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    Default CBR: Pipeline - Jul 2, 2010

    Another week of big news means another PIPELINE EXTRA for CBR readers as Augie checks in to respond to a sea of jerking knees and ends up coming to the defense of Jim Lee and JMS' newly announced Wonder Woman costume.

    Full article here.

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    Yeah, you've done a pretty good job of summing up my feelings, too. I don't love the new costume but I don't hate it either; the jacket's silly but I'm not going to howl about it. I don't like the sound of the origin retcon, and yeah, JMS had some misfires on Spidey, but in general I like his work. I haven't read Wonder Woman #600 yet (hadn't planned on buying it due to the cover price, but it turned out to be a bit of a slow week so I picked it up) but I hear it's better than Superman #700 was.

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    Actually, the entirety of the JMS story from issue 600 IS in the DC Comics app... it's available for free as the Superman 700 JMS story was. Both are short teases (and boo to DC for pushing them as his debut when they're not really full-issue debuts)... The WW story has me intrigued, although I will say that it has more of a Neverwhere than Sandman feeling (if he wants to compare it to Neil Gaiman work)... Maybe even closer to American Gods.

    Anyways, definitely recommend downloading the story. As a teaser, it did its job and I'm curious to read the next/first full issue.
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    Well said Augie. I love how a lot of us comic fans condem something before we try it. I used to be really bad about it years ago, but it just leads to being pessimistic all the time.

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    The main key for me is that Wonder Woman needs to portrayed as a mature, alluring WOMAN, not young-girlish type like Katie Holmes or Cameron Diaz. The problem I have with the outfit/drawing is that it conveys a "Katie Holmes" girlish quality. We need today's equivalent of Jaclyn Smith, or the Katherine Zeta-Jones from 10 years ago. My theory is that if you get the casting right, the costume specifics will become secondary concern.

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    But Diana's costume hasn't been changed much over the years because it IS iconic and symbolic. Much the same way Superman's or Batman's costume is. It's meant to symbolize something greater. Confidence, strength, compassion...just as Superman's may symbolize hope and Batman's fear.

    Now...she looks...ordinary. "Street". Echhh...nothing mythic or iconic on her.
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    I don't like the new design -- not because it's different -- it looks half-baked.

    Like some committee sucked the life out of whatever brilliant options were on the table at the time...

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    So if we don't like something, we are just supposed to sit down and shut up.

    Okay great. I bought 600 not for the JMS story but for the wonderful Perez drawn story by Gail and Amanda Conner's beautiful story. The JMS story seemed dumb especially the oracle asking Wonder Woman for chewing gum 3 times. I hate the costume but DC got press and that's what they were after.

    it's a great jumping on point, but you know what they say about that? It is also a great jumping off point too. Which I am until JMS is off the book.

    I'm kicking myself for not supporting Gail on the book right now.


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