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    Default CBR: CBR Games Roundup: October 2010

    While the weather is cooling down outside, the action is heating up on gaming platforms with popular franchises releasing new adventures, including "Fable III," "Catlevania: Lords of Shadow," "Medal of Honor" and more.

    Full article here.

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    Why no mention of Smackdown? It's a major series that sells well.
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    I'm picking up Castlevania when it comes out tomorrow. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

    Another glaring omission from this list is Vanquish, the Shinji Mikmai developed 3rd person shooter coming out October 19th.

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    I'm sad of no mention of Smackdown vs Raw 2011 too. I am pre ordering it this weekend as I finally have enough to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astonishing X-Fan View Post
    Why no mention of Smackdown? It's a major series that sells well.

    I agree. The deep creation elements alone make it appealing. But whatever, wrasslin' always gets forgotten in these things. I'll be enjoying my copy right alongside Medal of Honor and Force Unleashed.
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    I can't wait for smackdown just from gameplay footage i have seen and interviews the game seems like a big step in the right direction. Another highly anticipated game for me and a game i already pre ordered is Fable III lets just hope Peter put everything into it he said he would. As for what shooter to play MOH or COD Black Ops im gonna have to go with MOH on this one seeing as I was a huge fan of the series in the 90's and hopefully they deliver with good gameplay which is what i think is lacking alot in games now a days, the developers pay more attention to story and graphics then they do to gameplay. Haven't seen to much of Castlevania Lords of Shadow yet to justify a day one pick up or not i think im gonna have to throw that one into the rent pile.


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