Hey there Gang... It's been a busy spring... I've been rolling along drawing deathship ( for which issue1 hits the racks in 2 weeks!)... But in the mean time I've been able to do some fun li'l sketches... I've attached a few here!

#1 is BUMP PONY... well.. the "Bump Pony" is pretty much a machine that if you pull the lever it pretty much makes everything cease to exist... Only pull the lever if you must.... I was asked to draw a good old fashioned classic girl with rocket pack and domed helmet... I thought to myself, "How do people carry that heavy helmet".. then I remembered that everything is weightless in space. So I figured that I could make the helmet just as big as I wanted!

The second piece is a pic of The Penguin....Yes.. Yes.. there are LOTS of Joker pics... But where is the love for Oswald!!

Many Many more to come... Just as soon as I wrap up Deathship!