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    Default CBR: Launches On Windows, Invites Ex-Zuda Creators

    The desktop and mobile comics startup today launched an App based in Windows 7, and CEO Micah Baldwin told CBR how he wants to expand the market while inviting displaced Zuda creators along.

    Full article here.

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    The next logical phase associated with a partnership like Microsoft is to find distribution partners, whether it's on laptops and PCs or the coming tablets which, clearly, there will be many Microsoft-driven tablets.
    I wouldn't bet the farm on this. Every indication I've seen is that hardware vendors are now looking towards Android for their tablets. HP who stood on stage with Ballmer and demo a tablet is now forgoing a Win7 tablet and will most likely use their newly acquired WebOS software on such a device.

    Not saying it's not possible that we will eventually see Win7 tablets, it just might be a quite a while - and by the time they get to the gate, their tablets will be sort of lost in the noise.

    Sort of like what is currently going on with the Windows 7 Phone.


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