February 2004.
    The Punisher vol. 6 was an ongoing series created by Garth Ennis, published under the MAX imprint. The series ran for 75 issues, between March 2004 and October 2009. It is often referred to as The Punisher MAX. Initially published as The Punisher, the title was changed to The Punisher: Frank Castle following issue #66. One annual (2007) was published for the series.
    Punisher vol. 7 was an ongoing series written by Rick Remender. Beginning in March 2009, the series ran until issue #16 in June 2010, where it was subsequently retitled as Franken-Castle beginning with issue #17.
    PunisherMAX is an ongoing series published under the MAX imprint. The series began in January 2010, and is written by Jason Aaron, with artwork by Steve Dillon.


    The Punisher War Journal vol. 1 was a spin-off comic book series, which began in November 1988 and ran for 80 issues, including 2 annuals (Mar. 1992 - July 1995). The first volume was noted for including early artwork by Jim Lee.
    The Punisher War Zone vol. 1 was the third spin-off series for the character. The series ran from 1992-1995, and included 2 annuals (1993-1994). 41 issues.
    Punisher War Journal vol. 2 was an ongoing series written by Matt Fraction, which ran from January 2007 until January 2009. The series published 26 issues, with one annual (2008).

    Now that's a lot of issues.
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    ReL: Punisher

    First I would discount the limited series. Marvel seems to only be continuing on the numbering from the end of each first long-term, major series, they haven't been retroactively adding former series (like the original 6 Hulks or Captain America Comics)

    I don't think they would include the Max Universe series.

    The War Journal / Zone series are separate., much like Spectacular / Web of Spider-Man not counting to ASM

    Would Franken-Castle count? I think so, right?

    What does that add up to?

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    Default Off the top of my head

    Between 200 and 220 issues, depending on if you want to count Matt Fraction's series that ran between Civil War and Dark Reign. Give them a few years and you might see punisher renumbered with issue 250.

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    Great article! Can not wait for this to come out! Bring it!
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    Fluff and stuff with no questions or need to answer for the changes and redirection to a host of characters not the least of which is Tony.

    One supposes that 'reader friendly' now means having their minds wiped and rebooted with the current regime's program not just the main character of the story. I'll say this they have succeeded in fullfilling one part of Stan Lee's directive for the character in being unlikable but the only thing I am rooting for is a change in writer.

    Only good news in all this mess is that 2.0 is giving James "Rhodey" Rhodes another shot. I guess the dropping of the WarMachine concept was just too much cognitive dissonance for the editorial direction that is being pushed. Perish forbid that a character would be out on the frontines fighting US enemies but better that they drop the whole 'warrior for peace' baloney since they can't seem to get that right with both hands.
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