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Thread: kong's artwork

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    Bossk bounty hunter sketch, from Star Wars....

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    awesome sketches, I like your deadpool v. unicorn v. carebears one and the one with wolverine and the sentinal.

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    thanks Greg!

    here's a Hellboy cover recreation....

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    Silver Surfer pages.... pencils and inks...
    I used the sequencing from the Silver Surfer issue 1 pages 6-8 for these pages....

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    Man of Bats....
    my scanner sucks for watercolor....

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    Captain America marker and pen sketch...

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    From my comic The SILVER BULLET some promo art...

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    Obi-Wan Kenobi sketch.... The original Obi-Wan....

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    Here's another peak at a page from the Silver Bullet issue 8! Colors by Donovan Yaciuk who is going for the hat trick so to speak on this one, Evan Rockdora (Evan Quiring) on inks (my favorite Canadians of all time apart from The Kids in the Hall cast), and me Brett Wood doing the pencils with Eric Rampson the Silver Bullet scribe crafting the tale of delightfully suspenseful humor. Its a story of speed dating that takes twists and turns that'll put you in the dark then just when you start to get scared we turn on the light! I really love what these guys have brought to the table on this one! The first SB issue in color is going to be slamming!

    This issue has been taking a little bit longer but we're ironing some things out behind the scenes. Should have some relatively big news for us to announce pretty soon so stay tuned.


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