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    Default CBR: 50 Years of Gahan Wilson

    Gahan Wilson and Fantagraphics celebrate 50 years of the artist's "Playboy" work with a massive collection of every cartoon he's done for the magazine. We spoke with Wilson about the new collection and his legacy.

    Full article here.

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    Wilson is an amazing artist, having done work all over the map. His "Nuts" strip for National Lampoon is criminally underknown. It got a brief life as an animated Cartoon in an attempt to ride the South Park wave.

    He's also responsible for one of my more favorite Norberts.

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    I used to love his stuff in Playboy. Sometimes, I have to admit, I would enjoy his comics as much or more than the pictures of the girls. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Mom, dad if you're reading this I was just checking out for the comics panels, really!

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    I can't believe he's logged 50 years with Playboy. That is truly amazing !

    Gahan's work is pretty unique. There isn't anyone else who's work is quite like his.

    I'm get this down the road. Once again, great job by Fantagraphics.
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