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    Quote Originally Posted by The Transient Guest View Post
    Well....tomorrow it's 2012.

    It's also the heat death of the universe.

    And the demons from In the Mouth of Madness are going to show up.

    Chuck Norris and Mr. T are also going to enter the same room at the same time.

    Lina Inverse in an attempt to wash some dishes is going to miscast the Giga Slave and summon the LON.

    What I'm getting at is that starting at midnight tonight every single end of the world, end of times, and end of everything scenario that's ever been imagined will start to happen and will continue until there's nothing left for all the endings to end.

    How do you react?

    Which end do you want to end you?
    I climb up on the roof, open a beer, and toast the end as L-Sama's boobs the size of multiverses come bearing down on either side of ours. For it is the MANLY WAY TO DIE!
    "Our cash flow is as if a profligate son keeps borrowing money to spend on Geisha, which is why we donít have a choice not to enjoy the race." ~DOME CO. LTD, on their 2012 LeMans effort...

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    I still have to wonder what the worst possible end is.

    Any ideas?


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