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Thread: kong's artwork

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    BLACK OPS/ Eddie the Head collab

    Here's a collaboration with my pencils and GRAPES inks over it. I took the COD Black Ops cover concept (a game that I have been wasting the last year of my life playing way too much of but I got some viscous sniper skills now) Spamand remixed it with Eddie the Head and then Grapes took it over the edge with the inks!

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    the SILVER BULLET has signed with MARKOSIA out of England.....
    We've just signed a deal to bring the Silver Bullet to Markosia out of England. So within the next year the Silver Bullet should be available thru Comixology as well as the first TRADE which is ready to go will also be available in trade format thru Diamond distribution which will make it easy for shops to order and experience the Silver Bullet. So hopefully in the next year I just maybe able to actually pay my bills doing this, who knows stranger things have happened. But we are thrilled to be part of Markosia and thank Harry Markos for the great opportunity!

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    For some reason Deadpool never gets old.

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    Default brain damage

    I think Deadpool should always have an axe in his skull. It makes the character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefhalas View Post
    I think Deadpool should always have an axe in his skull. It makes the character.
    I agree 100%!

    here's the Fyre-Dragon from William Grapes indie comic....

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    Silver Bullet issue 8 cover.... with colors by Donovan Yaciuk, Grapes inks and my pencils.

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    Silver Bullet 9 page 1 pencils...

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    here it is with all the lettering on it....

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    and here is the new SB banner with my pencils, William Grapes inks and Jeremy Colwell's colors on it!

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    Paul Penna
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    No job offers yet... Thanks man.
    How is that even possible?

    Your artwork is fantastic.

    If you're ever looking for a writer to collaborate with, and want to look at some scripts, let me know.

    You're a really talented artist, I'm sure you'll go far.

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    thanks Pauul. Comics is a labor of love I suppose! We did get The Silver Bullet picked up by Markosia which should be pretty cool because we'll have a distribution channel. What kinda stuff do you write? I'm swamped with stuff to get done right now but who knows 6 months from now.

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