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    Default Tomorrow - When the War Began

    Hi, looked around and couldn't find a thread for this movie, and thought it needed one. I saw it last night and it was awesome, much better than I had expected. The action, the direction and the characters were great. The only major complaint was moments of clunky dialogue that sounded like they were made for a trailer, but otherwise it was really enjoyable movie. Is there anyone else out there who's seen it/is planning to see it?

    For those who haven't heard of it, it's about a group of teenagers who go camping during school holidays and come home to find their town has been invaded by foreign forces. They decide to hide out in the wilderness and fight back using guerrilla tactics. So it's like Red Dawn. Only Australian. And good (jokes jokes...)


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    I havent seen it yet but I plan to pretty soon. I loved the books they're based off and read them all within a few month during Highschool.

    Im curious to hear whether this movie is released overseas, as its an Australian movie based off an Australian book, set in Australia. Howver the books have become pretty huge overseas, though Im not sure how many people are aware of them, or the movie, in the U.S.


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