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    Default Mod Rulings And Archive Searching Thread

    This thread is for quick-reference to Mod Rulings. Please PM me with any rulings, including links to their locations.

    A slightly grouchy explanation of how these things work.

    Below the rulings is Nik Hasta's instructional post on using Advanced Google Search to find old threads.

    Edited by Siriel:
    If you have a problem with a mod ruling, check when it was made. If it was made yesterday, now is probably not the best time to contest it. Unless you know the information the ruling is based on is false. The information, not the interpretation.
    If the ruling was made a fair amount of time ago, then send a Private Message to the moderator who made the ruling explaining why you feel the ruling should not stand. Do not start arguing against the ruling in open threads

    Possible reasons for modifying a mod ruling would be along these lines:
    1 - The character has gone under a significant change in presentation and thus past rulings should no longer apply.
    2 - New evidence has come indicating that the original ruling is mistaken. (For example, it is revealed that when someone pushed a planet, the planet was actually empty inside.)

    Finally, DC has fairly recently undergone a global reboot that means that feats from past versions of characters are no longer applicable. While no mod rulings have been made on the New DC Universe as of yet, it is probably inevitable that they will come. As such, please check what version of the character is being discussed when you go through the rulings before trying to get the ruling changed.

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    I'll try to keep these alphabetical.

    Amazo (JLU version), Is Not Copying Galactus.

    Aquaman, Can Use Telepathic Assaults on Humans.

    Avada Kedavra, Hits the Soul.

    Batgirl, Bullet-timer. Here. And here.

    Batman, Aim-dodger.

    Bizarro, Some Level of Superspeed.

    Bloodlust, It Does Trump Moral Codes and Other Such CIS.

    Bruce Lee, Don't Bother Posting Feats That Aren't Backed Up By Solid Proof (if you have questions regarding that, read this thread)

    Captain America, Peak Human For Crying Out Loud.

    CIS, What It Is And Me Being Wrong.

    Comic Book Peak Human, Versus Bullet-time.

    Composites, Proportional Abilities.

    Darth Vader, Force-Grappling superhumans or stopping multiple fast-moving objects.

    Deathstroke, not a JLA-wrecker.

    Deathstroke, speed/reflexes.

    Dekabreak, Light Speed Burst.

    Elektra, Bullet-time.

    Flash and Surfer, roughly on a Par speedwise.

    Ganondorf, Can Recreate His Body In Twilight Princess.

    Goku, Not Self-Ressurecting.

    God-Proof Dome, There Isn't One.

    Godzilla and Black holes, not appropriate for Rumbles.

    Green Goblin, Speed/Durability.

    Hulk, Hitting Quicksilver.

    Joke Characters, Yes They Need Feats In Serious Rumbles.

    Karate Kid (DC), Mod Request: Please stop putting Val in Rumbles with Street-level martial artists, they're all curbstomps.

    Lobo, Contract on Gawd.

    Magellan, His Poison Eats People.

    Odin, Galaxy Buster.

    OWoD God, He Exists.

    PIS, Explanation of (with thanks to JefferyWKramer).

    PIS, Never On.

    Prep-time and Powerstealing.

    Prep-time, Team Resources.

    Prep-time, previous rulings and use of artifacts not belonging to the character.

    River Tam, No Combat Precog (consider this a ruling).

    Rulk, Not Absorbing Cosmics.

    Rulk, Using Thor's Hammer.

    Sentry versus Hollywood, Durability.

    Sentry, Flare visible From Outside Microverse.

    Sentry, Flare from energy, the revenge.

    Sentry, Flash Cannot Speedsteal.

    Shang Chi, Bullet-time.

    Star Wars, Canonicity.

    Storm, No Nukes.

    Strength Classes on Rumbles.

    Superman, Stronger Than Luke Cage (GrrrmppphhhBwahahahaha...)

    Supernatural, The Colt versus Buffyverse Things.

    Superspeed, No On Switch.

    Superspeed, Travel Speed and Common Sense.

    Taskmaster, Tentative Bullet-time. <---after checking, no, not a bullet-timer without double-timing and even then it's kind of suspect.

    Taskmaster, Cannot Copy Val.

    Thanos, FTL Reflexes. And here.

    Thor, Godblast Charge Time.

    Thor's Mental Resistance, Warrior Madness Is Not Baseline.

    Thor, Not Tanking Celestial, Galactus, or Galaxy Busting Strikes.

    Thor, Speed.

    Toonforcers, Yes They Need Feats In Serious Rumbles.

    Wally West, not getting tagged by people who aren't massively fast.

    Why Rumbles Uses the Rules It Uses Rather Than Everything Writers Put In Comics, with thanks to Pendaran.

    Wrestling Characters, Company Crossover.

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    Default How to use Advanced Google Searches...

    Okay chaps, since the search function on the site is full of fail and can't find... well anything, I'm just putting together a little instructional post on how to use Advanced Searches with Google in order to find things on the board.

    So here we go, let us say I am a user on CBR and I wish to find some stuff and things, I know the search function on the site doesn't work, so let's try faithful old Google:

    But oh no, these results are stuff and things from the whole internetz, what do we do now?!

    Well we click on the link marked "Advanced Search," circled in the image above.

    This is well take us to the advanced search window. Here we type in the URL of the site we wish to search in the "Search within site or domain," option. In this case it is

    Hitting search again will thus bring up all the stuff and things that you are searching for within CBR itself and it will include the Archive within it's search parameters so you can even find really old threads that have long since been lost! Joyous occasions!

    Hope this helps you all out finding stuff and this post should hopefully be getting stickied.
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    Default Links to Respect Threads.

    Nik Hasta:

    Killua Zoldick Respect thread.

    Killy Respect thread, though this was only a short thread and everything has 404'd on me in this one.

    Tenjou Tenge Respect thread.

    As Nik notes, the lazy bum hasn't used proper imagehosting and some images have gone to the dreaded red 'x'.


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