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    Default CBR: CCI: Morrison And Mortimer Talk "Sinatoro"

    Superstar writer Grant Morrison and director Adam Mortimer spoke with CBR News about their upcoming film project "Sinatoro" and described how they hope to bring moviemaking into the 21st Century.

    Full article here.

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    Since Grant Morrison's name is featured so prominently, it looks like he's the one in charge here. I only skimmed the interview, it was a bit wordy, but it looks like this project is gonna flip some cliches on their head and create a fine film. Not to mention I'd love Grant to get some cinema experience, what All-Star Superman in production and with Batman RIP being solid material for a...dare I say it, cinema adaptations.

    Well, a fanboy can dream, can't he?

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    Oh! I love movies like this. Sounds like y have mystery excitement a well thought out story. I can't wait for this!
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