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Thread: kong's artwork

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    Paul Penna
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    thanks Pauul. Comics is a labor of love I suppose! We did get The Silver Bullet picked up by Markosia which should be pretty cool because we'll have a distribution channel. What kinda stuff do you write? I'm swamped with stuff to get done right now but who knows 6 months from now.
    I've been trying my hand at various stuff.

    I love superheroes, but science fiction and fantasy are also interesting.

    Plus I'm a big fan of Greek mythology.

    I worked with a few artists on submissions for CLiNT, but they haven't picked up any new strips in a while.

    The completed strips can be seen on my deviantart gallery (link below), if you want to see an example of my writing.

    Another artist is also working on a script which was commissioned by FutureQuake, a brilliant small press magazine - so that'll hopefully see print next year.

    I'm also working on a strip called 'Conqueror' for an indie publisher - What the Flux?! Comics. More specifically, for their Flux UK anthology.

    I really want to break into the industry, so I'm just trying everything that I can.

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    Pauul- I hear ya. Sounds cool. Mythology is always fascinating when put into comics and done right. I'll check out that link man! Keep pushing.
    A few pages later...

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    Deadpool vs. Carebears vs. Dr. Phil...

    Hahah Awesome man great job

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComicBookQuest View Post
    Deadpool vs. Carebears vs. Dr. Phil...

    Hahah Awesome man great job
    HA Thanks man! That was a lot of fun to draw. Turned it into Marvel but I don't think they were as taken in by it as I had hoped. A blast to draw Deadpool slashing and gashing giant Carebears though!

    Another page from the Silver Bullet 9....

    Uploaded with

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    Screaming Mantis from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.... warm up sketch from a photo of the character from the game.

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    Assassinís Creed 2, Ezio sketch from character shot from the video game.....

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    Shanna The She-Devil for 10 Ton sketch challenge...
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    A few penciled pages from a new project I'm working on...

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    Astro City: The Confessor and Altar Boy

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    RED SKULL shirt design for a Marvel Villain contest.

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