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    Default CBR: CCI: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Writers

    Creator Bryan Lee O'Malley and screenwriter Michael Bacall spoke with CBR News about taking "Scott Pilgrim" from the page to screen, director Edgar Wright's gift for casting, and the screening of the film at CCI.

    Full article here.

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    I'm in no way interested in the movie since I don't care for the series, but this is really great to see happening. I love how indie books like this can find such a huge following without tons of marketing or relying on big companies to back them.

    Also it looks a lot like Kung Fu Hustle.

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    I'm in every way looking forward to this -- the book was a very unique indie book and it appears from the previews that the movie has it's own unique feel. I just worry that it may be too unique and may not draw in a wide audience, but hey, they made a COMIC BOOK MOVIE and amongst comic movies that's a rarity. This looks like it's a comic come to life in every way. Good on Edgar and crew!
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    i think this is going to find a good chunk of the mainstream audience. i've talked to plenty of friends who are really excited to see it who've never read the comic, and a few who didn't even KNOW it was a comic. and everyone i know who's seen it (i, sadly, do not rank among them) has thought it was unequivocally awesome. so i'm not too worried.

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    Just went to a screening the movie is very fun/awesome, Kieran Culkin completely stole the show and Jason Schwartzman is always good fun.

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    I saw a screening yesterday as well and I really liked it! Maintains the balance of the comics and the extended cast is great with a great sense of invention by the director. Is there a general movie thread here yet?

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    Didn't see one thats why I posted here


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