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    Default CBR: Doctor Who: Adventures in Space, Time and Comic Strips

    CBR looks at the Doctor's long history in comics, from his early days in "TV Comic" to "Doctor Who Weekly" and the current ongoing series from IDW, speaking with creators past and present as well as comic strip historian Paul Scoones.

    Full article here.

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    BBC Books are getting in on the comics business now with the straight to trade 'The Only Good Dalek' coming soon.

    I really disliked the focus on Martha in the IDW comics. Lets be honest here, she's an opinion splitter at best. I found it highly annoying IDW and BBC Books clung onto her so long at the expense of Donna. They were so desparate to launch Martha as 'the' Ten companion and it never worked. In total contrast to the writers I thought Martha lacked independance, her character is built on the ability to take instruction rather than take initiative. In that way her career with UNIT was apt.

    It'll be almost as if a wall is built between the world of Ten and the world of Eleven."
    That sounds horrific. Why not use what they've got especially as series 5 hasn't been that creatively rich.
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    Default The Deep Hereafter

    The two panels by super talented Rob Davis are from a DWM strip called The Deep Hereafter which was written by the equally talented Dan McDaid. The story was a one-off and is well worth getting hold of, especially if you're a fan of The Spirit.


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