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    Default Idie Okonkwo...Bi-Polar Princess Appreciation

    NAME: Idie Okonkwo
    OCCUPATION: Student
    PLACE OF BIRTH: Nigeria, Africa
    KNOWN RELATIVES: All deceased
    POWERS & ABILITIES: Thermal extraction and displacement

    Not much is known about Idie at this time, except that she was one of the 5 lights that was discovered a while back, by the X-Men. From what we do know, she's originally from Nigeria, Africa, and she's fourteen years old (Proof: In the few days that her powers manifested, she was looked upon as a bad omen, by accidentally causing destruction to everything and everywhere she went. As a result, the enraged towns-people in her village acted agressively out of fear and killed her parents, believing they were the cause of all the chaos. Scared and held hostage in her own house, with prayer as her only means of comfort, her powers manifested once again, when she caused the death of two men attempting to abduct her.

    Idie's powers seem to be thermal dynamic in nature, in the fact that she projects cold/negative energy, absorbing the ambient heat, and dispersing it externally. Obviously there is far more to her powers and personality that we don't quite yet understand, but one thing is for certain, she's destined to rock the core of the X-Men's elemental line up, and maybe give a few veterans a run for their money.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you our newest, youngest and brightest addition to the X-Men family....

    Idie Okonkwo.

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