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    Default CBR: Sales Estimates for March, 2010

    Inside you'll find the sales estimates for comics and trade paperbacks for March 2010. "Blackest Night" and "Siege" topped the monthly sales charts for while "Kick-Ass" edged out "Buffy" to lead the trades.

    Full article here.

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    Default Second Coming didn't break the top ten...

    I had assumed that it wouldn't be too far behind Darkest Night and Siege.

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    Ultimate Comics: New Ultuimates is #8.

    Well, I guess people love reading terrible comics.

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    Question How low can you go?

    Very informative...I'll be checking these out from now on. Dynamite (my favorite publisher right now) is kicking butt here. Their Green Hornet gamble paid off. Kevin Smith's GH #1 sold over 50,000 copies. Pretty good for an indy book. #2 is at, like 35,000, Green Hornet Year one is at 22,000. The Boys are selling well, in singles and trades, their latest one snatching the number three spot in trade sales, behind Kick-Ass and Buffy, that's hot!!!

    It also looks like another favorite title of mine, Unknown Soldier at Vertigo, is surviving off trade sales (so far). The singles are selling in the 5,000 range (#255 in 300), but the second trade is 21st in trade sales. Pick this book up, people.

    I was surprised to see that Jonah Hex is hanging low, but IMHO, some of the best titles on the list, are on the bottom. All the Vertigo stuff, is quality. All the people that want to get away from the endless events, and all the reborn rehashing, need to be giving these books a try.



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